False Sexual Assault Claims in the Military are a Myth

at least that’s what the military would have you believe.

i thought long and hard before posting this then figured, it’s a true story, no names will be released; why not? i had been at one command for about 6-7 months. back then, i actually used to hang out with guys at work. there was a party at a friends apartment and it was all military types. age range 19-22/3.

one of the girls in the clinic was there and she got flirty with one of the new guys. they ended up fooling around and next thing i knew, they headed up stairs. this went down after about 2 hours of light petting, ocassionally kissing, holding hands. you know- doing the dance.

they came back down, and honestly, no one really paid them any attention. they hung around the party for about another hour- light PDA, holding hands, then girl left. soon after i left. it was actually a pretty fun party.

then the shit storm. i’ll just get to the point. basically, girl had a crush on a dude in the command. he basically didn’t want anything to do with her because she hooked up with dude and he thought that was pretty slutty. well, of course this didn’t sit well with girl, and from i learned later (via legal), was she was talking with a famle co-worker about it and she said, “i didn’t really want it to happen, i just went with it.”

well, a female E7 over heard this and IMMEDIATELY brought her to security where she made a voluntary statement basically to the tune of the comment i just provided. next thing i know, dude comes to me and tells me he’s got DRB (disciplinary review board). a DRB is the first step to NJP (non judicial punishment). he was recommended to XOI (executive officer inquiry) and it was well known that he wasing to go to mast (NJP).

being found guilt means: loss of rank, loss of half a months pay for 2 months and possible restriction to a special restricted barracks for 45 days. it’s not a court martial, but it can be a very uncomfortable and frightening.

i was fucking pissed. i ended up going to security and making a vountary statement on behalf of my friend as to tell the truth about the event. during his hearing i was brought in by security to be a “event witness”. the primary testimony i gave was that i saw them go upstairs tother after they had been kissing and very affectionate. they came downstairs a little while later and they continued to hold hands and showed more PDA until she left.

the CO, a female, then asked me if i had actually witnessed what occurred in the room. i answered no, then said, “but it sure didn’t look like either of them regretted going upstairs.” i was then excused from the room.

he ended up getting a serious tongue lashing, but wasn’t “awarded” any diciplinary action. i learned had it not been for my coming forward, she was gonna throw the book at the kid. girl felt mortified by what happened, and i told her i couldn’t speak to her again because she ALLOWED this to happen. she could have come forward at any time. but i have a question:

what do you think happened AFTER this went down?

command morale went into a death spiral. the guys completely avoided the girls. when we’d be sitting around joking and tooling around, and a girl shwed up- we were gone. we said what we needed to say as far as work was concerend but ZERO casual conversation. and what happens when the boys don’t include the girls in boy play?

they pout. they HATE being ignored. especially when it’s damn near ALL the guys avoiding them yet they see the guys still having a good time; only to learn they aren’t invited to our reindeer games.

ultimately, a woman overheard a girl expressing regret for hooking up and forced her to make a statement. well, this was WELL over 10 years ago and i can tell you the enviorment has just gotten worse. i’m writing this because we’ve had yet ANOTHER mandatory “sexual assault prevention” stand down. i kid you not we had one 3 months ago. and they are the most misandrist and sexist videos ever. there’s a 30 second blurb where they ask if men can be victims and the video provides the CYA response of “of course” then goes right back into making women the perpetual victim.

then, navy policy states that if you’ve had one alcoholic beverage, you cannot consent to sex. yet time and time again when a couple have sex even after having “one alcoholic beverage, the male is punished and the female gets a slap on the wrist. i seen it happen WAY too many times for the navy to call “BS” on that.

now you know i refuse to get involved with military women. is EVERY accusation a lie: no, of course not. but i’ll post on that tomorrow.

less than a month of this shit. i can’t wait to get out.

stay up.

27 Comments on “False Sexual Assault Claims in the Military are a Myth”

  1. You’d think the other girls would apply some good old fashioned herd pressure to the damned fool who started the whole thing. You know, since they got carefully ignored because of her lies. And the idjit who pushed her into it, too, she needs a good ostracizing.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      We were E4 and below. The Chief was an E9. She’s in a position of management.

      The command definitely noticed there was ZERO participation from young men in command activities after the event.

  2. HanSolo says:

    Utterly disgusting travesty of justice. I’m glad you were able to provide exhonorating testimony so that the guy only got a tongue lashing (undeserved) and nothing more serious.

    Just like the campus rape tribunals that are out of control.

    It’s the gutless or conspiring politicians that use the whipped-up, exaggerated hysteria to pander to women (mostly single ones or liberal ones) for votes that allow this all to happen.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Dude- part if my job is to counsel young sailors and I tell them the same thing-

      Get what you can out of the navy to be successful as a civilian, and get out.

