Terminal Beta

i was at my local where i saw a friend of mine. he’s about 28, has a successful business, makes VERY good money, and is relatively good looking. in all honesty, he’s a pretty aggreable guy. well, he has a new girlfriend. she’s 26, recently divorced, tounge ring, 2 kids, and she’s a waitress at chili’s. looks wise, she’s a soft 7 hard 6; i’ve only seen her when she’s done with work, so i can’t place too much on her looks.

when she went to the rest room i asked him what his plans were with her. apparently he’s thinking LTR.


i didn’t even bother pointing out the obvious even though he KNOWS about my blog and it’s subject matter. he asked me what i though about her and i just pointed out what i wrote about her above and followed with, “sounds like a winner.” he actually smiled and said he has high hopes with her.

high hopes with a woman that dropped her hubby, has a shitty job, and 2 kids. yeah. fuck- sure, LTR- you’re out of your fucking mind. like i’m going to be saddled up with miss “shitty life choices” princess. and he was sucking up to her like a good little pup.

i saw them the next evening and i stayed the hell away.

and guys are “manning up” like this all the time. it pisses me off because it makes shit more difficult for guys that are red-pill schooled. i have to deconstruct her entitled ass and make sure she get’s back down to earth. and to be honest, i’m getting sick of it.

then again, i guess some idiot has to rescue these used up women, but it won’t be Danny. i can usually read these women within 2 minutes of meeting them. and i avoid them like the plague. most of the time, they aren’t even worth the bang.

but to beta’s, these women are gems. so sad.

stay up.

31 Comments on “Terminal Beta”

  1. 662 says:

    Yuck.. I’ll never understand why any man would sign up to be a second-string daddy.. No way, Jose..

  2. Mimic says:

    Damnit, damnit… damnit!

    I suppose the older one is, the harder it is to see/think/live the Truth, unless he is kicked down over and over again.

  3. Why is it called “manning up” when it involves lack of manhood? Never understood that.

  4. Outcast Superstar says:


    Have you ever read the Rough Guide to Single Moms?


    You should print it out and give it to your friend to read

  5. Seraph says:

    “nah, but i could tattoo it into his eyelids and he STILL wouldn’t get it. like i said, many men will simply never unplug.”

    The programming goes DEEP for many, like a frickin’ root kit in the CPU. I’m still picking shit out of my head. Will be for years.

    And that is what shaming language and political correctness are all about; reinforcing the programming and blocking any attempts to de-program.

    It discourages any open thought or questioning of what one is seeing, hearing or experiencing, lest you get any ‘funny ideas’ that don’t fit the narrative.

    It takes catastrophic trauma sometimes for someone to pierce the veil.

    Sounds like your friend is setting himself up for that…

  6. splooge says:

    hasnt the rule, never date a chick with kids ..lost all meaning.
    i understand the 10 point rating system but what do u mean by hard and soft?

  7. aneroidocean says:

    God, this really makes me enjoy the Fuck out of the feminine, pretty, easy going, no drama, silly humor, incredible tits, amazing body, sexy lips girl that I’m fortunate enough to date at the moment…

  8. Mrs. KTC says:

    Face palm.

  9. earl says:

    I’d tell him you are the woman you attract.

  10. Mister E says:

    Second-hand daddyhood is like going to the pound and getting a dog with only three legs, no shots, and that just had a litter that needs constant attention. Why? I don’t care how “cute” the damn thing is it’s major trouble and a lifestyle changer to boot.

    Now Brody is a h̶o̶r̶s̶e̶ breed of a different color. Picked as a pup, raised and trained as he should have been. To bad you can’t quite do that same exact process with women.

  11. deti says:

    Another one bites the dust.

  12. Laguna Beach Fogey says:

    Painful to read. I see guys like this all the time. And a lot of them are even smug about it.

  13. Feminist Whisperer says:

    Oye….bad memories……

  14. Mark G says:

    This kind of thing is going to happen in this day and age. Say you have a hundred women and a hundred guys. Twenty of the women might be on welfare or have a make work government job (disguised welfare). They don’t really need a guy because they are already married to the government. So they can just hold themselves off the dating market. That leaves a hundred guys chasing after the remaining eighty women. That puts the remaining females in a very good position. An average female can get an above average guy like your friend. An average guy has to take a below average female and a below average guy can’t get anybody. The current dating market is by no means the natural state of things and I don’t know why anyone should be puzzled by women being able to currently hook guys better than them. Something that is not the natural state of things can’t last forever and this kind of thing won’t.

  15. Mark G says:

    Yes, focusing on game is the best you can do under current conditions. That’s why all the game writers are so popular now. There’s a demand for that kind of advice now that there wouldn’t have been seventy years ago because guys need it now more than they did then.

  16. Phoenix says:

    I saw a girl for 2 dates. 31 years old, 10-year-old boy who’s into football.
    She’s got fibromyalgia.

    Dodged a bullet. Find me a girl who’s in good shape and cooks.

    • Phoenix says:

      Oh ya,
      my old frat bro got married to this girl who has a little boy from a previous relationship. She said she was raped.
      My frat bro, at one time, told me that he plans on having a kid later down the road with her when they get all settled.

      They’ve been married for about 4-5 years now … no word on having his own children yet.

  17. […] Terminal Beta from Dannyfrom504. I like Danny – he’s open about his identity, his views, his beliefs. Go to his blog, you’ll see his mug plastered all over it. He doesn’t hide his beliefs. And yet, even his influence is not enough to save a successful single friend from entering a potentially destructive relationship. A sad state of affairs indeed. […]

  18. Before I make my point, I admit I have no friends. Now what I call a friend may be different than what others do, because it is. This guy is your friend and you told him the opposite of the truth? No, sarcasm does not count. I understand not making waves because no good deed goes unpunished. In that case, this guy is an acquantence. You at the least could have said nothing and let the silence be interpreted for what it might mean and let the reality principle visit upon this successful fool in his own good time. I realize you are more successful than me, and this comment likely touches on one of those reasons. Still, don’t mince words with red-pill ‘friends’. That guy is an acquantence, perhaps a friendly acquantence. If he were your friend, you would be his friend and…no good deed goes unpunished…therefore just an acquantence.

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