Book Review: Bachelor Pad Economics

it looks like Cappy has a new book called “Bachelor Pad Economics”, which will be released today. i was forwarded an advanced copy to review. short write up here, so let’s get to it.

if you haven’t read Enjoy the Decline then shame on you. but, the new book is a much more in depth read along the same lines as ETD. it’s around 500 pages, but it’s still a relatively quick read. Aaron writes in a manner that is quite easy to absorb so i easily went through 132 pages in less then an hour. and that was while at work and watching some TV.

TBH, the book isn’t really geard towards me. it’s more of the high school senior to early 20’s guy. Aaron gives some VERY solid advice that i know would be invaluable to a league of young men who really are hungry for some male advice to navigate the troubling waters ahead. and Aaron covers it all: education, employment, family (your own family), happiness, economics, starting a family.

it’s advice i was fortunate enough to receive from my Paw-Paw, that i’ve had commenters tell me they WISH they had. do yourself a favor, invest in YOURSELF. you only get one chance at this life so you might as well make the most of it. you know how much worthless shit you waste $10-15 on; well for less than $10 you can go to Cappy’s site and download a copy to your kindle after clicking on his amazon app. say it again-

“invest in yourself.”

stay up.

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