Omega Douche Chills

sometimes, just hearing a situation where a guy is clueless is a great learning tool as you journey through the SMP.

i had only been in jax for a few months. there was a guy in my department, nice guy, but he was fucking hopeless when it came to women. he had just gone through his THIRD divorce, i’m sure you’ll be surprised that the wives initiated, so one of the girls in my department was always taking him out frequently.

how sweet right?


she was a single mom of a 16 year old boy and she was/is on the carousel. so one night, i get a text from my girl So-So asking me to come out with her and the above mentioned girl. i asked, read that again (I ASKED), if it was going to be only the two of them and she assured me it was. of course, i show up and there he his- neomaxizoomdweebieomega. i gave a VERY stern look to So and she mouthed, “i’m sorry” and motioned her head towards the carousel girl (CG).

they were at a local sport bar that’s known for their great ladies night. they (CG) were outside to smoke. i joined them and after 15 minutes i couldn’t deal with the smoke or CG’s screaming for attention at every guy in the vicinity.

oh wait. CG was a 4. seriously. short, quite overweight, and her face is well….you get it. she’s bossy, needy, and relatively masculine. So is a hard 8. 5’6″, asian and slamming rack (especially for an asian chick). she’s very feminine, quite, demure, polite and generally sweet all around; which explains why i don’t mind hanging out with her.

i went to their table and after 10 minutes they came back in. dude sat to my right by the rail, and the girls sat in front of my. there was a tv on the wall in front of me about 10 feet away. dude went to the bathroom, and a few minutes later the girls went. dude came back to the table a few moments after that two girls in mini dresses came in and sat about 6-7 feet in front of use by the bar which was about 10 feet to my left.

suddenly i hear a whispered, “pssst, pssst. dude….” i looked at him and said sternly but quietly, “shut the fuck up.” i went back to looking at tv but the truth is, i was checking the girls from my peripheral. they were ok, pretty cute, but i knew they were with someone despite them being there alone.

then i hear hear douche nugget AGAIN trying to get my attention, but this time it was WAAAAY more obvious. i turned, looked at him and said, “eric. shut.the.FUCK.up.” this time he looked concerned. and went back to looking at the tv. he had been staring right at the girls while trying to get my attention. my skin was fucking crawling and i was setting since now i was omega by proxy.

the girls with us had finally showed up and the first fucking thing CG does is point out the fact that there were 2 girls there, and she pointed at them.

i dropped my head on the table and started shaking it. So knew EXACTLY what CG had done and tried not to laugh by lowering her head. i looked at CG and said, “the fucking work here and they’re meeting up with some guys that work in the kitchen.” everyone at the table froze and CG asked how i knew that.

i pointed out they were standing by the door to kitchen, and i had seen one of them talking to another waitress and said waitress went straight to the kitchen, less than 5 minutes after i pointed out this fact, 2 guys emerged from the kitchen. they all looked at me with complete surprise. eric asked me how i knew they were there to see someone. i pointed out the fact that i had worked in kitchens before and learned kitchen guys always bang the waitress’.

then i looked at eric and said, “and for fucks sake will you quit getting over fucking excited when you see a cute girl. you’re like a fucking beagle puppy when a person walks into the room. TWO- you just had your third wife dump you. i think women should be the last thing on you mind since you obviously suck when it comes to women.”

i should point out had no clue what the ‘Sphere was back then.

what pissed me off the most was i’m pretty sure the girls had notice dick-fuck ogling them, thus making me a herb as well. and then CG points at them and then motioned to us 2 single guys without even considering IF i’d even want to talk to the 2 holes. she just assumed b/c we were single we had an obligation to. fucking modern entitled woman, and she was 35 at the time but still carried herself like a 23 year old party girl.

less then 10 minutes later i informed them i had had enough and was calling it a night. So sent me a text as i was driving home, “dude. i’m sorry. like seriously.” lol.

the lesson here. know your company if you’re out. now you guys know why i hunt alone.

stay up.

oh, in case you didn’t know Matt’s having a book sale. check it out. all the cool kids are doing it.

Merry Christmas from New Orleans

Merry Christmas all. I hope everyone reading this site is in the company of those you love and you are filled with the joy of the season. My dad’s mom is coming in for her usual savage Danish traditional dinner, and tomorrow will feature mass and then heading off to my cousins for some Gutierrez revelry. Blessing to you and yours.

Merry Christmas.

Brody sends his love to you and your's this season. Merry Christmas

Brody sends his love to you and yours this season. Merry Christmas

the official metairie Christmas song. SOOOOO many local references.

and finally. one of my favorite childhood Christmas stories.

stay up.

