The Common Denominator

at present i have 4 in the stable in jax: a nursing school student-22, a stripper-21, a biology major attending U of F-19, and a waitress-21.

the “how i managed this” is irrelevant, i did the same crap i always do: make her laugh, compliment the laugh or smile, find out id she single, if she’s single i hand her my phone and mention we’re going to hang out. if i do this with 10 women, there might be 2 that WON’T give me their number. FACT. guys email me and comment how they thought this approach could never work, then become shocked when they try it and SURPRISE, they get a number.

however, if i get 10 numbers, i MIGHT end up seeing 2, maybe 3 of the girls. it really is a numbers game when it comes to women. the first time i “hang out” with a women, i’m just seeing if she’s the type of women i want to see again. i’m at a point where if i’m put off by her personality- i’ll quit talking to her. but that just comes with age and having been with enough women. with the exception of the stripper, i ended up with the other 3 while doing the same thing-

i was out reading.

the nursing school student ended up sitting next to me while i was reading “the fuck up” by arthur nersesian. it’s a story about, well, a guy that can’t get his shit together and can’t seem to catch a break. when i told her, “i don’t think you’d like it, it’s kinda more for guys.” i got her number by letting her borrow the book and told her i wanted a book report in a week while we had lunch.

the U of F girl and i ended up talking while i was nosing through “the new astrology” by susanne white. it’s a book that mixes your western and eastern astrological signs and give a CREEPILY accurate description of someone’s personality. girl read her sister’s sign and was amazed. i told her we should meet up to talk books, number closed. we hung out twice- closed closed. lol.

waitress- well, i already told that story. you might want to try some Neruda or Lorca for spanish poetry. i’m also a fan of Rainer Rilke. poetry is fucking money because it’s such a subjective thing and you can describe a poem in a manner that is and of itself seductive. Neruda’s descriptions of women is great. Lorca was gay, so he tends to be quite erotic (fucking perv).

i never LOOKED to meet these women. and the great thing is is i can go a month or longer without hearing from them, then out of nowhere, i get a text or a call and we’ll get together. sometimes they just want to come over and “de-stress” sometimes we just have lunch.

so remember, do your thing, get out and enjoy life. i just happen to like to read. and women LOVE reading. when they see a guy reading it get’s their attention and when you’ve got game/red pill knowledge it makes interacting with her all the more fun.

here’s a bit of mood music for you younger guys eager to attain Game Jedi status that are still taking your lumps. don’t quit, it will sink in. saw these guys live in japan at summer sonic. right when this very album had just been released, and they played this little number. it’s about a man transforming, just like you guys that are absorbing red-pill will transform. stay with it, the 2:50 mark is where i want you to pay attention….

stay up.

14 Comments on “The Common Denominator”

  1. Matt says:

    My theory is that you have unconsciously learned to bob your head at exactly the right rhythm so that the refelctions off your scalp induce delta brainwave in the women, thereby literally mesmerising them so they have no will to resist….

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Nah dude, I just try and have fun this shit. If she isn’t fun- I move on.

      The human animal is only as happy as it allows itself to be. If something’s causing you unnecessary stress. Drop it. Life rule 101.

  2. Tin Man says:

    OK Danny, you have inspired me to take a new tact, and knock out two birds with one stone…

    (1) I have a goal of reading more – both in variety and volume
    (2) I want to “meet” woman – but I’m coming to the conclusion I enjoy hunting with rifle more than a shotgun

    • Sure, I love sniping as much as the next guy; but Danny’s setting of snares (uncanny how well that matches, the more I think about it) does make for nice automatic selection, not to mention less effort.

      Plus, you can still get out the rifle whenever you like.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        snares are simply trot lines for animals. lol. set ‘um and forget ‘um until the next day. you just have to find the damn tracks to know where to set them.

        On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 11:19 AM, dannyfrom504

    • “Where the heck did I put that book…”

  3. earl says:

    Women love an active man…and seeing him in action.

    That’s the only way you’ll get noticed.

  4. Feminist Whisperer says:

    This post has been bookmarked – this is Danny distilled – simple, clean and fun. No pedastels, no scarcity fears, outcome independence. And fun.

    Of all the red pill stuff I’ve read – this might be the single best post.

    Thank you, good sir.

  5. Yes, Book Game. I use an actual book, not a gadget. It works.

    Over time, though, given the dumbing-down of the population, I expect girls will approach me with a quizzical look on their face: “Excuse me, but what is that you’re holding in your hand?”

  6. earl says:

    And I disagree with the “how i managed this” is irrelevant. I know how you did that and the common denominator. It has very little to do with your game.

  7. Rojo says:

    Nice plug for Rilke. I remember reading Letters to a Young Poet in my late teens and being quite inspired. The Duino Elegies are amazing as well. Such descriptive, emotional writing.

  8. […] mentioned in this post about the girls here in jax. well, i don’t think i’ll see miss U 0f F before i leave, […]

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