This is the End

i mentioned in this post about the girls here in jax. well, i don’t think i’ll see miss U 0f F before i leave, but waitress came by the other night after i got home from work.

and she was pissy from the moment she walked in. i know what her deal is, i’ve been here before. the navy giveth, and the navy taketh away.

the first time was when i was leaving for sicily. about 3 months after i had my orders, the gf was a fucking nightmare damn near every minuite. she was usually very agreable, i had NO fucking clue what was wrong with her. well, my boy Ray told me, “dude, self defense mechanism. you’re leaving and she can’t go. it’s easier for her to deal with it if she’s angry at you.”

THAT made perfect sense.

and it happened two other times over the passing years. when i left italy, sonia and i stopped seeing each other about 2 months before i transfered and she ended up moving to germany to live with her sister. beth went fucking full on bat-shit loco about a week before she left, the gf in japan KNEW when i left for san deezy it was over so she was cool, and the other night girl was being pissy.

but this time i knew what was bothering her. she’s a cool girl, she is. but i’m pretty sure deep down she was hoping there’d be a relationship DESPITE knowing before we slept together that i was leaving. the hamster be a powerful thing indeed to a women’s MO. i’ve said before that EVEN if you specifically tell a woman you aren’t looking for a relationship, once she sleeps with you, she’ll probably tell herself the two of you could end up a couple.

i told girl to sit down, and tell me what was on her mind. without wasting your precious time (and because typing out her hamster soliloquy would take hours) she was starting to enjoy “spending time with me”, which was literally her coming over to fuck me. i didn’t interrupt and when she was finished (15 minutes later) i just told her, “i understand how you feel and it’s very sweet of you to say so”. this is my go-to response whenever a girl gets on the emotional roller coaster. works like a charm.

basically, after next week i have a week long class about transitioning from the military to the civilian world, then i’m off to NO for 20 days. when i come back i have less than a month here. the other 2 are fine with it. one is looking forward to the fact that she now has a place to crash in NO. lol.

a great song about leaving a younger girl.

stay up.

2 Comments on “This is the End”

  1. earl says:

    Good post.

    danny and others might want to check this reddit comment out. It’ll explain this post and other ideas in better detail when it comes to women. They prefer illusions in their head over what you are literally saying.

  2. MrTheHermit says:

    This type of defense is pretty common from what I’ve seen. I remember a few months before I moved out of my parent’s my mom became increasingly angry and difficult to deal with. All of a sudden, at 18, I’m being screamed at because I put the dishes away wrong or I “never listen” and it was odd at the time because that was never our family dynamic before. But it’s obvious in hindsight that she was dealing both with the move and an empty nest in general. Things returned back to normal once the dust settled.

    This happens when the cards are dealt and final decisions have been made so it’s all a moot point but it is still an interesting indicator of who might have had expectations (unrealistic or otherwise) lurking beneath the surface and shows that those types of expectations do, in fact, occur. This is particularly enlightening if you’re not someone who gets off on playing games and keeping things vague because it shows there are variables you are never going to be able to fully account for no matter how clear you are. Acceptance of these types of things have helped me start to get over the paralysis that comes from putting the happiness/satisfaction of those in my surroundings above my own.

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