Dude, She’s Dead

i spend a decent amount of time talking with and counseling straight killers, combat soldiers. PTSD is a dicey thing, those that have it can’t really discuss it with people who don’t have it. your best bet is to leave it be. they won’t open up to you.

well, i was talking with a kid that just got back from afghanistan. and he had just volunteered to go back. he had it. he had caught the blood lust. once a soldier has it, he’s gone. no motherly love, no amount of good pussy, no dollar amount can keep him from killing again. and this kid was ready for more blood.

i’ve seen enough death and human dismemberment to know the sickness. i’ve talked about it before and mentioned it here. then i read this.

i was talking with this kid, and he was volunteering to go back into the suck. he was telling me how he and most of the dudes in his squad wanted to go back. that they lost someone in their company, and wanted get back for the loss. i told him you always lose guys in the suck and you shouldn’t take it that hard. then he hit me with this-

the person they lost was a girl.

these boys, and i mean that, BOYS wanted back into the suck because they lost a girl. they had lost guys too, but didn’t feel the urge to go back and fight for their loss. but a girl got dropped and there they were; ready for more. it’s sad. seriously. and THIS is why i’ve argued that it isn’t a good idea to send women into combat roles.

all you ladies with sons; ask yourself- what would you say to your boy knowing he was broken up after having lost a female soldier, but the loss of a male soldier elicited a response of, “damn, go easy bro.” because i can tell you, after having spoken to hundreds of my brothers, i have no words of comfort for them.

this makes me quite glad that my operational time is done. if i lost a female down range, it wouldn’t phase me. i’m too dark and bloodied. but the new guys, they’re different. they’re still rosy eyed boys that see a white picket fence and a plot in suburbia. not me. i’ve been doing this too long. you fuck up in the field, and you pay. for me, if it’s a woman it just means it’s a lighter body to carry away.

maybe if more of the young, newbs coming in saw it as i did, they wouldn’t send women into the suck. another month and a half and i’ll be sitting in a welding class at delgado JC. and i can’t wait.

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stay up.

24 Comments on “Dude, She’s Dead”

  1. Mister E says:

    I feel sorry for the young men who have to contend with this bullshit, I really do. The battlefield is not the place for Suzie Soldier to go full feminist just to prove her point. To me, it’s arrogant selfishness to use the battlefield as a feminist’s proving ground. It’s WAR for pete’s sake, people get killed in war. If they want to protest the wage gap, then picket Wall Street. It’s sad that some of those young girls who believe all the feminists BS have no idea what they have gotten into. Shame on those idealists that do know what’s going on but have no intention on telling the masses what they are stepping into. I guess there are casualties in every war. These young guys are fighting a war on two different fronts and are caught in a cross-fire.

    I’m just curious about what some of those women are thinking when they go into a combat situation. Are they thinking that they are just like Billy-Badass and want to prove themselves, or are they Sally-scared-as-shit hoping that GI Joe will save them from all harm when they are out on the front lines. Bad situation on both accounts.

    Red-Pill training for men should be mandatory if they are going to let females into battle.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i disregard them for the most part. there are the decent women doing the job well and pulling their weight, but not too many.

      and said women LOATHE the typical entitlement military princess.

    • infowarrior1 says:

      i disregard them for the most part. there are the decent women doing the job well and pulling their weight, but not too many.

      The only way this may work. Is if men and women are in separate units. Or if women are barred forever.

  2. Mrs. KTC says:

    A relative of mine is a Marine. He was going to make a career out of it, but is now doing his time and getting out. You ask him why? He says, “Too many women.” The feminization of the military is one sick joke.

  3. deti says:

    “these boys, and i mean that, BOYS wanted back into the suck because they lost a girl. they had lost guys too, but didn’t feel the urge to go back and fight for their loss. but a girl got dropped and there they were; ready for more. it’s sad. seriously.”

    To a very large extent, those boys can’t help it. They, and all men, are hardwired to protect the women around them. It’s a reflex. That’s a big part of why women shouldn’t be sent into combat — because men will see women losing limbs, getting blown apart, getting captured, becoming POWs, getting raped, tortured and killed in war. Men lose sight of the combat objective and go into “protect the woman” mode. They’ll disobey orders, they’ll mutiny, they’ll ignore common sense and objective reality, to protect a woman in their midst. They’re programmed to do this.

  4. The Navy Corpsman says:

    I have no words.