Repost: Betas Ask, Alphas Do

Repost since i’m kid of busy with family stuff and helping mom with errands and house party prep crap. see, i’m such a good boy.

during the Christmas break military units break down into skeleton crews. the civilians are usually off, and those not taking leave are broken up into 2 units called “alpha and bravo”. this group work for 12 hours, then the night crew cover’s the next 12 hours. well, the A/B group breaks down into 2 smaller groups covering the dept. over 6 hours periods. this is called “dogging the watch”. this is done completely off the books. one person is in charge of the group and breaks the watch crews down and determines who’ll work when. well, i was given a crew the week after Christmas and my crew was dicked over ROYALLY. it was me, one other tech and a non-tech. so…..the non tech watched the front desk and me and the other tech (the dude that played goalie at college level) scanned the patients; and we.were.busy. i had to cover CT so the other tech (i’m an E6, he’s an E4) was basically scanning all the patients.

long story short, the kid working for me got drilled. he worked his fucking ass off. for the 3 shifts we were on, it was pure fucking chaos (piss poor leadership/planning on management’s part for the schedule they came up with during the holidays) and we left work each day beaten. on the last shift i had myself, 3 guys: myself, , a non-tech, another E6 (and good friend) and the goalie kid. the night before we worked i called the kid up and told him not to come until 1330/1:30pm (i gave him half a day off). now, when it comes to leadership i come from the old school navy. my job is take care of my junior guys and the best thing i can offer them is liberty (navy speak for “time off”). i conducted muster that morning and when it was over i spoke to my 2 bosses (one an E8, the other an officer), and one asked me where my E4 was. i told him he had some shit take care of and that he’d be in at 1330, but not to sweat, i was covering CT, the non-tech had the desk and my other tech would hold shit down. “don’t worry Senior, i’m all over this, go do what you gotta do. i got the floor.” the E8 (Senior Chief) said, “ok.” and walked off. never spoke to him for the rest of the day.

well, around 0900/9:00am my E6 boss showed up and asked where my E4 was. i told him he’d be in at 1330 and he asked me if i ran it by Senior before granting him liberty. i said, “no, he had shit to do (lie) and i told him to handle it and be in by 1330.” my E6 boss (called my LPO) told me i should have run it by senior before hand. *smh* i looked at him for about 5 seconds and said, “you know what brah….you weren’t even here for muster. go do whatever admin crap you need to do, I have the floor, and i got shit covered. and if i have positional authority to let someone go early, then i sure as hell can tell them to come in late.” i walked away and the issue was never brought up again. my LPO is a nice guy. but he’s VERY beta and wishy-washy. the moral of the story…..

betas ask, alpha’s do. as we say in the navy/marines, “it’s better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission.”


quick write up tonight as i’ve been busy.

i got a text/picture a while back- do you like these shoes? i responded that it didn’t really care. now, i don’t date this woman, she’s just a friend. she’s about 24-25. it’s not the first time a woman i wasn’t involved with wanted my opinion on something they’d wear.

it struck me as odd. i eventually told her that i thought they’d look great on her just so she’d leave me the fuck alone (she reads the site, i’ll hear about this). i thought of all the times this has happened to me. i guess it’s an innate habit for a woman to seek male approval in such issues since well…she’s ultimately trying to impress males.

but sorry ladies i NEVER notice your shoes, other women do. i just find it odd that most women will readily admit how most men are clueless when it comes to general fashion and things of this sort, then turn around and ASK us our opinions on the very same issue. but i didn’t care and she STILL wanted my approval of something i could give 2 shits about and it blows me away. but what did i REALLY learn here-

i had no idea of what a “kitten heel” was, and i was proud of it.

a little retro gift for you gals.

taking Lucky to the airport tomorrow. had a good time hanging out with him and showing him my fine city and i’m pretty sure he had a good time. like a trooper he cheered my boys on as they lost to the fucking panthers on my final day of showing him the 504. it’s always nice to meet the people associated with the community and i look forward to the upcoming MMGMOMD and i think meeting Lucky should be a nice sample of the hedonism to come when we all meet up again. as my mom said to Unka Mitch, “whoever misses this is going to regret it. we’re gonna have a blast.” what…..dinner with the fan? WHAAAAAAAT!!!

stay up.

The White Rabbit

always loved alice in wonderland. read it when i was a kid, but even then i knew it was fantasy tale. but my young aquarian mind ate it up.

well, i was riding the klonapin wave the other night and watching the back end of “the game”. well the end of the movie features “white rabbit” by jefferson airplane. i couldn’t help but notice some similarities to game in the lyrics. i might be stretching, but hey…fucking klonapin man. emphasis mine.

