A Ho by Any Other Name…

i found this little gem the other day and it gave the biggest laugh as it’s such a great example at hamsterbation that i don’t think i could ever provide a better snippet worthy of this young lady.

“lauren” is a freshman at duke, and a self proclaimed feminist. of course you know she has her supporters clamoring the bell of “you go girl”. but watching the video completely invalidates every point she tries to make.

the guy interviewing her SLAMS her; subtley of course.

but the fact is, this girl is a living, breathing, satire of feminism. it’s delusional self rationalizing horse shit.

the link below is the same you’ll see on WWTDD.


[ed- in the interest of “research” i looked the young lady up “bella knox” and got to review one of her scenes. and all i can say is if lawyers as well as she bangs on film, she’ll make a great public defender in compton. seriously, my dick looked up at me asked, “we are you subjecting me to this?”

miss bella, you are certainly no amid moretti.]

You Get to Weigh In

the book will be based off of what’s in the blog, but a more concise read. it will be in 3 basic parts.

intro- about me, and self improvement

red-pill philosophy

red-pill and it’s application to success with woman, and life in general.

i’m not even considering tackling this until i’m retired. i’ve had a few inquiries about it, so i thought i’d ask you guys outright. i’ve even spoken to one VERY prominent blogger who’s given me permission to use some of his work since….well, he’s written the best articles i’ve ever read on a certain subject.

so, what do you think?

stay up.

Home Field Advantage

every man is different. every man has unique strengths and weaknesses. one of the most difficult aspects of game is learning what works best for you. i’d probably suggest you ask those friends closest to you what they think are your best qualities. from there, see which are most applicable to red-pill/game.

i’ve always been humorous. i’ve always been able to make people laugh. humor is a great social lubricant.

of course, all i can do is relay how i used what i possess towards learning game. and, well i’m a pervert and i can make people laugh. fortunately, most women are huge perverts so making them laugh then going pervy removes “creep status”. the fact is, i’ve had guys watch me interact with women and admit, “i just couldn’t do that.”

but for me, it’s calculated. i watch every move she makes; calculate every smile, nod, laugh, eye movement, shift of body, etc. i surgically read IOI’s. my job is to take her off of her game, and make her play mine. once i make her laugh and she’s leaning towards me, i’m almost home. a number close is guaranteed. i was telling this to Sploosh at a strip club last night. when i can make her break character and and laugh while she’s on stage, i KNOW i have her.

the above basically explains why online dating doesn’t work for me. besides as Sploosh astutely put it, “they see 5’4″ and they move on.”

uh….thanks? dick. lol.

but he’s right. online women can be as superficial as men. but when the same women that would glance over me online sits in front of me, she’s mine to pick apart and qualify. a large part of how i work is by joking with her. i was on a first date with what would end up my as girlfriend. she asked me if i had any tattoos. i told her no and she asked me if i liked tattoos.

“yeah, i just think they’re most sexy when they’re inconspicuous. when a woman has excessive tats it takes away from her natural beauty. like say, you’re undressing her and as you remove her panties (notice, i’m already planting the ‘we’re gonna have sex’ seed in her head) and you notice she has a small heart inside her bikini area, THAT’S HOT.”

she smiled and agreed how sexy that could be. but i wasn’t done.

“then you notice something really hot. like inside the heart she has something hot written inside of it, like ‘black cock’.”

she stared at me for a moment, then burst into laughter. i knew right there that me and this cute little mexican girl would get along just fine. now, i admit, unless you have super sick game, this is something that takes time and usually comes with age. you get to understand yourself better as you get older. if you’re a younger guy and you’re reading this, you are well on your way to jedi status.

i didn’t have the luxury of a series go blogs that i could reference and cite. you do. read up, get off your ass and practice the Venusian Arts. trust me, i’ve met very few women that didn’t appreciate a man that could effortlessly interact with woman and could bring a smile to pretty faces with ease.

i’ve seen guys that could be models, but they have ZERO skills with actually talking to women. like a hot girl, they’re looks became a crutch and they never had to learn how to be interesting. i fully admit i have the sex appeal of John Merrick, but i sure as shit can make a woman laugh, all the while escalating with flirty sexual banter. most of it is even self-depricating.

so play up your strengths, kick the pedestal out from under her, and bring her into your world. it benefits both parties.

stay up.

The Collegiate Quandary

i was running errands today listening to WTUL and i noticed something. oh…wait, i should explain. WTUL is tulane uni’s radio station, the DJ’s change every 2 hours. so as i listened throughout the day i realized-

all the DJ’s were either women or VERY gay men.

i kid you not, i MIGHT have caught one regular guy DJ’ing in the last few days of sporadic listening. i know this might be “so…..AND?” type of issue for most of you. but what i want to point out is if there’s an obvious lack of straight men in college, then college is a great deal-


now i admit that it could simply be that guys don’t want to be DJ’s on the station. well i’ve been listening to TUL since i was in 7th grade where i’d record their punk shows at 2am on saturday. but one thing i’ve noticed more and more gay men are Dj’ing. just this afternoon one Dj announced that his show was “gender neutral”. i immediately turned the channel.

now, i don’t give a shit about anyones sexual orientation, but when you feel the urge to announce something like this on air, then it shows you really care less about the music you play then announcing to the listeners your sexual orientation agenda. one guy came on air to give the PSA’s only to speak to “mike” about what he was doing at the moment, and if he was “drawing one of his sketches” and how much he adored the sketches.


