Middle Age is Middle Earth for Men

sorry about last night. i had some uuuuuuh “things” to do to celebrate the big 4-0. i woke up to a text at 6am from my mom gushing at how she couldn’t believe her oldest is 40.

yesterday, i got a text from K that she was taking me out to dinner for my burfdae. i told her i’d rather cook something at home. she insisted on at least buying me a beer. we went to my local around 5 and took a seat at the bar. as i sipped my beer a very large woman (early 30’s) sat down and ordered cheese sticks. K is about 115lbs, and a 22 year old nursing student. i told my bartender i wanted a shot of jameson since it was my birthday. i’m no longer allowed to drink jameson at my local since i got fucking kersmashed on it one night. when he asked me what i was gonna do for my birthday, K chimed in with, “me.” lol.

“well alright” and away my bartender went. then a wave of faux pity washed over me about the fop that fatty pig fatty was going home to as i was getting balls deep in K’s guts (she HATES when i say that). i made us turkey meatloaf with pomegranate glaze and snicker brownies and had another first. while watching me cook, she finally walked up to me, said, “don’t stop what you’re doing.” (i was mixing the turkey with gloves on), and she began giving me a blow job. she said she’d never had a guy cook for her and it was an absolute turn on. lol. she’s a good girl.

we ate, then she let me watch “excalibur” and i made her memorize the charm of making. she rubbed my shoulders, pulled my sword from the stone, and babied me. then we went to the bedroom for a little more “fun”. then we watched “the blacklist” and played a little more. around 10pm she left and let me go do-do since i had to work today.

the charm of making. nerd game 101. she was giggling and shaking her head as i watched this movie wide-eyed and salivating. lol.

i decided to have a nice long time to introspect on my past on what may be my future. i mean in 2 weeks i’ll be heading to New Orleans to go house hunting/job hunting for 20 days. when i get back i’ll have about 3 weeks of work before i start terminal leave. before i know it, my time in the nav will be done, and i’ll be free.

it’s been an interesting 20 years. blogging has really had a profound effect on my life. posting openly forced me to approach more women and REALLY made my game more surgical, but the funny thing is; i see relationship MUCH differently now than i did when i was 20. i was fortunate enough to dodge the marriage and kids bullt, so the next 20 years are mine to do with as i will. i have no idea what will happen, but that’s not neccassirly a bad thing. i certainly don’t look or feel 40. i’m still smash 20 year old vagina, pretty decent stuff really. the flawed system of marriage is a total turn off to me, and since i CAN get access to sex without marriage, why should i puropsely go skydiving when i know half the chutes don’t open.

i no longer have my dick on my forehead. i can easily go months without pussy and not even notice. so, now my dick is pretty much on standby for the most part. i can honestly tell all you young guys to relax: your 20’s are the suck unless you have at least some modicum of game/red-pill knowledge- or (unless you’re LaidNYC). but let me assure you, once you hit your late 20’s it’s a game changer.

so keep reading the blogs. find one the seems to best reflect your own lifestyle, keep reading, keep practicing, earn your stripes and you’ll find success in your 20’s that will lead to ninja game in your 30’s.

oh, someone wanted to talk with you guys for a moment.

hi. we’ve never met before, but douchebag has mentioned me before. i’m Danny’s dick. i don’t really have a name so i think i’ll just refer to myself as Max. i just wanna say what a complete fucking pussy faggot Danny is for all the zen horse shit “i’m an a older more mature guy” crap. he seems to forget i have a say in this shit too, and he can TRY and put me on the back burner, but when i roar, he fuckings jumps to attention. if you could have seen me work last night- DAMN. i beat that pussy like it stole from me. it smelled like a greastrap at macdonald’s mid-summer when i was done with it. so don’t let fuck-nugget think he’s gonna “slow down”, not as long as i have something to say about it.


ok. i’m back. sorry about that. he gets ornery from time to time. especially after he’s just eaten. and remember, “middle age” for men is just as real as middle earth is to reality. so, all in all it was good as day, Max wanted me to post a little mood music from last night.


in searcing for the first video, i found THIS. making daddy proud.

stay up.

14 Comments on “Middle Age is Middle Earth for Men”

  1. Dayum. what i was gonna do for my birthday, K chimed in with, “me.” Now that is a proper choice for an evening’s enjoyment – as is the nerdy bits, of course. As someone slightly older than yourself, let me second the notion that “middle age” ain’t no such a much. It’s what you make of it. It’s who you make of yourself. And it’s who you make along the way.

    Oh – Vlad says to congratulate Max on a job well (and repeatedly) done.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      oh yeah. i had a BLAST in my 30’s. my coworkers were calling me a slut for banging a 22 year old girl on the day i turned 40.

      see guys, there’s a land of milk and honey ahead of you. NEVER had a woman tell me, “you’re too old for me.” i have a girl that goes to U of F and calls me when she’s here between semester. she JUST turned 20.

  2. Nice. Recently been there, done that.

    “i certainly don’t look or feel 40” — probably related to the fact you don’t have a wife and kids!

    Believe me, it only gets better.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      truer words have never been spoken. and when i tell women i run a site that teaches guys how to attract and understand women, they take the bait- every time. they INSTANTLY pull the site up on their phones. lol.

      “OMG, thank you for telling guys this.” lol.

      i told K this post was up, she texted me, “i hate your terminologies for sex.” i replied, “good. you fuck better when you’re pissed.” lol.

  3. Mimic says:

    ” i can honestly tell all you young guys to relax: your 20′s are the suck unless you have at least some modicum of game/red-pill knowledge- or (unless you’re LaidNYC). but let me assure you, once you hit your late 20′s it’s a game changer.”

    I do hope that is true, though that idea has to be smashed on my head plentiful of times until I completely get it.

    I’ll be reading your site more often and commenting this year. Your interview with ManosphereRadio was awesome and the reason why I’ll try to develop my own style of Game with a touch of your influence.

  4. Happy belated birthday:)

  5. Happy birthday sir, sounds like you had a blast (and thanks for your blog, us older players gotta represent that life is good , and being a guy is good, yo).

  6. Faust says:

    I just turned 30 this month and was feeling pretty down about it. This cheered me up a lot.
    Thanks, Danny.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Dude, it just gets better. Keep reading an internalizing, an older man’s patience and wisdom is worth it’s weight in gold in terms of the SMP.

      In all honesty, you’re 30’s are some if the best years. PLEASE listen to the Patrice O’neal videos on YouTube regarding women.

  7. ARoss says:

    Happy birthday Danny, hope it’s going well!

  8. theshido says:

    Happy birthday Uncle D! I’ll be half your age in a few months.

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