Repost: Betas Ask, Alphas Do

Repost since i’m kid of busy with family stuff and helping mom with errands and house party prep crap. see, i’m such a good boy.

during the Christmas break military units break down into skeleton crews. the civilians are usually off, and those not taking leave are broken up into 2 units called “alpha and bravo”. this group work for 12 hours, then the night crew cover’s the next 12 hours. well, the A/B group breaks down into 2 smaller groups covering the dept. over 6 hours periods. this is called “dogging the watch”. this is done completely off the books. one person is in charge of the group and breaks the watch crews down and determines who’ll work when. well, i was given a crew the week after Christmas and my crew was dicked over ROYALLY. it was me, one other tech and a non-tech. so…..the non tech watched the front desk and me and the other tech (the dude that played goalie at college level) scanned the patients; and we.were.busy. i had to cover CT so the other tech (i’m an E6, he’s an E4) was basically scanning all the patients.

long story short, the kid working for me got drilled. he worked his fucking ass off. for the 3 shifts we were on, it was pure fucking chaos (piss poor leadership/planning on management’s part for the schedule they came up with during the holidays) and we left work each day beaten. on the last shift i had myself, 3 guys: myself, , a non-tech, another E6 (and good friend) and the goalie kid. the night before we worked i called the kid up and told him not to come until 1330/1:30pm (i gave him half a day off). now, when it comes to leadership i come from the old school navy. my job is take care of my junior guys and the best thing i can offer them is liberty (navy speak for “time off”). i conducted muster that morning and when it was over i spoke to my 2 bosses (one an E8, the other an officer), and one asked me where my E4 was. i told him he had some shit take care of and that he’d be in at 1330, but not to sweat, i was covering CT, the non-tech had the desk and my other tech would hold shit down. “don’t worry Senior, i’m all over this, go do what you gotta do. i got the floor.” the E8 (Senior Chief) said, “ok.” and walked off. never spoke to him for the rest of the day.

well, around 0900/9:00am my E6 boss showed up and asked where my E4 was. i told him he’d be in at 1330 and he asked me if i ran it by Senior before granting him liberty. i said, “no, he had shit to do (lie) and i told him to handle it and be in by 1330.” my E6 boss (called my LPO) told me i should have run it by senior before hand. *smh* i looked at him for about 5 seconds and said, “you know what brah….you weren’t even here for muster. go do whatever admin crap you need to do, I have the floor, and i got shit covered. and if i have positional authority to let someone go early, then i sure as hell can tell them to come in late.” i walked away and the issue was never brought up again. my LPO is a nice guy. but he’s VERY beta and wishy-washy. the moral of the story…..

betas ask, alpha’s do. as we say in the navy/marines, “it’s better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission.”

6 Comments on “Repost: Betas Ask, Alphas Do”

  1. earl says:

    So in other words…assess the situation, make the decision first, and improvise once the results come in. Thinking on your feet.

    The other idea is to assess the situation, do nothing but let the results come in to you and you are either forced to make an action or the power is taken away from you.

    It would sound to me that option 1 would have far fewer headaches than option 2.

  2. Ev says:

    Got down to the penultimate paragraph and thought, “This story is a perfect example of what N. told me years ago: It’s better to apologize than to ask permission.”

    Then I read the moral of the story. LOL! Words to live by.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. The Navy Corpsman says:

    Better also to be judged by 12, than to be carried by six.

    The Navy Corpsman

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