One pill makes you larger (red pill), and one pill makes you small (blue pill)
And the ones that mother (feminists) gives you, don’t do anything at all

Go ask Alice, when she’s ten feet tall (entitled)

And if you go chasing rabbits (women), and you know you’re going to fall (no game)
Tell ’em a hookah-smoking caterpillar (red-pill wise man) has given you the call

Call Alice, when she was just small (humbled)

When the men on the chessboard (game jedi) get up and tell you where to go
And you’ve just had some kind of mushroom (red-pill), and your mind is moving low (leaving blue pill state)

Go ask Alice, I think she’ll know

When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead (blue pill mind set dies)
And the white knight is talking backwards (you notice them kissing women’s asses)
And the red queen’s (feminists) “Off with her head”
Remember what the dormouse said
Feed your head, feed your head (the red pill is correct)

like i said, may be a reaching a bit, but i noticed it enough to listen to the song a few times. don’t agree, ok. nothing more to see here, move along. lol.

tonight’s my families Christmas party. i’m taking Lucky and my nephew out after. Lucky took a new red-pill convert out last night after I dropped him off. i’m sure he’ll post as soon as he can. in the mean time, here’s seksi and his gift.


stay up.

ITLR: Outcome Independence

i think one of the things most guys new to game and red-pill face (after approach anxiety ) is outcome independence (OI). most guys tend to equate OI with aloofness. this is too narrow an interpretation. the same as many guys thinking game is tool for helping you get laid. again, a limited definition. a limited definition will only yield limited results. to gain the most benefit from these ideas you must view them with a broader scope

we men are creatures of labor. as such, when we toil we expect to see results, and when we don’t we get frustrated. as we incorporate the red-pill and we open another girl and we get IOI’s, and we neg, and we appear to doing everything right only to have it go to shit it can be a very disappointing. i guess this could offer a nice example

we’ve all been there. and guess what, it’s going to happen MANY MORE TIMES. happens to me quite often.

what’s a man to do? you could be a pussy and quit, give up altogether and move into a travel trailer on a few acr….never-mind. you see my friend nothing will blow a set like a woman sensing a pussy agenda. YES, we all know you’re not chatting her up to discuss the middle east, but….you’re execution mustn’t give off the feeling that this will make or break your day. i mean, you’re not going to quit driving because you keep catching red-lights are you? no, of course not.

so, how does one internalize OI? it’s actually much simpler than you think. it crucial to not give two shits about what happens, and enjoy the moment, have fun. yup, it’s THAT easy. i know it’s much easier to say than to do and i’m sure you were hoping for something more zen. but the fact is, despite the fact being just below the surface that you want to fuck the girl, you can’t come off like you’re investing that much into the interaction with her. a woman can sense an agenda in seconds.

last night i posted the interaction i had with the stripper, i’m sure she knew right away that i wanted to see her nakie. as a matter of fact, after making a few comments about making her squirt and her saying it would be a great time; i told her if it goes down she’d be going back to tampa with a present. she asked what that was and i replied, “a baby.” i got her number without really trying, despite knowing full well that there’s a 2% chance i’m ever going to see her outside the club. but you know what.

1- i didn’t care. 2- i was just having fun.

just KNOWING you can illicit that effect is a very powerful and liberating feeling for a man. i keep telling Lucky, “it’s called “game” because it’s fun. when it isn’t, you shouldn’t be playing.” if she’s being stoic and you’re not getting a playful attitude from her, bail- she’s not feeling you. but what really kills the ability to internalize OI?

one is raging 20 year old hormones. it’s hard NOT to care when you’re a walking hard on 90% of the day and you’ve started getting decent at opening and game in general. the next thing is the entitlement thought process of the typical western 20 year old woman. well, guess what- there’s really not much you can do about these things. BUT….you can keep chomping at the bit and taking the lumps that i’ve told you you’ll encounter in your 20’s. why?

every lump will cement the weakness’ in your game. after time, if you keep at it, eventually you really won’t care about the outcome. does it take time, of course. is it worth it? that’s subjective. i’ve been hanging out with a guy who was a total fucking geek and watching him work now (at 22) would never make me think he had an issue with girls before.

if he can do it, so can you.

tomorrow is the family Christmas party so i’ll try and update. we’ll be having a guest at the party as Lucky will be attending the festivities. that should be pretty interesting since he’ll be meeting my Nephew. You know my nephew, the one I’ve been coaching red pill to since he was 8z tonight i’m going to take Lucky to tulane university.

lastly, i hear there’s been a bit of talk about a louisana family causing some controversy. sorry, but there’s no point in me getting into this especially when other’s have covered it better than i could. personally, I do ‘t have an issue with gays. none. but I DO have an issue that bill mahr still has a gig after saying WAY worse shit than Phil.

