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SSM recently posted a charming article written by a young “lady” offering “life advice”. well, she’s around 22-23. actually, i don’t know because she doesn’t list her age in the “about” portion of her site.


so, an early 20 yo woman is giving out marriage advice warning women against getting married before they’re 23. because as we all know. a woman 26-27 is a FAAAAAAAR better prospect and collector of various dicks than a woman pre 26 years of age. any woman foolish enough to take MARRIAGE advice from this young woman deserves the cobwebs that are going to collect in her womb. i have better advice for women listening to this lass-

invest in ramen and cup-o-soup for one. and purina, God knows you’re gonna need cat food.

what i found most interesting about the article is this is the same woman i deal with on a daily basis. this is the prototype for the 21st century, vapid, narcassistic, carousel riding, entitlement princess. interestingly enough, i recently met a woman. as i was chatting her up i ran my usual, “yer gonna end up pregnent” line. the girl looked me dead in the eyes and said in complete seriousness, “good, i need a baby.”

danny, meet the red flag parade.

i kept up with the set and told her how i was mexican/cajun and that my boys can swim and her enthusiasim was really shocking. a few facts- she’s well aware of my age and being single/kidless, she knows i’m about to retire from the navy with pension, she’s familiar with the neighborhood i live in (very upper middle class), and she knows i can get a very good paying job in radiology if i wanted.

as for her. she’s mid 20’s, kidless, and (duh) easily a 7. tbh, she’s just about the level of physicality i prefer in a woman. but her hunger for mommyhood scared the piss out of me. to be fair, she struck me a pretty cool girl. we hit it off quite easily, but it was apparent that this girl was about to slam into the wall.

when i mentioned how i’d put a kid in there she jumped all over it. i told her to slow down, that we could practice making one first, then if she’s a good girl, MAYBE we’ll get to the gestation period phase. what really made me stop and think was when i realized how many women mid-20’s are slamming into the wall. this girl at least has the advantage of being kidless, thus more valuable in the SMP. she also doesn’t smoke and she still has quite the body on her.

i talked with Unka Mitch about it and he said he’s noticing this as well. and it’s also apparent more and more guys are realizing red-pill philosophy works. the great thing about princess vanessa elizabeth (you can see her pic on Mary’s site, i’m not linking her) is she’s the easiest to game and the most susceptible to game. all the while waving a flag of “female empowerment MAAAAAAAN”; yet she doesn’t have the sense God gave a billy goat to realize, she’s a programmed automaton with a vagina who’s going to find out in 2-3 years the reality that, OH NOEZ guys don’t give a shit about her anymore. sad. it really is.

but hey, live it up kesha zombie. the line of dicks starts to the left.

guys, take note, if you’re in your late 20’s-early 30’s, gainfully employed, got your shit together and avoided drama via a baby mamma, you better be screening the women you consider for commitment. a woman’s shit could torpedo everything you worked for. especially if she’s over 25 and the rabies are kicking in.

stay up.

18 Comments on “Welcome to My World”

  1. Ashley says:

    I don’t understand why her post was such a big deal. I read the same post basically, on girl blogs every day. And it was meant to be satirical and not serious, well some of them were. This one went viral for some unknown reason. She’s pretty enough that I highly doubt that in just a few years she’s going to be undesirable. I’m sure she will still have men lining up well in to her middle ages.

    • Ashley says:

      I know I am about to get shit for this comment. Bring it on boyz. 😉

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      She hiding behind satire. She is in fact serious but playing the passive aggressive card of, “oh, c’mon, I’m not serious.”

      It’s quite 2 dimensional. And is a shit test written out as a post.

      Sent from my iPhone


    • Professor Highbrow says:

      Hi Ashley, in my opinion it wasn’t satire, at least not intentionally. Satire is really hard to pull off successfully and that broad was not successful. You really need to have a razor sharp wit to do it right.

      I do agree with you though, that she is attractive enough to be able to find a guy without a problem in a few years. Whether it’s the guy she has always dreamed of settling down with is another story altogether.

  2. Mrs. KTC says:

    Sadly, advice like this is all too common and isn’t satirical. I’m not sure why it went viral. I guess because people are stupid, base, and apparently, like lists. Its truly terrible advise. The best thing that ever happened to me was my husband and I love the fact that I give him my youth instead of wasting it away in the dating market.

  3. The Navy Corpsman says:

    It was unusual, because it was ‘all of the above’ in such quantities, that Poe’s Law was nearly invoked in my brain. That is, it’s nearly impossible to tell sarcasm/parody from the real thing, whether that is religion, politics, or any other inanity you care to name, on the internet.

    I swear, I really was this close to calling bullshit, it had to be a parody. As our wise Danny-host points out, she is now hiding behind satire. This would be the auto-defense fallback position for someone on the internet who just went viral for the wrong reasons.

    “I didn’t mean it THAT way!”

    Whereas, if she were truly satirical, she would have maintained that frame as long as she could. I’m still waiting for the weak post that is sure to follow, but I suspect she is in full bore panic mode that she got called on being an ass.

    Bah. I gave her far too much credit for leaving the negative comments on her blog. Today, I read that the person she misses most while in China, is her therapist.

    15. Disappoint your parents. Check.

    The Navy Corpsman

  4. Spawny Get says:

    Hi Danny,

    Happy New Year (and a big year for you).

    Did you get the impression that bar-girl felt that men like you should be lining up to fulfil her life targets? Basically, I am woman, I want baby and resources and you look like a good prospect.

    It’s taken many men far too long to recognise marriage as a very bad idea (for the guy only), I’m wondering when the women are going to start working out that the men are wising up. Or whether they think that their magical vajayjay will continue to enable their entitlements to whatever they want in life at whatever cost to to the men.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      They can think what they want. I don’t give a shit.

      I didn’t make the current state of the SMP; I simply survive and thrive in it, and try to help other guys do the same.

      Note, what she wants and what I choose to give is MY CHOICE. The pussy isn’t a factor, that’s easy enough to stumble upon. A worthy woman-

      good luck.

    • Spawny Get says:

      Oh I’m with you entirely about the response being ours. I was just interested if your response got her a little concerned that her golden vajayjay might fail to work on demand – the horror.

  5. earl says:

    Good advice brother. Early 30s….employed…student loan my only debt…in good standing with my community.

    I’m prime target to be taken down by one of these “ladies”.

  6. kleyau says:

    Danny, I don’t understand you looking at a woman that mentions wanting kids as some sort of girl game deficiency on her part. Her time is running short, she wants kids, you don’t, and this getting brought up early keeps y’all from wasting each others time.

    I do this from the opposite side all the time. I want kids, so I’ll bring up how I love spending time with my nieces, and if the girl responds with, “I don’t even know if I want kids, I want to experience life,” or “I want to focus on my career,” then I’ll go my separate way.

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