RIP Warren Day

i just learned (as in about 15 minutes before writing this) that a beloved member of the NO skate tribe Warren Day is gone.

everyone who knew Warren loved him. he was a genuine and kind man. i’ve been out of skateboarding for a long time, but i’ve sat on a ramp with him propping local skaters with him more than once. i honestly can’t recall a moment when i have a bad memory of Warren. skating, saints games, lounging on Adam’s couch; matter of fact, most of the talks i’ve had with him involved laughter. he was a fun, loving, kind, yet hardy soul. if you were a friend, he loved you with perfect friendship, if not- watch your back.

guys, i know you’re broken up over this. but do what Warren would want. SESSION. grind your trucks to the axle. skate like Warren lived to skate. skate for him. he’ll be watching and slapping his deck to the coping. make him proud to be a part of the tribe. now i can’t wait to come home and watch you guys tear shit up.

this is definitely a serious blow to the tribe, but i hope that it brings us together to help us cherish our friendships more. one thing i know, this life can end in the blink of an eye.

God Bless you Warren. i’ll never forget you Brother.

[ed-ok. now that i’m over the initial shock, i just wanted to add- the first 2-3 minutes of the video had me pissing myself laughing. THAT was Warren. if he didn’t land a trick he’d beat himself up so badly, and we’d giggle. Warren so technical when he charged, but on the off chance he missed it…..stand by. i can remember many moments when i was on the humidity ramp on oak (RIP Alex’s old canton) and he’d bail, get back on the stand and just verbally assault himself. i learned really quick to just go with it.

you’ll notice a lovely black gentleman though out most of the film: that’s Eric. i mentioned Eric on my NO guide post (the uptown one). i need to call Eric…shit. when i go home next month it’s really going to be visceral. but i know Warren’s death will strengthen the fam.

but notice the very end of the clip with Warren and Eric in the car. notice how they completely disregard girl in the back. lol. NO game, executed with perfection.]

go easy Bro.

go easy Bro. we WILL miss you.

2 Comments on “RIP Warren Day”

  1. Professor Highbrow says:

    Danny, my condolences on losing your friend. As a life long skater (28 years on board so far), it’s always heavy to hear about a fellow skater passing away. I lost a very close friend a couple of years ago, whom I met through skating. This was back in the day, when skaters were true outsiders socially and if you saw another skater, you made an instant friend.

    We were friends for over two decades and when the funeral was held, there were at least 200 people there, from all walks of life. He just had effect on people. Skating was his life, he organised skate nights with the local council for years and did more for our local skate community than anyone else.

    Skate for life, skate ’til death!

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i was home less than a month ago and i didn’t get the chance to hang. and he was always there. Warren was good people. period.

      he was the last person the tribe should have lost.

      but thank you.

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