The Mysterious Man

when i get involved with a woman that i think could end up as a long-term prospect, there’s a little game i like to play. it’s a VERY INTJ thing too. while in the midst of a “where is this going” talk, i’ll usually put it out there that- “i have this thing. something that is absolutely precious to me. and if a girl can figure out what it is, i’ll know she’s the girl for me.”

i let her know that IF she figures it out i will be honest and let her know she found it, and that’s the truth. i’ll NEVER lie about this. once i put it out there, the game is on. is she solves the riddle, i’ll acknowledge it and reward her.

i have YET to have a woman figure it out. and it’s a very simple part of me. the only clue i’ll give is, “it’s what truly calms and sates me” that’s it. nothing more. i’ve only told this to 3 women, and NONE of them figured it out. it’s actually so simple that it stares them in the face every time they’re around me.

but the key to it is this- you’ve presented them with a challenge and something hidden away in you. a woman who’s attracted to you will claw though mountains or the sky to know your secrets- what make you tick. especially when it’s in the form of, “what calms and sates me”. SHE wants to be the one who calms and sates you. when she know’s there’s competition for that, her hamster becomes a Kenyan marathon runner bingeing on meth.

a mysterious man is a prize to a woman. WHY is he so aloof and withdrawn? WHY isn’t he more open about….? what REALLY moves him?

a woman can’t stand not knowing these answers when she has her eyes on a man. i know this, and i play it up. why shouldn’t i? she sure as hell put her vagina on a pole and holds it front of me. she’ll make me “work” for it. well, once i get it she’s in MY world. and if she wants access (and trust me, once you get that first “squish” the tables turn) she’ll jump through 1000 more hoops than she made you go through to pound her place.

so figure out what drives you, motivates you, calms you, or is special to you. then dangle that carrot in front of a woman who’s chasing you; just never tell her unless she honestly figures it out. you have more power and influence over women than you think.

dummy. lol.

stay up.

and for the record, Mom said these same words to me, at various points throughout my life.

32 Comments on “The Mysterious Man”

  1. AKA says:

    Nice. You’re an evil genius.

  2. Mr Greenfinger says:

    Best post ever Danny

  3. Doktor Bill says:

    Shit i know what IT is, but I’m not telling the whirled. obvious to me, but i’m a guy, and i’ve met you. hilarious that chicks can’t figure it out. Stay Up.

  4. Damn! My brain is going in circles trying to figure it out just from reading this.

  5. earl says:

    It’s a good bubble bath…tried to sneak that all by us.

  6. MMA says:

    Even just saying phrases like, “Are you fun?” or “Can you keep a secret?” puts the hamster into overdrive. I had one woman go ballistic when I dropped “Can you keep a secret?” via text and then didn’t return any texts to her for about 12 hours.

  7. Mister E says:

    Scented candles…he loves the smell of a good wick. Just kidding. Does it start with an F?

  8. Stingray says:

    It’s like chick crack. Seriously. There’s not much that makes me work harder.

    Best thing? KEEP figuring this stuff out for your man. There is always more to figure out to make him happy. Even the tiniest pleasure.

  9. Stingray says:

    I should add to the women reading, it’s easy to get annoying about this stuff. DON”T KEEP ASKING HIM! Just figure it out yourself.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Lol. Indeed little Sister. Indeed. Fortunately I’ve never had said women ASK about it.

      It’s funny how no woman had ever figured it out despite LIVING with me. Sad.

      Call me and I’ll tell you and hubster.

  10. Ashley says:

    You’re an INTJ too?

  11. Ohhhhh! I’m going to have to go back over your archives and work this one out xxx

  12. AKA says:

    It’s your dog isn’t it.

  13. deti says:

    “SHE wants to be the one who calms and sates you.”

    That’s true, but it goes deeper than that.

    She wants to be The One Who Unraveled the Riddle.

    The One Who Solved The Mystery.

    The One Who Knows What Makes Danny Tick.

    Because that gives her value, makes her special, and bonds him to her.

  14. deti says:

    And: because if she’s the One Who Figured it Out, then that will make Danny fall in love with her.

  15. Phoenix says:

    I pretty much have a golden requirement for any woman who wants into my world. It begins with a V and its followed up with an F. Everyone will get this shit wrong lol.

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