so, last night we talked about how i received some solid game advice from my friends. then i was set loose in Italy. i landed a local girlfriend pretty quickly, but that petered out after 6 months. i ended up banging a few military girls, but wasn’t interested in having a relationship with them. you’d think i was utilizing the knowledge gained to slay many much poon. and to an extent, i was.

i had a coworker who was a lesbian and GREAT wing. at work one day she mentioned having a friend flying in and she wanted me to hang out with them. we all went out and it went well. girl was impressed that i spoke italian and my girl was winging like a champ. then, girl tells me she’d love to see my place and try my cooking. check.

we made arrangements and my girl dropped her off at my place while on her way to work; there was some kino and we kissed briefly. i know what you’re thinking: Danny gunned her down and sent her back to her buddy with a smile on her face. but no. it’s easy for bloggers to pat themselves on the back about all the tail they land, but i prefer to keep it honest. i don’t want to be disingenuous. what you’re about to read is probably going to make most of you VERY uncomfortable with me.

but i swear to God it’s 100% true.

so we’re at my place, we ate and while cooking i mentioned how War was playing at the base that night and she could see my enthusiasm. she said we should go check it out. in retrospect i should have bagged the concert, but she was really pushing to go so next thing you know we’re off to the base.

it was cool. we watched the show (military shows like this are relatively short), they played a 5-6 song set. then she suggested we play a little pool. as we shot a game, i noticed a few British sailors playing pool next to us. a few of the guys started chatting me up, making small talk. then they started talking to girl. they mentioned they were leaving the base to go to the pub across the street

she suggested we go. i suggested we leave.

here’s the rub. she HAD to stay at my place that night. she was staying with my coworker and she was at work; which was why she was staying at my place. my co-worker lived about 30 minutes away from my place, and she had to drive past my house on her way to work. MAD logistics here for her to wing and secure a bang for me.

well….OOOOOOH, i can’t believe i’m admitting to this.

she insisted on dude come back with us to “hang out” and….i finally agreed. i was delusional in thinking that i could still pull this off, but in my naivety i went with it. i SHOULD have told her to hang back with dude and piss up a flagpole. but there’s also the part of me that was blue-pill and in the back of my head was floating, “well, she has no where else to stay” and out of respect for my friend, i thought i had a responsibility to look after her.

i’m sure you guys know what happened that night.

the next morning, dude knocked on my bedroom door and asked me for a ride back to base. i gave him the number of a cab company and told him to get his own damn ride back to the base to meet up with his shuttle. then i informed him to take girl with him. girl was actually surprised that i wanted her to leave with dude. a few hours alter i got a call from my co-worker and she put girl on blast. basically told her she could stay at her place, but she wasn’t going to be her tour guide.

“if wants to go somewhere, GO. but i ain’t taking her. she’s a fucking asshole.”

it’s good to have friends that have your back. thinking back to it, i should have never left my place, so i shoulder a good part of the responsibility of the epic failure. mistakes are only negative if you don’t learn from them. that’s one of the things i’ve learned in this life. she wasn’t going to be anything special but a fuck. a fuck from a loooooooooong time ago.

had i gotten it in, i’d probably barely remember it. but i didn’t and i’ll NEVER forget it.

don’t be afraid or embarrassed to make mistakes.

also, i’ve been more active on twitter. if you aren’t following, you’re missing out. i was in the OR this morning and got a text from Laid about him admiring my running twitter game on a girl the previous evening.

game recognizes game. don’t miss out on the fun, if you aren’t following me, do it. all the kewl kids are.

stay up.

OH, i forgot. Mom had to put down her dog, Cody. i knew he didn’t have much time the last time i was home as he was feeble and dealing with MANY health issues. and i didn’t want to tell mom that he didn’t have much time. she’s pretty broken up over it. say a prayer for her, she could use it. thanks.

Paw-Paw and Cody. i was there the day they brought him home. loved the little snuggle-nugget.

Paw-Paw and Cody. i was there the day they brought him home. loved the little snuggle-nugget.

15 Comments on “NeomAxIzooMBetA”

  1. earl says:

    Perhaps it was a mistake…but I just read the book “The Key Logger”. That type of situation is more common than you think. Dude in that book had 10 girls pull similar stuff like that (only he had to find it via the social media).

    After I read that book…it has pushed me into “acceptance”.

  2. Mister E says:

    Sounds like you lost control of your frame by giving into her hamster. Thanks for the honesty. We all pull a boner every now and then. They say that confession is good for the soul.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Thanks for being nice. I’m expecting to get crucified for this.

    • Mister E says:

      Hey, learning from failures is the basic process of life. Honestly, when I read what you wrote I thought back to a post you recently had telling of a soldier you counseled who lost a person in their squad who happened to be a female. To me, both situations are related to a degree in that the female took control of the situation the were in and ran with it without thinking about the consequences of themselves or of those around them. To quote one of your own mantras, paraphrasing of course…they have to come live in my world and not vise versa.

    • Mister E says:

      Sadly, I can admit to the same type failure(s) when I have let my wife take control of a situation (stupid, blue-pill-me). Different type scenarios, but the same results, every time. Crash.and.burn. Sometimes you let them break away when you know better, sometimes there is just no holding them back due to their own self willfulness.

  3. Faust says:

    When I read, “This is going to make you very uncomfortable with me. She asked to bring a dude back to my place.” I thought it was going to go somewhere very, very gay.

  4. josh says:

    Are you kidding? I’ve always wanted to see War live. I would have thanked her for the heads up and ditched her at the concert.

    Did they play “Me and Baby Brother,” “Slippin’ into Darkness,” or “World is a Ghetto?”

    That is something no one can really do now, and you got to.

    Lucky Bastard.

  5. Phoenix says:

    Dan the man! Was actually happy to read something like this because this is big. Honestly. Every single guy out there has had this mistake happen to them. When the girl calls a shot the shit hits the fan. And the pattern picks up fast. Douchebag asked for a ride… Fuck him. He got there himself, he can get out.

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