Beta Blinders and the Ultimate Wing

i was stationed in rota,spain for about 3 years. it’s a relatively small base so everyone pretty much knows each other. even if you’ve never spoken to them, you remember the faces.
i was in line to rent some dvd’s and there was one dude in front of me. there was a SLAMMING hot wife working behind the counter, about 22-23. no seriously, she’s a honey limbed lovely.

well, out of nowhere this guy, older (about 40’ish), stops and asks her, “hey, you from out here?” she nodded and he asked, “what’s fun to do here?” she said, “i don’t know, when i’m not working i’m at home with my husband?” undeterred he asked, “so when we gonna meet up to go to a party?”

oh boy.

she looked at him for about 5 seconds and said, “sir, i’m helping customers. good-bye.” she finished with dude in front of me i put my dvd’s on the counter, not even looking up at her and said, “WOW. just wow.” she replied, “I KNOW!!! DO I HAVE ‘FUCK ME’ WRITTEN ON MY FOREHEAD?” the women behind me snickered, i looked at her and said, “i now have a new best friend.” she laughed and we introduced ourselves.

that how i came to know Yoas.

she was from jerez (about 30 minutes from the base) and she was married to an air force guy. after that moment, if i saw her working i’d stop over and chat with her for a few moments (in spanish THANK YOU!!!!) about bullshit. Yoas did some modeling in sevilla when she could find the work. don’t believe me, see for yourself.

her name is Yoas

from one of her shoots

eventually she asked me if i had a gf, more to the point, a local girl. i told her i’d never dated (which is code for “fuck”) a local girl. she was shocked. “but Danny, you speak spanish. local girls would love you.” then i pointed out that the local girls seem to prefer black guys, so i was SOL. then she schooled me.

“Danny, that’s around the base. have you ever been to cadiz or jerez?” i shook my head no and she immediately wrote down her number. “we’re going out this weekend Danny. give me a ‘toce’ when you’re free.” a “toce'” means you call, let the phone ring once and hang up so the person knows you called and they call you back. the sad thing was, i only had just over 3 months left before i transferred to jax.

true to her word, she gave me a place to meet up with her around 10pm for dinner (they eat dinner late in spain) and drinks. and she brought THREE of her friends and her husband. well, the economy is SHIT spain, so the fact that i spoke spanish AND lived in a house was a MAJOR DHV for them. and of course, i’m NINJA with spanish woman.

my in was my cooking. they had NEVER had: american BBQ, cajun food, authentic italian food. and guess how they found out about my cooking-


the second she mentioned it they ALL expressed wanting to come by for dinner. i ended up banging 2 of her friends. it was always the same situation: drove out to jerez, pick girl up, get to the house, cook dinner as she watched and sipped wine, ate, watch a movie for 5 minutes, make out, go to the bed room for some happy-time, finish movie, go out for a few drinks, go home, bang in the shower, sleep, beach next afternoon, bang in the shower, take her home, drive back home and pat myself on the back.

NOW. this is the thing as i learned in italy, spanish women don’t see sex as a big deal. it was NEVER a “where is this going since you’re leaving soon” deal. and just like italian girls, if you can get it in there, you can stick it in there. NOTHING is off the table. when we’d go to the beach, off came the top.


i fully admit that if i weren’t leaving i’d have ended up LTR’ing Agata. she was the second friend i hooked up with. i really liked her, i did. but the navy giveth, and the navy taketh away. oh well. i have the WORST fucking luck. lol.

stay up.

17 Comments on “Beta Blinders and the Ultimate Wing”

  1. aneroidocean says:

    I think after I become location independent I need to visit Spain and Italy.


    Haha, don’t women know, ALL of the attractive ones have that written on their heads. Or maybe that’s my interpretation 😦

  2. Faust says:

    If they eat dinner at like 10:00 PM, do they stay up all night too? When do they go to bed?

  3. phoenix says:

    Everytime i go to my homestretch bar, theres usually a 6:1 ratio m/f. Which pretty much says it all – it sucks.
    I stopped there at 1am last night to see a female friend before she moves out of town. Female bartender (Katrina) is cool as shit.

    Random guy, 5’7, 140 lbs : You with someone?
    Katrina: yep, 9 years. (she has 2 kids, moved to my city to be with her bf and raise the fam together)
    Guy: you drop him, I’ll drop my girl.
    Katrina: (walks away, looks disturbed)

    I wanted to knock his ass out.But he had 2 other guys with him.

    This is the3rd time I’ve heard this line around my area in the past 3 years. And thats why that bar sucks.

  4. Mister E says:

    muy buenas tetas…How’s my spanish?

  5. Cool story. It’s called “toque” however.

  6. RojoC says:

    I may be in Spain later this year, so yeah…not sure what part exactly though. Thank god my Spanish is fluent.

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