See, I told You

quick one one here as I was laughing at the news regarding this post.

remember when i talked to you about this coming up with the implementation of obamacare. particularly the increase in ER visits. well, i stumbled across THIS and all i can say is, i told you so. as you can see, i wrote about this back in july. 6 months later and guess who’s proven right.

however, i think 40% is too kind an estimate as they’ve only researched the poor. i watched people across various socioeconomic planes using the ER because of lengthy waits to see their primary care manager (PCM). it’s going to be interesting to watch Mitch chat with my dad who sells life/health insurance and has quite a time prepping for this shit.

like i said, don’t get sick. if you go to the ER, bring a DVD player and have a LOT of spare time.

Stay up.

2 Comments on “See, I told You”

  1. Faust says:

    We’re all fucked, aren’t we?

    I just hope they repeal the thing, though lord knows if they actually will.

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