Triple Game

i joined the navy at 20. i did ok with girls, but was still pretty raw (as most guys are at that age). my first duty station was charleston,sc. i was there with my boy Alex, who’s a nor-cal ace with women. he pulled like crazy. during HM training he and i used to go to TJ (it was safe then) and pull mexican chicks.

my first month in charleston, i landed a slamming hard 8 indian chick named alka. pretty soon i had a rep for pulling some SLAMMING civilian girls. let me explain: most military guys pull military girls, said women are a notch below civilian chicks. think Laid’s break-down on NYC women. a military 7 is a civilian 5, soft 6. for instance i’ve never fucked a military women below military grade 8. make sense, good.

so i had a part time job cooking at a steak house, i was pulling like mad. i was bringing some quality ass back to the barracks (gotta show off), and was doing quite well.

then it dried up. nothing for 2-3 months. i wasn’t really going out, i was mostly running day game. well, i moved into a small apartment with my boy from nor-cal and his 2 buddies. and, well….they were all serious players.

first there was Aaron. Aaron modeled, he was puerto rican and looked like a light skinned black dude. he ran straight gorilla game. he was 5’10″ish, and dreamy as all hell. women saw him and threw the pussy at him. you know the type. he never went after woman, they went after him.

next was my boy Alex. Alex is mexican, about 5’7″, slender and decent looking. he ran comfort game. when he started talking to a woman, he had them laughing and giggling in second. he copped SERIOUS kino in less than 2 minutes of opening a woman. basically, he was a natural.

then there was Ray. Ray was older then us. we were all in our early 20’s; Ray was 25. Ray was MUCH wiser than his years. Ray’s job in the navy was a psych-tech. his job was to listen to people and help them with their issues. i’m sure you can see where Ray fits in. lol.

well, Ray was married, but didn’t divorce since he received allotments that he gave to his baby-momma and son. anyway, Ray was VERY good at reading people, and while i was in my dry spell and kinda down, Ray made me go out with they boys. it was a mini PUA workshop remodeling of Danny.

when we were out, he’d point out how Aaron worked, his game, and critiqued all the responses of the women. basically he was teaching me to interpret IOI’s. same with Alex, he pointed out the use of humor and how women responded to it. “JD (that was my nick name then), that’s your angle. you’re a funny guy, use that; it’s your best weapon.” Ray was the coach i didn’t have. while i could realize that my friends were successful. Ray showed me WHY they were successful. when Ray hunted (he taught me the term), he did it alone. and he wore his wedding ring. Ray’s game was air-tight. he was what PUA’s call ABC (always be closing), and not NBC.

next stop was winging for the 3 of them. i wasn’t allowed to close, but i had to jump on grenades and learn to use my humor. that lasted 2 weekends. next, was approaching. i had to open at least 3 sets every time we went out. but Ray had helped me to realize which women would be most likely to respond positively to me. that was 2 more weekends.

within a month, i had done a 180. now, it wasn’t just going to clubs and night game. every time i was hanging out with one of them, they MADE me approach. and these guys were straight beasts when it came to women. if i was tanking, they’d come in and wing out of no-where. after every set, they’d break down my strengths and weaknesses.

by the time i left charleston i was a different man. but, i still had MUCH to learn. i still had some blue pill exorcism to perform. tomorrow, i’ll prove that as i tell you the must omega pussy bullshit i have ever done. like i said, i have no problem pointing out my flaws.

i’m human and have made the same mistakes most of you have made. see you tomorrow.

stay up.

10 Comments on “Triple Game”

  1. Tin Man says:

    As I read this, it reminded me of this scene from Strips … when Bill Murray says “…Now I know why I have always lost woman to guys like you…” Priceless.

  2. ARoss says:

    Like the flexbone offense hand offs everywhere.

  3. Mister E says:

    That was mighty cool what your boys did for you.

  4. ARoss says:

    Please tell me you didn’t bang a chick over 160lbs?

  5. Senior Beta says:

    You were getting laid at 14 using skateboard game. You confessed to your mom about your carousel in HS. And you were only “OK” with chicks at 20? WTF?

  6. […] minuite. she was usually very agreable, i had NO fucking clue what was wrong with her. well, my boy Ray told me, “dude, self defense mechanism. you’re leaving and she can’t go. […]

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