So, How Long You Been Single?

quick post tonight. i just got in from NO and i’m tired as fuck.

i’ve written before about how i find out a woman’s relationship status early on by telling her to tell her dude he’s lucky to have landed her. usually it’s said after complimenting her smile or laugh. if i find out she doesn’t have a dude, i always say the same thing-

“really, how long you been single?”

the term “single” is a naughty word on planet single girl. when women want to be catty, they use the forbidden word- SINGLE.

most of the guys i see talking to women will ask why they don’t have a boyfriend. this seems innocent enough, but it’s back hand supplication/pedestalization. maybe she doesn’t have a dude because she’s got the personality of a rabid bear. maybe she’s boring, maybe she’s a really cool girl that ended up with the wrong guy. whatever the issue, you ain’t responsible for it.

your job is to screen her for suitability as a partner (if that’s what you’re looking for).

when you ask her how long she’s been single it’s a neg. she probably doesn’t mind being single, but when she hears the word…..eesh. she’s heard it from her mom, female relatives and friends, and gets bombarded by the MSM magazines about “finding Mr. Right”.

when she tells you she’s single, simply hand her your phone with the keypad out and suggest the 2 of you hang out. i’ve RARELY had a girl turn me down.

happy hunting.

and it’s been a while so it’s time for….


baby Sis came through like gangbusters with this little discovery. there’s a company called “diamond candle” and they have an interesting spin on the scented candle biz, and it’s TOTES CRAY CRAY!!!!! every candle has a ring inside it. the rings are worth: $10, $50, $100, $1000, and $5000. Mom’s ring has to be a $50 ring and it’s sick.

Mom's ring. adorbz AMIRITE!!!!

Mom’s ring. adorbz AMIRITE!!!!

the candle smells great and i can’t wait to see what kind of ring i get. OOOOOOH, i hope Blaine thinks it makes me look pretty. i now have a new go to present for female friends. my yankee candle and woodwick cost about $20, the diamond candle costs $25. just google “diamond candle” and see for yourself.

cinnamon pinecone. FAAAABULOUS!!!!!

cinnamon pinecone. FAAAABULOUS!!!!!

stay up.

6 Comments on “So, How Long You Been Single?”

  1. Lord Highbrow says:

    Danny, you’re the man. Guys pay thousands to get sub-par advice from PUA ‘gurus’ and here you are dispensing gold. If only they bothered to take time out to do a little research.

    I am definitely going to use that line from here on out. Thanks once again!

  2. Charlotte says:

    You know women so well it’s amazing. Everything I’ve read from you so far has been spot on.
    I agree with Lord Highbrow – this stuff is gold. I hope men are paying attention, because this is the one of the few blogs I’ve found that doesn’t contain at least some amount of very questionable advice.
    There’s a big difference between a man who really knows women and a man who just thinks he does, and too many guys are getting advice from ones in the latter camp.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      when i’m passionate about something, my INTJ side obsesses over every facet of it. every detail i get from a woman get’s stored in my “woman” file.

      and thank you Miss.

      On Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 11:12 AM, dannyfrom504

  3. Faust says:

    I just went to buy a candle for my mom, since I didn’t get to make it home for Christmas, and every single one of them is sold out. I’ve never seen a product page be 100% empty before.

    I guess people love their rings.

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