They’re all the Same

went to my local tonight to give one of the kitchen guys some cherry bombs i had made (kid gives me free food, i GOTTA lace him), and sat at the bar at my spot. dude next to me immediately turned to me and said, “dude there’s a girl sitting there, that’s her napkin,” i looked at him for about 30 seconds, and by all appearances- he’s an alpha.

tall, muscular, well groomed, chiseled face, etc. i think most women would look at him and be interested. i moved one chair over.

but the second he spoke to me i knew this man was a sheep in wolf’s clothing. i put my entire forearm against my head and leaned into it. classic body language for, “leave me alone.” soon enough girl came back. not bad looking, brunette, early 40’s, HUGE fake tits.

she’s a daytime waitress and i know her. lol.

i made a comment to my Irish bartender about cooking some stuffed pork tenderloin and girl asked me if i was going to bring some in for her. THIS is where i realized i knew her, and it was a game changer. i told her she hadn’t earned my cooking and she asked what the barkeep had done to get a sample. i answered-

“easy, he gives me the occasional free beer.”

i went back to watching the game and the lamb went on a tirade of just kissing girl’s ass. it was fucking nauseating. seriously, i felt bad for the guy. he was supplicating on a grand level, and girl was so far from attracted that her vag tingle machine had clearly gone on strike.

the great thing about the red-pill is that you become acutely aware in these situations. finally, i finished my pint and it was time for me to go. i put my hand on girls waist and said, “i’m out girl. see you when i see you.” she told me goodbye back and i held out my cheek-

“where’s my kiss?”

she quickly gave me a peck on the cheek and i lightly patted her ass as i walked out. now, please recall last night’s post where i did the SAME.THING to my neighbors 9 year old daughter (i just didn’t pat her ass), who reacted exactly the same. i wanted a kiss, i got a kiss.

i have ZERO sexual interest in either female (especially the kid….ew), but i maintained a dominant, masculine frame and the girls (despite the age difference responded EXACTLY the same. what works with a young girl (Lucky negged my niece who was crushing on him like a champ) works on a woman.

game everyone.

stay up.

also- Sis has a GREAT post that’s right up my alley.

11 Comments on “They’re all the Same”

  1. sunshinemary says:

    Thanks for the link, Danny! I’d love to hear some of your survival/prep thoughts and stories at some point since you’ve got some experience with that. 🙂

  2. theasdgamer says:

    So, I have my food plates (as a married man can’t use booty calls and keep my word). Donut lady gives me free donuts (supposedly so she doesn’t have to inventory them) and the pretty blond clerk at Panera gives me free bagels and coffee just because. I do minimal flirting–just a nice smile, good posture, slow walk, eye contact, expansive presence (standard frame). Oh, I did tell the clerk afterwards that she had pretty arms. Gonna add later that a sweet woman uses her lovely arms to cook for her man, clean his house, hug her man, hold him, nurse her man when he’s sick, etc. Game on.

  3. ARoss says:

    I really started realizing this a couple months back when I got rejection texts from 3 different girls (a slut, a batshit crazy who thought I was interested and a Jehovah’s Witness) the wording was almost exactly the same in all 3.

  4. Mister E says:

    I’d be curious as to what that guy’s expressions were when you got that kiss and patted her on the ass like that after he’d been trying to get in her pants. I know you probably don’t care but you know he had to have a dumbfounded look on his face.

  5. Van Amsterdam says:

    “i maintained a dominant, masculine frame and the girls (despite the age difference responded EXACTLY the same.”

    Right, so if a 40 yo and a 9 yo are intellectual equivalents, then the woman’s response was likely just platonic. Friendly. A mark of nice Southern breeding. Or maybe that little “peck on the cheek” was the reflexive, uneasy response of a tipsy woman with some muscly bar dude leering at her and feeling up her ass. Girls learn young to fear creepy guys. By the time they’re grown, it’s hard-wired.

    I fail to see how anybody “wins” in this equation. Or why you would WANT to be anywhere BUT squarely in the friendzone if women are essentially just children but with diseased snatches. You can’t plant a garden in a Superfund site; why keep sleeping with women if you consider them, as a class, to be evil, polluted, greedy and intellectually inferior?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I appreciate you reading. I do. And thanks for commenting.

      It appears you have some bitterness towards women. If you choose not to have women in you life I respect that. But my site is geared towards men that DO wish to have women in their life.

      I hunt wild animals, do I worry if I kill and eat one that MAY have rabies- NO? But I like eating so I continue to hunt.

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