H/T- SSM and Free Northerner

stay up.

MMGMOMD: Pregame- Day One with Lucky

it was around 6pm when i got the text from Lucky Lothario that he wanted to know a good place to eat. i told him to hang on, i was coming to get him. soon enough we found each other and where heading for the quarter.

found a parking spot and i was going to take him to Johnny’s but they were closed. i ended up taking him to the clover for a burger. from there we went to tropical isle for a hand grenade and we walked bourbon and a few places in the FQ that i frequent. bourbon was basically dead so he wanted to head to frenchmen where he had “success” the night before. fine.

he ended up cold approaching a cute blonde who was with a friend. i let him do his thing until i heard blondie’s friend mention it was her berfdae. i told her about the NO tradition of safety pinning a $1 just above her tit and local’s will ask if it’s her birthday and will give her a dollar. brunette immediately exclaimed, “SEE, I TOLD YOU.” she even had the plastic tiara and all. Lucky copped her number and we were off.

we ended up in a jazz club on frenchmen and after about 15 minutes Lucky’s blonde showed up. we were standing by the door and i heard her tell him, “whatever you do, keep talking.” i laughed and after a minute i took a chair facing the stage. the band came on and Lucky talked to girl for about 10 minutes, then she split. we watched the band and left after about 15 minutes. Lucky commented, “i can’t believe all this free.” frenchmen was a wash so we went back to bourbon.

on bourbon we walked around a bit and i pointed out the tropical isle i took Paw-Paw (RIP) for his last drink in the quarter, Lucky quickly stepped up, “let’s have a drink for Paw-Paw. we got a hand grenade and walked bourbon. again, it was dead. finally, know he wanted some girl action i told him we were going to a strip club.

ok, bear in mind the good clubs in NO feature the A-listers at clubs around the gulf coast. they drive in for a week to work, make 10 times what they make at home, and head back. a lot of the girls will do this sometimes once a month. there typically isn’t a cover charge but the beer is WAAAAAAAY over priced.

we got settled and the girls did what the girls do- they approach, talk to you for about 5 minutes then ask if you’d like a dance. the proper response is, “i just kinda got here. i’m with my boy right now. let us get settled, then maybe later.” and off she goes. now, we spent 5…..FIVE dollars on tipping the girls. i finally number closed this dallas girl, OH, and yes….i mentioned the blog to damn near every girl. they asked how i met some British guy and i replied, “i have a webpage that he follows.” (didn’t want to out him as a blogger). well, once she left, i approached the cute little brunette dancing topless on a back stage. we talked to for a minute, i ended up mentioning the site and she says, “THIS JUST GOT INTERESTING.” i laughed and went to the table with Lucky.

strap in kids, here’s where it get’s good.

girl came to our table and pulled up a chair between us. after a minute of small talk she asks about my site. i pull it up on my phone and bring up the female ejaculation. she reads a little then says DEFIANTLY, “ok, we’ll let my girl read this, she’s a squirter.” i laugh and tell her fine. her girl finally comes over (they’re both from tampa) and girl hands her friend the phone. in less than 2 minutes girl is smiling ear to ear, nodding yes, and shifting in her chair.

while she’s reading it and throwing out TONS of kino at me, i tell her, “why you sitting so far away?” she JUMPED into my lap. we made small talk and i kept carpet bombing her after every flirt i gave with, “how wet are you?” she’d cover her mouth and slapped me and tell me to stop.

this went on for almost 10 minutes before i got her number. i looked over and Lucky had her friend in his lap and was showing her this. by now, i had felt her up (a no no unless you’re in VIP), had her kiss me (on the cheek), massage my back, and had set up a time to meet up and had talked about her coming up to jacksonville or possibly here when i retire to come see me.

they were with us over 30 minutes and not once mentioned a dance. they drove here from Tampa to make money, and we took them out of their game and brought them into ours.

finally, girl wanted some water, me and Lucky had finished our beer, and Lucky was looking off (he was getting drunk). i told him at the start of the night i’d take him home around 10-11.

it was after 2am. lol.

we called it a night and walked over to the girls at the bar and told them we were leaving. we made out good-byes, i got a kiss from girl and i slapped her ass as i walked away. when we got outside i looked at him and asked, “well, did i disappoint?” he laughed and complimented me (can’t remember exactly what he said, but confirmed my stripper ninja ability). dropped him off and headed back home.

i finished writing this at around 10:30am. i’m picking him up in around 30-45 minutes for round 2. i’ll keep you posted.

stay up.