The Realm of Men…We’re Useless…

there’s been a good amount of talk lately about men/womens roles. since i was a boy i was molded to be a protector of the women in my family. i ALMOST got into it with my ex-brother inlaw when i ran into him at the house of shock after i learned he hurt my baby sis. i hate fighting, i do. but, in a sense it’s my job to protect the women in my life.

back in japan, i was dating a women for about a year. one night, we were out at a local bar in the honch. some drunk dude stepped to her and she turned him away. no biggie, ladies can usually handle this shit on their own. well, next thing i know, he’d come back, pushed her, and she went down.

Danny went into the red.

all i remember is being dragged out the bar by her co-worker, me foaming at the mouth, and asking where girl was. she soon walked out the bar, i grabbed her hand and we raced to a cab stand. in the cab, i looked at her and asked if she were ok. she stared at me for a good 30 seconds and asked me who i was. *WTF*

when i asked her what was wrong she began to retell the tale to me.

apparently, after she got pushed i ran up to dude, grabbed his belt and throat, picked him up, and slammed him to the ground. i was about to start swinging on him when her co-worker dragged me out the bar. i didn’t remember any of it. i went into the red and just reacted.

our relationship made a HUGE change after that night.

before then, she was used to the jokey, funny, light-hearted Danny. she had no clue that there was a demon beneath the surface. she’s never seen men fight and she certainly wasn’t expecting her current beau to be capable of taking it there.

her shit tests went out the window. when i made a decision- she quietly complied. when she asked me for something and i did it- she thanked me HEARTILY. she became so much more agreeable and pleasant.

i ended up talking with her and she said knowing i would swing to defend her was a MAJOR factor in making her more hot for me and her tingles were thorough the roof. now this was woman was 5’9″ and from east los angeles (the bad part- la puente).

but i think it’s a testament to men being men, hell even SSM’s hubby has been in a fight, and you know what…she liked it. women HATE their men fighting. BUT, they LOVE knowing their men will take it there if need be.

i’ve been out with my freaking Mom, and had shit pop off. i simply pushed Mom behind me and she did what a good women does: she shut the fuck up and let me handle it. she didn’t harass the guy, she didn’t push me; she shut up.

that’s what a good woman does in those situations. ladies, take note.

i HATE fighting, but i have my job to do in life, and i’ll NEVER back down from it. more than woman has asked what will happen when men keep having masculinity punished. i always say the same thing, “those women will be ravaged by the hoard. the women in my life will be protected to my last breath.”

stay up.

12 Comments on “The Realm of Men…We’re Useless…”

  1. The Navy Corpsman says:

    It’s simple, really. There is a line, and those who cross it will learn to never do so again. No threats, no smacktalk, no bullshit. Just action->reaction. Stimulus=response.

    But, to your title, we’re useless. I’m pretty ok with that, actually. When society has decided that guns are killing people, ignoring the insanity that pulled the trigger, I keep quiet and let them bitch. When society devalues anyone for being male, for the behavior that built this thing we call civilization, I duck my head and smile inwardly.

    When society begin to round up the sheep, they’ll hopefully ignore me, but if they come after me, they’ll find a wolf that bites back. How long til they begin to turn on each other?

    Touch me or mine, I bite. Society breaks down, they lose, I win. Society doesn’t, they lose, I still win, because I am still alive, and free, at least by my lights.

    The Navy Corpsman

  2. Frank says:

    Damn right Danny been a long time since I’ve fought but damn me if I’d hold back to protect my loved ones not just the women though

  3. Greg says:

    Hmm. Background: I’m originally from the San Francisco area. Lots of Feminism.

    I was taught to defend women. But I found Feminists to be indefensible. So I stopped. The older folks all seem to go apeshit when this comes up, as they are very clear in their “Rules”: Men protect women when women want to be protected.

    Telling a women that if she starts a fight with a man means she’s on her own, she’s going to lose, and I’m not helping her… left them feeling vindicated in calling me names varying from misogynist to asshole. The concept that Chivalry requires women to behave in a certain manner AS WELL AS men behaving in a certain manner is not merely lost in them, but is regarded as evil. To them, Men exist ti serve women. Period.

    So I stopped helping.

    Funny thing. Those women were (slightly) less likely to behave poorly in public when with me once they understood that my support of them was conditional. Only slightly. But I didn’t see anymore examples of Miss 120lber starting a fistfight in a bar with a grown man. Shit talking is of course endless with that type.

    Decent women (my opinion) may indeed have words with a man. But if she throws a punch at him, she’s on her own.

    Ladies. I have your back.
    Women. I may have your back, depending on your behavior.
    Feminists. I don’t have your back. You’re on your own. You wanted this. Congratulations. You have it. Don’t fuck up.

  4. Mrs. KTC says:

    “i simply pushed Mom behind me and she did what a good women does: she shut the fuck up and let me handle it. she didn’t harass the guy, she didn’t push me; she shut up.” Love these lines. Noted.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      it’s to the point now where even my STEP-FATHER is threatening people with, “my stepson will…”

      i had to put him in check QUICK. lol.

      On Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 4:17 PM, dannyfrom504

  5. Mister E says:

    Never promise another man’s fists in a fight. That shit will leave you hanging high and dry when you need them the worst. They will come help once they see your determination and willingness to ante up first.

  6. aneroidocean says:

    Went to a party on an island that was in a big lake. Some young kid was drinking and mouthing off about how he’d been in the army and how he’d gone overseas and killed guys for two years and blah blah blah. Kid was built like a muscular twig and talked so much damn shit that you KNOW he had to be making up the vast majority of it. Most people ignored him. I made mention to my friend that he’s going to talk shit to the wrong person and get demolished.

    Not an hour later I see this kid appear like a ghost out of the campfire smoke, blood streaming from his tear ducts, nose, and his face looking pretty off. He kind of crumpled into a folding chair and I rushed to get my buddy’s sister (EMT). Medivac picked the kid up to take him to the hospital.

    A friend of mine had seen it go down. Kid had been hitting on a chick who had a boyfriend aggressively, she turned him down over and over, he tried to kiss her, she deflected. He got pissed off, she yelled at him to get away from her (probably when the boyfriend came their way), he ended up approaching her and throwing his cell phone HARD at her face. Boyfriend was pretty muscular, saw red, took the kid out with one punch.

    Heard that the kid in the hospital was lucky to be alive. The single blow had fractured his jaw in 3 places and crushed his sinus cavity. Dude won’t ever breathe the same again, long, long healing process.

    Hope he learned something. Men instinctively protect their women and when you go that far over the line, watch out.

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