      Second is- NEVER fuck a military woman.

  3. R says:

    Hey Danny, I hate to break it too you but what (almost) happened to your boy is not unique or unique to the military. It is the WAY things are today and the RABID MAN HATE by the Feminizi has completely taken over. Go to any divorce court and see the male victims by the thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands. 1/2 a months pay for a couple of months … are you fucking kidding ? Try your complete life sayings plus most of what you will earn for years to come (child support/alimony). And your alternative if you refuse to pay ? Goto jail and get labeled a Felon and end up on a Sex Offender Registry for the rest of your life for … domestic abuse, child abuse, … whatever they care to make up. Its called Extortion: pay up or have your life destroyed.

    Your friend was very lucky you stood up for him. Most men have NOBODY to stand by them anymore and many times that includes their own families.

    Oh, the freezing out of the girls by the guys has a name in civilian life. Its called MGTOW.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Dude, never said it wasn’t uncommon in civilian life as well. The military is a reflection of it’s civilian populace.

      Fighting it is screaming at a tornado. The solution is get away; which is what I’m doing now.

      My brother in law had his ass headed to him by the family court system. That was back in 1999, I’m delusional as to the reality of it all.

      Thanks for reading and commenting

  4. R says:

    “I’m delusional as to the reality of it all.”

    Yeah, I knew that I was preaching to the choir.

    Good for you for getting your time in and getting out. I was (and pretty much still am) very pro military but even that (the military) for the most part has been taken over by Feminism. Obama was the final nail there.

    I still have hopes that veterans returning from Iraq/Afghanistan see what is happening and do what is required to restore order. Yeah, I probably just got added to another watch list for saying that. For people interested in History do a little research on the Praetorian Guard. It was a personal semi-military police force whose sole purpose was to protect the corrupt politicians in the Roman Empire. Protect them from ex-vets returning from campaigns abroad only to find that the leadership in Rome was worse than the heathens they were fighting. The guard was to protect the politicians. Wow, I was just on Wikipedia and found that the Feminists are even attempting to re-write history. Look elsewhere for the true meaning of “Praetorian Guard” and you will see that the adage “if you don’t learn from history you will repeat its mistakes” is indeed true. Know why there is NSA spying on Americans and mass monitoring of the internet ? Call it the new guard.

  5. Faust says:

    Christ, that’s horrific to read. It makes me sick to think of people signing up to get shot at and then getting stabbed in the back like this.

    What is the mentality of the people who run these ridiculous show trials? Why do basic concepts like innocent until proven guilty and reasonable doubt out go out the window whenever a woman is involved? Do they just conveniently forget? Is it pressure from the outside? Or do they geniunely believe that they’re protecting some poor helpless woman from a vicious, evil man?

    • R says:

      Faust, sorry to say it but you sound really naive. As a wake up call you need to not expect rationality from most involved in this discussion; especially females. You’ve been lied too. Your entire life. By pretty much everyone so to get to the next level you have had to Take the Red-Pill. And then listen to this, my very own personal voice of real world experience. When you go into divorce court (Family Court). THERE IS NO LAW. THERE DOESN’T”T HAVE TO HAVE BEEN A CRIME COMMITTED.AND THERE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE ANY EVIDENCE. and as a male; YOU HAVE NO LEGAL RIGHTS; WHATSOEVER.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      R’s right.

      i watched my brother in law get ass raped in family court when he was trig to win custody of his sons.

  6. theshadowedknight says:

    Yeah, Doc, I seen the same shit. Knew a guy who came back from a deployment to get whacked with an accusation from one of the battalion whores. From an hookup over two years old. Seen a guy get jerked around for over a year because he slept with a drunk married woman and she decided to avoid facing adultery charges when they woke up the next day. I have seen more, too, and I also worked PMO. That will show you the low lights of the base, for sure.

    Men, if she is/was military, get the hell out. She is not worth the trouble. Never fuck her, never date her if she is or was in the military. Consider a military woman as damaged goods, no exceptions. What kind of woman joins a military, and do you really want to deal with that?

    Oh, and Doc, the actual legal standard for a court martial is not one drink. She has to actually be incapacitated by alcohol or another intoxicant to be unable to give consent. The classes say that one drink rule, but it is not true. So they are trying to explain to guys to stay away from drunk women, and the women get a false idea of what is considered rape. When they need to avoid responsibility, they remember the classes and the bad information they got, and they go about ruining some poor man’s life.

    On terminal now, man. Greatest feeling in the world. Good on you.

