A Man and His Dog

when i left japan, i told myself i was getting a dog. i was accepted to xray school in san diego, and less than a week after getting to NO, i was making a 4 hour trip to a staffy breeder. i wanted a female, but as in all things parent related, sometime what you want, isn’t what you get; and you couldn’t be happier.

mom used to be a certified shi-tzu breeder and i had watched her sell enough litters to know how to go about choosing a dog, and the rule is fairly simple: the dog chooses you. i sat in the pen and the bitch was removed. i sat with 3 males and one female pup. the dogs showed little interest in me outside of sniffing the new human. i was interested in the girl, but why the fuck shouldn’t she be any different from other women as she really wanted nothing to do with me.

then a little brindled pup climbed into my lap, sniffed my chin and gave me 2-3 licks. he then smelled my hand and gave it a lick and climbed off to rough house with his brothers. i made an attempt to play with the other pups, but nada. then the little brindled lad climbed into my lap again and gave me another once over.

i looked at my mother who was grinning from ear to ear and asked, “what do you think?” mom giggled and said she already knew who’s coming home with us. i told her how i wanted the female, but it seemed like the brindle was the right choice. mom, in her infinite wisdom noted that in the matters of man and dog, the dog always chooses.

the four hour drive home he laid in my lap, he didn’t fidget, he never cried once. i was amazed. once he was home, he sniffed everything he came across. mom, sis, and the dad all took turns playing with and cuddling him. the next 3 mights he slept in a tiny, furry ball next to me. i usually toss and turn as i sleep, but those three nights, i was a stone. he planted himself deep into my chest and dozed each night. the bond was sealed. i wrote a few days ago how i trained Brody, and i have a few other posts about what it like having a dog as an intregal part of you life. but last night something interesting happened.

i had a girl come by shortly after midnight for a quick sesh of vitamin D. it’s always funny getting nude texts from girls when you have a girl over to get gunned down. “GOD yer such a slut” she’s shaking her head as she sits in front of me reading the texts as they pop up and i’m removing her shirt. lol.

about 3 minutes later a short time there after she was curled up in a ball snuggling next to me basking in utter disappointment resting quietly. i’m really not into this type of shit, but unfortunately, you gotta do it if you wanna see her nakie again (gonna get an angry text about that line) loll. suddenly, goofball pops his head in the room and walks quitely over to me and laid his head next to mine. even in the dim light, i could see his “i miss you daddy” look. i couldn’t help but smile and pet his head. i wondered if i’d ever find a woman that loves me as unconditionally as Brody. of course Stingray had a GREAT write up about this subject.

just a short while ago i was violating some guys daughter. now I was laying next to her and all I could think of is how lucky i am to have Brody in my life. if i want a quick validation, sure- pussy’s great. but in the sense of the long term, Brody truly is the jewel in my life. and i need to keep that in mind. that’s my resolution for 2014. but guess what, i’d bet my next paycheck that each of you have someone or something in your life that truly adds color and beauty to your day to day. when’s the last time you took a step back and acknowledge it.

well, that’s too long.

take a moment and ponder what you have i your life that you’ve taken for granted, and change that. when you do, you’ll find a pace that harping on negativity will NEVER give you.

and you thought this post was gonna be just about me getting it in. silly rabbit. ok, you want game shit. FINE, i ran across this. looks like Mrs. Paglia isn’t backing down. color me surprised. of course the atlantic had a white-knight come to feminists defense. *ugh*

the day i got him home.

the day i got him home.

THIS. this is what i get to deal with everyday. i'm truly blessed.

THIS. this is what i get to deal with everyday. i’m a lucky Poppa.

taken yesterday. i was watching it rain and she decided to plant his ass in front of me.

taken yesterday. i was watching it rain and he decided to plant his ass in front of me.

stay up.

4 Comments on “A Man and His Dog”

  1. The Navy Corpsman says:

    Apparently the Aussie WSJ won’t let me see the entire article, but I’ll just say this much…

    Paglia is amazingly honest. Feminists hate her. For those two reasons, I am going to spend all night trying to find this article.

    The Navy Corpsman

  2. Mrs. KTC says:

    Darn, thats one cute pup! Paglia writes fearlessly I always enjoy her pieces, thanks.

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