504 Hooch

since i posted about making my own hooch, i had a few requests for it’s recipe. it’s pretty easy, Paw-Paw taught me how to make it. he uses cherries and called it “cherry bombs”. i won’t disagree, after making my first batch, i can assure you, they WILL fuck you up.

first off you’ll need some mason jars. i used 1 quart jars at fist, but now run pint jars. the size of the jar affect only how much sugar you add. let’s begin. you’ll need-

everclear or grain alcohol, i use a generic 180 proof.

mason jar

cherries. but i also like blackberries, raspberries, and cranberries. i’ve even used mango.


take mason jar and fill 2/3 to top with cherries (fruit of choice).

add sugar (1/4 cup for quart jar and 1/8 cup for pint jar).

top off with alcohol. leave about 1″ empty. the fruit will expand.

seal and date. it must ferment for 6 months. every month, open the jar and “burp” it. if you don’t, it will crack the glass as the sugar processes and the fruit expands. after 6 months, pop it open and get yer gerp on. i saw one of my neighbors get LIT off 3 cherries. this is not “quarters” booze. this WILL fuck you up. drink with caution.

cranberry to the left. cherry in the middle, and blackberry to the tight.

cranberry to the left. cherry in the middle, and blackberry to the right.

and don’t expect to see this linked by Jack. Lol. he’ll post paleo and bulking shit, but good ole’ fashioned git fucked up….

we’ll see. At any rate-


stay up.

7 Comments on “504 Hooch”

  1. Marty Andrade says:

    Reblogged this on The Andrade Archive.

  2. Richard Cranium says:

    Got introduced to the cherries in Dubois Wyoming. They don’t tell you that they hit you even harder at 7000 feet. Good times. Also got introduced to Fireball whiskey there. More good times.

  3. Ev says:

    Thanks for this. Is it necessary to sanitize the glassware with more than a run through a dishwasher?

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