Kill the host

it really surprised me how the “mimimalism” posts took off. well, there’s been a recent developement in my venturing into the world of less- mom and my Tia Josie came down and picked up her spinny chair, my last large persian rug, wall art, and some end tables. my house is now damn near empty. sometime after mardi gras i’ll be doing the paper work to transfer the house to my parents. no realtor, no stupid inspection fees and closing costs.

sign, sign, pay trasnfer fee, and done.

i guess at some point mom and T will kick some fundage my way, but i’m not really worried about it. already spoken with Delgado and it looks like i start summer session. i found out they need X-ray tech’s at my old hospital, and i think i have a place lined up while i go to school.

i MIGHT work 2, maybe 3 days a week. 5 hour shifts. but i really don’t need to work.

i’ll be making close to $4000 a month retirement/disability and i’ll draw E5 BAH while i go to school. in case you didn’t know, you can EASILY live off that in southern Louisiana; especially considering how i’ll be living. i have ZERO plans on contributing to a (by and large) nation of lazy fucks that want a hand out.

just like Cappy suggests, i plan on starving the host. and might even sign up for some “handouts” as well if i qualify. i’m not advocating what i’m doing to anyone else, each man’s path is his own. but i do know this is the right thing for me.

i’m not suggesting you give all your shit away and move into a travel trailer and start a micro farm; that’s a tad extreme. but i can say there is a certain feeling of liberation in doing so. the people i gave my shit to needed it. i could have asked for money, but i found a greater sense of humanity in just letting it go. i’m looking forward to this new journey. i’ll do my best to share what i learn with you. and while packing shit i learned- DAMN do i have a shit load of ammo. lol. and remember, Mardi Gras is approaching. you coming? all the keel kids are gonna be there. hope to see you.

this song always makes me think of Unka Mitch and Keoni, especially when he utter’s the “run rabbit run” line. i KNOW these 2 have said this to countless sheeple. lol.

stay up.

oh- some of you might have noticed a certain rift going on regarding me. let it go. shit’s beneath me. don’t email me asking details, don’t offer me your support, don’t shit talk other people, don’t tweet about it. just leave it be.

and since Jack is such a sucker for it, i’ll post this.

better than a GF anyway. when i'm done with a girl, i get to spend quality time with my Brody.

better than a GF anyday. when i’m done with a girl, i get to spend quality time with my Brody.

15 Comments on “Kill the host”

  1. Derp says:

    Wait, disability money? When’d that happen?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      disability has always been given to conditions taken on from service. as for me personally-

      PTSD, depression (secondary to PTSD), hypertension (secondary to job stress), and lower back pain (secondary to being rear ended twice during my time in). but i still have to do my official VA interview.

      • Derp says:

        Shit, man. PTSD’s a bitch. Can’t speak from experience ( I’m just a civilian right now), but that’s something you never really can get over. Best of luck

  2. En-sigma says:

    puh…you can have my bad knees if you want em…

    I have read you for a while and I am just up the interstate from you, but because I am such a great Christian I don’t venture to NO much. Kidding of course, I have been there and it is a great culinary wealth.

  3. Good Luck, Danny. My husband is a Navy veteran and sometimes regrets not doing reserve duty after separating because he could be retired with a pension now. One of his friends made Chief the year before retiring from reserve duty. The extra money is nice, but he spend years away from his family as a CB doing site work in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

    Keep up with the hunting and homesteading. 5K a month is pretty nice, we get buy on that with a family of five and a 1/2 acre to raise chickens (coming soon!) and a big garden. Each day I think of new ways to unplug and starve the .gov. It’s a slow process but coming along.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      thanks for commenting Dear. look into goats. you can’t beat meat and milk. one cow and 2 bucks. save the kids for processing.

      what family i have is used to me being gone, so living an hour away from NO is a HUGE relief for them. i now have a “Paw-Paw” patriarch role to fill for my family. no wife, no kids, equates to easy living for me.

      you might want to read “dirt cheap survival retreat”. GREAT homesteading/minimalism book.

  4. brux says:

    kill the host = draw tax-payer funded military benefits for being a pussy? how many shots were you popping off from a goddamn boat?

    do you logic, bro? do what you will with yer life but don’t act as if you’re not a part of “a nation of lazy fucks that want a hand out” if your entire game plan is to depend on government largesse and do jack shit

  5. dannyfrom504 says:

    I have; just not sure I have the room to store it. But I definitely see the benefit if having a 9mm press.

    • Brian says:

      9mm is probably the best caliber to start with, simply because a load with most powders takes up more than half the volume of the case. So it’s VERY obvious if you accidentally double charged it. Just be sure case gauging is part of your process. It’s a tapered round, and rounds fired from Glock barrels can’t always be sized down enough with standard sizing dies.

  6. Jimmy says:

    I’m assuming that you get 4k with 2k from 50% of military pension, 500 from disability and 1.5k from the GI bill or is my math wrong? I don’t see how you get 4k a month…

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