Instructor Game

back in my days of trauma management i ended up teaching, BLS/CPR (basic life support), EMT-B (emergency medical technician- basic), PHTLS (pre hospital life support), and ACLS (advanced cardiac life support). and i was pretty effective instructor if i do say so myself.

one thing that moistens panties like mad is a man demonstrating proficiency and a man in a position of authorit-AH. being an instructor was both. but the best thing was that i COULDN’T come onto my female students if i wanted to. and there was ALWAYS one student that would be into me.

i was in new orleans and we were a satellite clinic of naval hospital pensacola and i’d get sent to teach 2 months, 1 month, or 1 week intervals. which was perfect because girls ALWAYS want to go to NO and party. so after the class was done, we’d have a class party and that was when i’d get a number or end up having girl come back to hotel room.

but, the stripper game was even easier. i went to a strip club and one of the girls approached me. we talked for about 15 minutes and i asked her how much she usually made a night- $400 on a weekend. lol. i told her about my girl back in NO that danced at a place on bourbon and how she’s be PISSED if she made less than $1200 on a friday/saturday night.

i ended up giving her my number and told her to call me when she wanted to drive to NO (just a 3 hours drive from pensacola) and make some REAL money. about a month passed and she called me saying she wanted to drive down thursday but didn’t know where she should stay. i offered her my sofa. she agreed. when she got in i took her to my girls apartment and brook told her to strip, and before i knew it girl was standing there in a thong.

she had a great body, seriously- au natural to be sure. and brook told her she’d do well and gave her a few tips to hustle. in case you haven’t been keeping score, brook was where i learned stripper game. rule- number 1, lose the customer status and help the girl hustle dudes.

brook offered her a ride to the club friday night and i told girl to be quiet when she came in. i think it was around 6am when she came back home. she took a shower then i felt her climb into bed with me. it was bam-chicka-waa-waa time. honestly, i wasn’t expecting it. but who am i to say no.

over the next several months i’d have various strippers crashing at my house to work a weekend on bourbon. when Lucky came to my fair city i had to explain to him that NO is where all the A squared strippers from the gulf coast come to make serious coin. the girl i number closed with Lucky were in from tampa.

being an instructor means you HAVE to be comfortable speaking to people and interact effectively. and i was a DAMN good instructor. after a class we’d always have the class do a course critique and more than once did i have a student write how much he/she enjoyed my lessons. when in front of a class i’m 100% professional and “on the clock”.

but when the class was over, then i got to cash in on the tingles i’d generated.

so if you have a particular specialty, find a way to teach it. even if it’s not in a formal setting- a woman watching a man teach something (especially a child) is in tingle town.

stay up.

you know you want it...

you know you want it…

7 Comments on “Instructor Game”

  1. earl says:

    “honestly, i wasn’t expecting it. but who am i to say no.”

  2. New Bea says:

    Shows how naive I was, when Levi and I had been together for about a year we went to NO. I went to my first strip club and on the way in the door the bouncer looked me up and down and said, “We take walk ons.” I figured he was just flirting or something…you’re saying that he was for real!? Wouldn’t have happened, but that definitely changes the memory a bit.

  3. Mrs. KTC says:

    “so if you have a particular speciality, find a way to teach it. even if it’s not in a formal setting- a woman watching a man teach something (especially a child) is in tingle town.” Man, you have us pegged. When I was dating my husband he was teaching at a small private school and was good at it. He knew how to keep order and really teach his students – HOT. At that time I was in college and when we went on dates he would proofread my papers. He was pretty brutal with them too; calling out any B.S. sentences, paragraphs. He would also tutor me in the classes I was having trouble with. He expected excellence and knew how to draw it out of you – Huge turn on, for sure.

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