    The Shadowed Knight

    • selftaught says:

      I worked with a former OSI (NCIS equivalent) officer and was told that these accusations happen all. the. time. and that it typically comes down to he said/she said BS that results in no charges/discipline, but only after endless paperwork and countless wasted man-hours that could be better used, you know, fighting the enemy.

    • Liz says:

      “Oh, and Doc, the actual legal standard for a court martial is not one drink. She has to actually be incapacitated by alcohol or another intoxicant to be unable to give consent. The classes say that one drink rule, but it is not true. So they are trying to explain to guys to stay away from drunk women, and the women get a false idea of what is considered rape. When they need to avoid responsibility, they remember the classes and the bad information they got, and they go about ruining some poor man’s life.”

      The legal standard is “substantially impaired”. However, in practical reality (what matters during testimony…”did you see her drinking?” if the answer is yes, you have to assume she is substantially impaired. As there are no blood alcohol requirements beyond her “good word”) it’s one drink.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      dude, i DO NOT fuck military women.

      oh, i KNOW. i’ve got MANY more examples.

      that was a direct quote from my CO. ONE.DRINK.

    • theshadowedknight says:

      Liz and Doc, the “One Drink” is what the command will say, but if it goes to a court martial they use a standard of incapacitated as the level where rape begins. I have a friend going through this, and that is what he was told at his Article 35 hearing. If a woman is conscious and functioning, even if impaired, she is responsible for her actions. They might still try to fry you, which is why you avoid military women in the first place. Harder to get an accusation if you did not sleep with her, though still not impossible.

      The problem is that she still thinks that “One Drink” means that she could not consent. That is all she needs if she is not feeling it later. It is not that she is a slut; she was raped. All of the sudden, the man has NCIS knocking on his door, and the command factionalizes. If a realistic standard was taught in classes, then she will not have such an easy time rationalizing and justifying herself.

      The Shadowed Knight

  7. Liz says:

    Shadowed knight, I don’t want to reveal too much, but my husband was on a courts martial board for a rape case a few years back, and the person was convicted even with consent, because she was deemed to be substantially impaired.

    The accused didn’t even pump or finish…about an inch of penitration, after which he determined she didn’t seem too into it, and she put on her clothes and left…then she went out and had sex twice more (other cases). She’d had sex with the accused before also. My husband voted against the charge, but as you probably know only a majority vote is needed, and he was overruled.

  8. Liz says:

    I hope everything works out okay for your friend, Shadowed knight.

    • theshadowedknight says:

      Yeah, I do too. We had our own problems, but we were deployed together, and we got along after we worked it out. Good guy, facing a bullshit charge because of some skank.

      The Shadowed Knight

  9. Seraph says:

    “the guys completely avoided the girls. when we’d be sitting around joking and tooling around, and a girl shwed up- we were gone. we said what we needed to say as far as work was concerend but ZERO casual conversation. and what happens when the boys don’t include the girls in boy play?”

    And women wonder why guys want their own space, their male only clubs?

    Reminds me of this broo-ha-hah with the Female “gamer” who is bitching about the gamer lifestyle being a “boys only” club.

    Instead of, you know, actually learning how to design or program games to be more female friendly, she’ll stamp her feet and demand boys stop being such selfish dicks.

    Hey, ladies! How about you stop being such a whiny pain in the ass?

    ANNNNND, what will happen if somehow females become a much larger part of the whole lifestyle?

    Feminists will trot in and try to completely change it to suit themselves.


  10. Liz says:

    A USAF airman is being “retried” at another Article 32 hearing for probable cause, after the case was dismissed on lack of evidence in 2012.


    Essentially a female NCO decided to drink and party with two lower enlisted airmen. She has sex with one of them and then claims rape because she was “frozen in place and could not move” for some reason. The airman accused of the crime plus the other airman that was with him claim otherwise. Of course, the accuser has a motive to lie because she was fraternizing with lower enlisted. Not sure how any of this could be proven beyond reasonable doubt. Then again in the LTC Wilkerson case you had the word of a husband and wife against the claims of an intoxicated accuser with no evidence and he was convicted anyway.

  11. Liz says:

    I apologize for so many posts, but found a long writeup on the current legalities that seems pertinent here. Apparently the wording in Article 120 of the UCMJ was changed in 2012 and no longer contains the exact “substantially impaired” phraseology, but this doesn’t seem to have altered the outcome. Taken from the last, summary statement regarding the defense of the accused: Consent is completely eliminated as a defense and (with minor exceptions) as an element of military sexual crimes. Alcohol- involved sexual offenses, which are common in the military, now require an accused to pay attention: if the offender “knew or should have known” that the victim was incapable of agreeing to the sexual activity, the offender is criminally responsible for the sexual activity.

    Click to access 20120705060050_large.pdf

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