Fatty Pig Fatties

the past week has left me a tad full of piss and vinegar. working in health care, especially radiology, you get an interesting perspesctive in regards to understanding people. well, i need to get this off my chest. most of the time, i’d say…more than 80% of the time, when i see a patient older than 30 for “persistent knee pain” or “persistent lower back pain”- there’s usually a common characteristic.

they’re fucking fat. i mean REALLY, REALLY fat.

if throughtout the beginging of your life you maintained a normal weight and body habitus and over time (and trust me, obesity doesn’t occur overnight) you packed on the pounds, well, your skeletal frame (and thats all your bones are for (provide support), they kinda have a hard time supporting your fatty pig fatty blob od a body. and what areas are typically affect?

your lower back and your knees.

my aunt is a fatty. and when i say fat, i mean she had to sell her tercel and upgrade to an SUV because she had a hard time exiting and entering the car. when you need to take a 15 minute breather because you had to pull your fat ass out of a CAR, you got fucking problems.

and i ALWAYS fuck with her. when she’s sitting down i’ll touch her toes and say, “i can’t believe it. they’re still there.” even my mom will giggle. yeah, my family’s fucking BRUTAL. for those of you unaware a common side effect of long time obesity is diabetes. even patrice o’neal took shit from the other comedians about it.

and girls. PLEASE quit your delusional horseshit that “big is beautiful”. the truth is, a man worth his stones would rather tea bag lava than fuck you.

so go ahead and keep eating, keep increasing your girth, keep fucking up your knees and dealing with lower back pain, and keep slowing down. i need someone to keep the zombies occupied while i’m on the move.

Speaking of fatties. Lol.

stay up.

4 Comments on “Fatty Pig Fatties”

  1. Raul says:

    Oh come on dude they’re all just big boned with a thyroid problem eating nothing but salad. And if not it’s obviously Monsanto or somebody making them waddle down to Mcd’s to slather themselves in ranch dressing. Plus I’m sure they’ve all got perfect blood chemistry and all kinds of Brad Pitt lookalikes lining up to roll them in..er romance and bang the shit out of em.

  2. JG says:

    4 legged? : )

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