Give Us This Day Our Daily Game

odd thing happened at work, i had to keep appointments that required me to leave the hospital. that means i couldn’t wear scrubs like i normally do (fucking OR). i was wearing my actual uniform for 2 days as i ran around the base. well, more than one woman at work stopped me and commented on me being in uniform. i’m also back to working days after spending over a year on nights.

while some were playful, “wow, odd seeing you in uniform.” (1)

some were direct, “damn, looking sharp HM1.” (2)

and some were just opens, “odd seeing you on days.” (3)

well, i’ve written before about running game on girls at work and how it can help you when you run into a woman you’re actually attracted to. now, i’m VERY good at knowing where my boundaries are, and i have a reputation around the hospital as a flirt. married, single, younger, older, doesn’t matter.

here were the typical responses i gave-

(1) “i didn’t realize you wanted to see me OUT of uniform” *smile, wink* THIS one got a grin from ear to ear. one girl actually blushed.

(2) “same to you. say, tell me sailor- you fool around on the first date?” i made 2 girls squeal with this one. one junior officer (former enlisted) said while smiling, “i see the rumors are true.” i smiled at her, “OOOOOH. rumors? do tell.” she just smiled and said it was nothing she could say that couldn’t be construed as fraternization. i replied, “i’ll be a civilian in 2 months. call me.” she bit her lip and shook her head.

(3) “well, i didn’t realize you wanted to see me at night?” lol. when you can silence a woman and limit her response to a smile, averting your gaze, and shaking her head- she’s over-taken with tingles.

remember guys- game everyone.

stay up.

Shekkie McJokemeister. slinging zingers and tingles.

Shekkie McJokemeister. slinging zingers and tingles.

5 Comments on “Give Us This Day Our Daily Game”

  1. AKA says:

    everyday life is so fun when you flirt w/ all the women you interact with during the day. I’m a married dude, but I still like to see if I can pull the girls into my element.

    I love these “day in the life” posts you do.

  2. Ian says:

    It’s more than game, isn’t it?

    It’s getting the most out of every minute and spreading a little joy. As I tell my children, every moment is a gift and you don’t get ’em back. You choose how you fill them.

    Another good un and the pic is the cherry.

  3. earl says:

    Clever wordsmanship works well.

    Although you could always just have a bulge in your pants.

  4. En-sigma says:

    somewhere there is a male model asking why the world seems so unbalanced.

    Its you, chief.

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