Long Black Hairs

sorry i’ve been slacking on the posts. i’ve been a tad busy. lol

i left new orleans for japan around january 2003. when i got to my place in japan, i was finding the hairs from the young lady i had posted last night strewn about my pad. it got interesting when i started dating a woman and suddenly SHE was finding the hairs. “oh, yeah, my ex. you know you bitches shed.”

she really had no choice but to believe me; had she harped on me about it, i’d have told her to piss off. but she was pretty smart, and let it go.

well, i get to san deigo after japan, and same thing. and when i got to spain…..

i am haunted by long black hairs.

recently, So-So moved out after needing a place to crash, so i have the house to myself again. i’ve hired a cleaning woman for the past 2 years and the hairs have gone. well, guess what i found in the guest bath room last night. lol.


when i’m in beteween relationships and i find them it’s funny. but when you’re slutting up with more than one woman and the hairs begin to vary, you need to learn to navigate the shit tests that are sure to follow. i use to just say, “oh, yeah my friend such-and such came over for a bit.”

not anymore.

now it’s, “you know. that just be one of muh bitches.” they roll their eyes, they shake their heads. It’s just like said before about breaking character. remember, don’t be a dick, just be confident and slightly cocky. she’ll go with it.

the important thing is to redirect her attention after you drop the lulz. remember: frame is everything. K brought it to my attention when she found a long blak hair. i told it was So-So’s. she pointed out this har was wavy, So’s hair is straight. i told her it probably belonged to a friend that stopped by. there was noticable pause-

“Danny, do you sleep with other women?”

well, well, well. i looked at her for a moment and asked, “do you really want me to answer that?” i was prepared to be honest with her too. but i reminded her, “we aren’t a couple, but if you want to know, i’ll be open with you about this.” she ended up not wanting to know, but something tells me once i transfer she’ll ask.

you’d think a woman getting a feeling a guy she’s sleeping with is sleeping with other women would be a hindrance, but you’re wrong. it’s a very powerful and effective form of high value. again, don’t rub her nose in it, remain aloof about it. unless you get the “where is this heading” talk….

your dirt should remain your dirt. and be proud of those hairs. lol.

stay up.

7 Comments on “Long Black Hairs”

  1. earl says:

    “i am haunted by long black hairs.”

    We all have our demons.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      actually, i’m lucky. most of break up were amicable. with the exception of the oneitis girl, i could run into any of them and it would be a happy little chat.

      On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 6:49 PM, dannyfrom504

  2. bananonymous says:

    Just had someone over.. we’re rolling around on my blankets and all of a sudden, LONG BLACK HAIR.

    Blamed it on my roommate. Dunno if she believed it but it didn’t hinder anything. Yet.

  3. MadMav says:

    Those Hispanic women leaving their long black hairs everywhere. I always tease my hot-blooded one when I find one of her hairs in my clothing. “How did that get there?”

  4. Mister E says:

    Ah yes…those stray hairs make great conversation (read fodder) for many a shit test. My favorite reply to them….Rapunzel was here…she let down more than her hair. Sit back and watch the hamster run boys!

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