What am I Gonna Do With You?

quick post today.

so, you’ve opened her. the conversation is flowing. but you’re not sure where to take it. well, i have a go-to line that will give you a great perspective on where her head is at. i’ll make her laugh/smile, then i usually use a “you’re too cute” comment, she’ll smile and i’ll say the following-

“what am i gonna do with you?”

i LOVE this line. her response will give you you a GREAT window into where mind is. you will get the following-

-a flirty response (IDEAL)


-push back

the last 2 mean you need to walk. you used a fun and flirty tactic and you should be looking to receive the same from her. i’ve RARELY had a woman respond negatively to “what am i gonna do with you?” it’s a very effective comment that most women will warm up to.

damn near every woman i’ve used it on has beamed a smile at me and asked, “i don’t know. WHAT?” my favorite response is along the lines of, “I think i can guess” this response tells me she’s really feeling me, and i can escalate even further.

when you run this, you’re looking for her to break eye contact, smile, and tilt her head away from you. don’t worry, she’ll look you in the eye again, but when you first run this she’ll get shy and her hamster will process the fact that she’s dealing with a man who’s coming on to her. the smile and her looking away is key though.

i know this works because i say it to women i’m NOT interested in and they react in the same manner. that’s how you know you’re cooking with gas.

give it a run, see for yourself and add it to your repitoire.

stay up.

2 Comments on “What am I Gonna Do With You?”

  1. rivsdiary says:

    practical and brilliant game tip. awesome.

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