quick write up tonight as i’ve been busy.

i got a text/picture a while back- do you like these shoes? i responded that it didn’t really care. now, i don’t date this woman, she’s just a friend. she’s about 24-25. it’s not the first time a woman i wasn’t involved with wanted my opinion on something they’d wear.

it struck me as odd. i eventually told her that i thought they’d look great on her just so she’d leave me the fuck alone (she reads the site, i’ll hear about this). i thought of all the times this has happened to me. i guess it’s an innate habit for a woman to seek male approval in such issues since well…she’s ultimately trying to impress males.

but sorry ladies i NEVER notice your shoes, other women do. i just find it odd that most women will readily admit how most men are clueless when it comes to general fashion and things of this sort, then turn around and ASK us our opinions on the very same issue. but i didn’t care and she STILL wanted my approval of something i could give 2 shits about and it blows me away. but what did i REALLY learn here-

i had no idea of what a “kitten heel” was, and i was proud of it.

a little retro gift for you gals.

taking Lucky to the airport tomorrow. had a good time hanging out with him and showing him my fine city and i’m pretty sure he had a good time. like a trooper he cheered my boys on as they lost to the fucking panthers on my final day of showing him the 504. it’s always nice to meet the people associated with the community and i look forward to the upcoming MMGMOMD and i think meeting Lucky should be a nice sample of the hedonism to come when we all meet up again. as my mom said to Unka Mitch, “whoever misses this is going to regret it. we’re gonna have a blast.” what…..dinner with the fan? WHAAAAAAAT!!!

stay up.

17 Comments on “Shews”

  1. Doktor Bill says:

    I liked the flaming hulahoop girls in the video.from your local? will we see them at MMGMOMD?

  2. TempestTcup says:

    If I were 5’3″ I would never not wear 5″ heels. As it is, I’ll stick with low-heeled boots 🙂

  3. Mister E says:

    Has anyone done a study on the correlation between the height of women’s heels and their sense of self-entitlement? Watch out for women with “bitch-boots”.

  4. earl says:

    I’m more than happy to give approval…or if the situation calls for it…disapproval.

    Shoes would be in the “meh” category for me too. If they cover the bottom of her feet, they aren’t going to run her into debt, and she likes them…go for it.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      the more shoes she’s GOT to have, the more issues i’ll assume she has. but i’m pretty sure 90% of guys never notice/care about a woman’s shoes. it’s really gay, but it’s definitely not straight.

  5. Tin Man says:

    My (x)wife had boxes and boxes of shoes – most of which she never wore – but of course she was very proud of every single one of them. I guess it’s the “Carrie Bradshaw Syndrome”.

  6. aneroidocean says:

    I actually do care. I hate plain ugg boots and will make it known along with any other footwear that looks terrible on a woman. I really only notice when the shoes are horrible or fucking sexy. I do also reference shoes when flirting with a girl and teasing her about her height, calling her out on how her 2″ heels are really 3 or 4 inches.

  7. Mrs. KTC says:

    Men like small feet. High heels make feet look smaller. Thank you heels!

  8. Reformed Hippie says:

    being from northern climes, the only time I notice shoes is women stumbling around on ice in heels looking to break an ankle. This kind of lack of common sense is extremely unattractive.

    on the other hand, a girl wearing a sundress and hiking boots fresh back from digging in the garden…man alive, that I cannot get enough of. nothing like the combination of practicality and femininity.

  9. threeLegDog says:

    With my current squeeze, I am all about the shoes, as well as having veto over anything she wears. She is basically a blank canvas on which I can paint my obsession with shoes and clothes,

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