you know who i feel bad for….wait scratch that. you know who i’m laughing my ass off at? the fucking women attending tulane. i’d LOVE to know the make up of male/females on campus. look, i work in health care which is largely a female oriented workplace. watching the women bicker amongst themselves is hilarious. but none of those women appear to have any issue with the guys they work with. hell, most of them go out of their way to be nice and accommodating.

i walked away from academia a looong time ago. but i think i know where i’d be scoping for hunting grounds if i lived in a college town and i was a student of the college of red-pill. especially knowing these young ladies are in their days of kesha and abandon. where their choices have very few consequences. where they can proudly wear their slut cape and…..

they have less men to choose from.

i should feel bad for them, but i don’t.

stay up.

“So, Do You Have a Girlfriend?”

i’d been living in san diego and i’d been there for about 2 weeks. i was in a nice area known as university heights. i lived on texas and meade. i was less than 10 minutes from mission valley (a VERY nice area) and a quick drive to downtown. hell, i had balboa dog park to take Brody to help me pick up women for walks.

i was still getting my apartment settled so i decided to hit up el cajon for some grub. don’t ask me why (probably because it was a few block away from my house) but i ended up pulling into a burger king. there was a young girl about to cross the entrance so i stopped and let her cross. she smiled and waved.

i parked my car and as i got out i could tell someone was approaching me from behind. it was girl. she was dressed in a mini skirt and a rather revealing shirt where her tithes were smashed into her face. i figured it was typical for mid spring in san deezy. she smiled and told me hello. i made an odd smile and greeted her back. she asked me what i was doing.

what.the.fuck. :/

i confusedly told her i was getting something to eat and she confidently asked me if i was going to be in there long. again, i confusedly told her long enough to eat and she quickly asked me if i had a girlfriend.

ok. now my WTF flags were flying like crazy. i told her no and she asked me if i WANTED a girlfriend.

ooooooooooooook. now i knew the deal. she was a prostitute and she was propositioning me. i exhaled, shook my head and asked her how much a girlfriend costed these days and she say replied it depended on what a gf were doing. i looked at her for a moment and said-

“dinner and laundry.”

she looked at me confused for a second then i told her i didn’t need a gf, but i was very flattered that she’d ask. then she smiled, said ok, gave me her name, and told me she was always “in the area.” i smiled and told her i would keep that in mind.

i’d NEVER had anything like that happen before. granted, most of the women i’ve slept with have basically been whores so it was interesting being pursued rather than pursuing. i was telling the story to my classmates the next day and my boy Gellada laughed and said, “dude, el cajon is prostitute central.” i shrugged my shoulders and replied, “live and learn.”

then came the tranny jokes. “were her arms veiny?”, “did she have a wide back?”

you gotta love a bunch salty assholes as classmates.

but the funny thing was, it really made me feel awkward when girl stepped to me. i asked myself, “is that how women feel when guys cold approach?” ew. from that moment on i always made sure i had some definite IOI’s before approaching.

and it’s rarely failed me.

tomorrow is the official beginning of the MMGMOMD. follow me on twitter as i’ll be live posting the revelry.

stay up.

Today You’d be Charged for This

i was visiting a friends office and she has her screen saver set to this iconic image.

try pulling this off in todays military

try pulling this off in todays military

a classic. everyone adores this pic. how romantic. what a fine display of the masculine and feminine. the sailor just learned we’d won the great war, the woman was swooing at a man in uniform. makes your heart sing.

yeah, try doing this shit today. some female would make a comment about the sailor harassing a young woman walking in the street. some military female would object to this and despite the woman being kissed having ZERO objection to the kiss- this guy would be facing NJP (non-judical punishment).

the girl with the screensaver is 24 years old. a sweet girl by most means. she’s not slutty, she’s going to college part-time to be a nurse, she doesn’t party and doesn’t even have a boyfriend (“i’m too busy with school”). i can’t say a bad thing about the girl.

i asked her if she thought the picture was romantic. she gushed that it was and how iconic it was. i asked her what she liked about it and i got: “spontaneous and romantic.”

then i asked, “what do you would happen to a sailor if he did that today?”

her face dropped. she knew. i asked her what would happen to that sailor if that picture were taken 2 months ago. she really couldn’t answer because she knew. i told her, “thank your sisterhood for making moments like that history.”

stay up.

The Ancient One

As I stepped into his den, I knew he’d never remember me.

He’s old, ancient, even the elders can’t tell you.

He doesn’t smile, doesn’t greet you. He disregards you.

He’s always been this way.

Since I was a boy he’s been like this.

He takes nothing, asks for nothing, but he gives everything you have.

The very aorta of a world.

But he seeks no praise or approval. He just wants to be left alone.

We defiled him. Made him a dirty old man.

Two centuries ago, was a prince.

We made him a pauper, a vagrant. Still he bears no ill will.

His dank cloak laps at the levee and his children pass through his arms.

And those of us kind enough to remember him take a moment from our empty lives to briefly remember and pay homage to him.

To watch his majestic cloak, to admire his children, to let him know we’ve not forgotten him.

I’m here old man, and I’ve missed you.


don’t worry, regular posts will resume shortly.