    The Navy Corpsman

  5. naz says:

    hey danny i really enjoy ur blog.

    i was a corpsman just like u a while back ago. (2008-2011). the navy is def feminized and thats the reason i went greenside. see working in the lejeune hospital just didnt suit me as the female (civilian) nurses thought i didnt listen to them like i did to the men. wasnt anything i said or did in particular mind u, just not an environment for a man to be in thats all.

    anyways no matter how bad it got in training or afghanistan i remember thinking “well at least im not working with women” but i do remember the night before we were heading out for the first time to deploy at the barracks and u know all the wives sisters mothers were there so i saw first hand how the guys i trained with to go to war started to one up each other just cuz there were women around. pretty pathetic imo, but thats just how we men are. i feel bad for the kids coming into the marine corps today. no wars left to fight, just typical politicking and now they gotta deal with females in their ranks. btw, most of the females i met in the military were subpar. not all just most.

    anyways merry christmas and happy new year.

  6. Faust says:

    I keep seeing people saying this. That the military is feminized, that there’s too many paper-pushers and too many people making decisions because they’ve got a political ax to grind. That the good people are leaving because they just don’t want to deal with bullshit anymore.

    I’ve got a question, and I kind of hate to ask it but I think I need to. I’m about as civilian as you can get. I’ve never fired a gun at anything except a speed shooting target, and I was terrible at that. So I’m always loathe to make any kind of statement about the military because it’s a culture I know nothing about. But this shit… driving competent, experienced people out of the military… this has to be getting people killed, right? If my company fires a good manager because some woman claims imaginary sexual harassment, and he’s replaced by a subordinate whose only talent is sucking up and reciting PC bullshit at meetings, the absolute worst that can happen is that we all lose our jobs. But I would think that it’d be different in the military, right? Having an idiot running things could make the difference between somebody going home at night, or them not going home at all. Or do I just have an exaggerated view of how dangerous this all is?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I fully understand you question. However, I can’t really give you an answer at the moment. But I promise, once I’m fully retired, I will answer any and all such questions uncensored.

      Stand by. You’ll know when you can ask me to get raw about these matters.

      Sent from my iPhone


  7. Former marine says:

    I was a former Marine. I worked as a hydraulics man in a Ch-46E helicopter squadron. I did two tours in Iraq. One to Al Taqquadum, where attacks on the base happened 1 or 2 times a week. My second trip was to Al Assad airbase. We did mostly supply and casualty evacuation missions. I can honestly say that most FM(female marines as we called them) were dirt bags. I hate to say it, but it’s true. Most of the females in the Marines that I had the displeasure of working with were lazy, conniving, cheating dirt bags. One or two in a unit will completely destroy unit cohesion.

  8. Ton says:

    The suck is when you are the most alive

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Only because you don’t want to die.

      Sent from my iPhone


    • Ton says:

      Yea Danny, no doubt it’s a fucked up psychology, but it’s the intensity of experiences that get men hooked. I think. Like sky diving and maybe even a lot of the guys doing insane stuff in the x games and motocross.

      All to say, I think it’s way more common them most would think

  9. blazingsuth says:

    I’m a female who served int eh military. The thing is, I *know* I’m not suited for combat, or even the more physical work involved in supporting combat operations. That’s why I joined the Air Force (also known as the Chair Force). I did good work, I provided support that kept US military members alive in Afghanistan. But I was really careful about what I could and couldn’t do.

    Before I joined, I was given a piece of advice by an older female officer. She told me the there are two stereo types for women in the military, and I should work *very* hard not to become either of them: the Bitch and the Battleaxe. She was very right. I managed to stay a woman and get out with my femininity intact. But I could never have done 20 and managed it, not even in the Reserves.

    I went to Afghanistan as a contractor (never left the base, I’m not stupid) and saw that the women in uniform were either desert princesses (the Bitch), or almost indistinguishable from the men (the Battleaxe). It was sad, and only reinforced the idea that women don’t belong in combat zones.

    I would never allow my daughter to join the military in a combat specialty. It’s just not going to work out well for her or her unit. My father was in the Navy when they first introduced women on board ships; 70% of the cruises came back pregnant. He absolutely forbade me from joining the Navy; and we’re a Navy family for several generations, so Army and Marines were right out. That only left the Air Force. I don’t regret it, but I also don’t regret getting out.

  10. andrew says:

    “these boys, and i mean that, BOYS wanted back into the suck because they lost a girl. they had lost guys too, but didn’t feel the urge to go back and fight for their loss. but a girl got dropped and there they were; ready for more. it’s sad. seriously. and THIS is why i’ve argued that it isn’t a good idea to send women into combat roles.”

    I’m willing to bet they lost some of their guys immediately after losing the woman. It’s insurgency 101. Provoke the larger enemy force into doing really stupid shit, or just completely break the enemy’s morale.

    Target priority:
    1. Women
    2. Officers
    3. Everyone else.

    Those guys are going back with the mindset that caused My Lai, which will just aid the insurgent cause.

  11. Jim says:

    These boys are the worst kind of mangina pussy lickers. I don’t know about anyone else but I wouldn’t be happy if ANY of my friends, male or female, was dropped. Sorry, but I think life is precious period, not just one sex.

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