The 2014 to do List

i’ve been doing this blogging thing for a while now. when i discovered the Sphere, it was never my intention to start a blog. after some serious goading from Riv, Yohami, and a 2-3 other blogger that have since disappeared. i gave myself a 6 month window to blog. last thing i wanted was to host a “game” site since GOD KNOWS there are a lot out there. and 99.9% were/are a hell of a lot better than mine. i was already commenting as “Dannyfrom504” so it felt stupid to take on some alternate persona. plus, i was already openly commenting so what the fuck, might as well blog openly. i felt the anon personas were a bit disingenuous, and while i could agree with the content, i had to question the writer.

but i always knew if i was going to have a site, i wasn’t gonna write shit i wouldn’t tell a man or woman to their face. and eventually, with the help of some very gracious blogs: Andrew (the old coot), Badger (the evil genius), Tia (yeah, i know most of you hate her, well she’s never been anything but cool to me. besides, she’s bowed out), Keoni (the mac-daddy politician), and Athol (married game guru). there aren’t enough words for me to express my gratitude for your support. seriously. one of the best things about having a site is i’ve made some VERY good friends. me and Andrew have had some really interesting conversations on IM. i never knew what a “lemon party” was before talking with him. *hmm*

seriously guys. THANK YOU.

i really don’t read a lot of guys blogs as i really don’t need advice on women and life in general. so i try and focus on helping guys understand what i know without making the mistakes i’ve made. so, for this post, i decided to share the bloggers i read when i DO read a dude’s blog. i actually prefer the younger guys and the newer blogs. in no particular order:

Francis Foocken Begbie. just the fact that he not only writes well, but in that God damn scottish accent- “IT’S SHITE BEING SCAH’ISH!!!” is brilliant. quoting train spotting on twitter with him is a new guilty pleasure. his site is one of my fave’s.

Keanu. whenever i stop there, there’s always a few posts that catch my attention. check his shit out.

Lucky. i recently had the opportunity to meet Lucky and show him my fair city. he’s a tall, dreamy sonuvabitch too. i have to give him credit, he cold opened damn near everything that smiled him, that’s pretty ballsy and a true display of outcome independence. Luck- remember that guy that whistled at…kidding (maybe). he’s a decent chap and has an excellent sense of humor. keep an eye on him, he’s gonna get big once he gets off his ass and starts posting more.

Sploosh. again, solid guy and recent red-pill convert. he and his GF blog and they have a sickeningly adorable relationship. and let’s face it, if you’re cool enough to let yer chick post a picture of her bare ass, you gotta respect that.

80 Proof. this guy gets a bit into the cerebral most of the time. but when i can read a site that honestly makes me stop and consider the writer’s POV, yer slinging gold.

Ace. this kid is under the radar, but i like to read from time to time.

Touble. this kid is fucking hungry. and he’s grasped the basics of running a blog- whore yourself out. you got a relatively large blog, any amount of notoriety in the Shpere, email him and he’ll probably guest post on your site. lol. he’s another dreamy young lad in cali who likes to text me at 2am (it’s early his time), while i’m trying to decide what to fap to b/c i can’t get a girl to come over. there i am, trying to get something going, then he calls and POW, i’m sporting a fucking blue vein throbber. less than six months in and he landed a gig writing at RoK, but don’t let that deter you, he’s actually pretty cool. lol.

and last but not least…..

LaidNYC. this kid came out of left field like gangbusters. guns fucking blazing. i’ve talked to him a few times, and i can assure you- he’s the real deal. he’s one of the guys that i can fully understand his need for anonymity. less than a year into blogging and he’s pissed off furtelle, huff-po, atlantic, and feminists in general. BRAVO kid. BRAVO. his site is set up perfectly- no pretense, no blogroll, just the daily snack. he’s figured out a key element to running a successful site. his posts are relatively short. i can’t stand when i read for almost 10 minutes only to find out i’m not even 1/8 done with it. i see that, and i tap out.

however, if you haven’t been paying attention, he’s shutting down the blog pretty soon. read while you can.

there’s been a few “predictions” as to the future of the community. well, my prediction is we’ll be seeing a lot more of younger guys starting sites that have been reading red-pill philosophy, have applied it and found out (HOLY SHIT), it works. let’s see if i’m right.

now get off your ass and explore this world. before you know it, you’ll be grey and your bones will ache. don’t believe me, take a look as i sauntered the globe for the last 20 years.

stay up.

the roman theater in cadiz, spain

the roman theater in cadiz, spain

guess where? see, i AM kewler than you.

guess where? see, i AM kewler than you.

goa, india. trying to avoid hepatitis.

goa, india. trying to avoid hepatitis.

aussie gals. i approves. banging a girl with a heavy accent rocks.

aussie gals. i approves. banging a girl with a heavy accent rocks.

mother fuckin' Gunny.

mother fuckin’ Gunny.

it's a pretty big wall. don'cha think.

it’s a pretty big wall. don’cha think.

playing connect four with a thai bartenders. pattaya, thailand.

playing connect four with a thai bartender. pattaya, thailand.

i farted, falcon bailed, pic taken. Qatar.

i farted, falcon bailed, pic taken. Qatar.

stand-by for a possible Manosphere sleepover part II. ooooooh teaser.

stay up.

37 Comments on “The 2014 to do List”

  1. I just spit out my gear when I read the part about a throbber.

    Thanks for the love homie. Muah.

  2. darlingdoll says:

    Haha I love the caption on you last pic :p

  3. Faust says:

    LaidInNyC is shutting down his blog? Fuck, I literally just found the thing yesterday. That’s a real shame, he’s an excellent writer.

    ^- This post in particular was hilarious.

  4. Keanu says:

    Also, thanks for the linkage. I’m a fan of splooshworld and jsploosh. What a hilarious couple.

  5. Marshallaw says:

    Gunny’s got a “Glock” hat… yes we get all the shows over this side of the pond too… and the expression on your face in the last pic….heh heh

  6. Stingray says:

    It’s not going to be the same when you leave, though you are going to have such a great time when you get settled.

    Thank you for the linkage the other day. I love the pictures of Brody. Do you mind if I ask a couple of training ideas?

  7. Stingray says:

    My brother said welding school is really easy. For the focused man, his profs just said, do the work. Don’t worry about coming to class. Show me what your doing and you’ll pass.

    He had some prior experience and they let him do his thing. He LOVED it.

  8. laidnyc says:

    Thanks for the shout Danny.

    Look at you mean muggin’ on these photos.

    Good luck with your 2014 plans.

  9. […] in time, as the milestone snuck up on me pretty quickly.  Thanks to recent linkage from guys like Danny, Viva La Manosphere, and of course, Return Of Kings, the 50,000 views milestone has closed at rapid […]

  10. A♠ says:

    Many thanks for the linkage and kind words.

    All the best to you.

  11. Wald says:

    Thanks for the linkage, Danny.

    Just one thing – my hyperlink leads to 80 Proof’s blog.


  12. The Lucky Lothario says:

    Cheers for the love, I can’t help but agree with everything you wrote about me, I am certainly dreamy!

    I’ll be sure to keep up regular field reports for you to jack off to.

  13. ThreeLegDog says:

    Dude, love your blog and love following your life changes and experiences. But seriously … lose the t-shirts.

  14. […] this guy, who looks pleasant but […]

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