Drunk Hamster Nukage

last night was quite interesting. i stopped at my local for a pint, and a good friend of mine was there. he has a business helping people improve their credit score. i was helping him with some wordpress issues and i was messing with the woman he was there with.

out of nowhere i hear a pounding on the bar. it was odd, but i know i pound on the bar when i’m watching a saints game at my local when the saints score. weird but whatever. then i heard it again, and heard “a’ints”. i looked over and saw a brunette who’d occasionally look over at me. NO CLUE who she was.

by this point i was occasionally looking toward her as she was talking to another regular. and i saw her pound the bar and mention the “a’ints” and look over towards me.

well well well.

i stared directly at her and saw me staring at her. she mentioned to one of the managers that i was staring. i said in a very loud tone, WELL YOU WANTED TO GET MY ATTENTION, SO NOW YOU HAVE IT PUMPKIN!!!!!” a few people looked my way as i kept my gaze directly on her.

she turned her back to me.

the bartender was walking past me and i got his attention and asked what her deal was. i’ve known this barkeep for 3 years, he’s a friend and all he said was, “drunk bitch.” lulzrcoaster. this was gonna be fun.

i’ve been a staple at my local for 3 years. i know EVERYONE there: waiters, cooks, bartenders, and managers. i bring these guys left-overs. they comp me. in a way, some are like family. drunk bitch was back to shit talking me and i stared right at her. she pounded the bar and hollered, “A’INTS!!!”. i responded by pounding on the bar and saying, “D-U-I, D-U-I, D-U-I!!!!”


she glared at me.

i LOVE moments like this. up to this point, i was going to finish my beer and leave. FUCK THAT!!!!!! i ordered another pint. she had been cut off. she dropped the “a’ints” line again and went on to making comments to me, but the comments were made in a more hushed tone, my replies were AMPLIFIED. my gold star moment was saying, “DRUNK MOM SET GREAT EXAMPLE TO HER KIDDIES!!!!!”

she put on her coat and said, “i don’t need this shit.”

well well well. drunky mcdrunkster starts something and has to walk away because someone isn’t going to sit back and try to supplicate her. she had even gone so far as to mention i’d never be able to drink there again. even one of the new managers that i don’t really know told her to keep drinking her water and to quit talking about me.

and i stared right at her the entire time.

it’s amazing how women really feel so empowered to the point of thinking they are omnipotent. this “lady” felt ZERO responsibility for her behavior. i have NO CLUE who she is, i don’t recall a conversation i’ve ever had with her. but knowing i got under her skin so badly that she brought attention to herself by shit-talking me to the point where management told her to relax is quite satisfying to me.

the fact that i made her leave was even sweeter.

i actually considered walking up to her and just staring at her. but, i know it’s best to not shit where i eat. the management had gotten involved and was dealing with her, she was cut off, and even the bartender was ignoring her. i can’t wait to find out tonight who she is and what her problem with me was. OH SHIT!!!!!! MMA is on tonight, BONUS!!!!

it’s gotten to a point where hamster nuking is more enjoyable than getting it in. lol.

jedi game.

stay up.

5 Comments on “Drunk Hamster Nukage”

  1. Ol"BlueEyes says:

    I’m stealing the “DUI” chant.

  2. Faust says:

    Man, it’s one thing if you’ve got a problem with Danny, but there’s no need to be taking it out on the poor Saints.

    ….They’ve got enough problems as it is.

    (That said, I can say as a Saint’s fan that it’s a hell of a lot easier to be one now than it was in the 90s, when a “winning season” was the one time we went 8-8)

  3. […] last night was quite interesting. i stopped at my local for a pint, and a good friend of mine was there. he has a business helping people improve their credit score.  […]

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