Into the Realm of Men: Beast Mode

sorry, i needed to take a few days off. it really felt good to not do blog crap for a few days. ok. this actually went down monday morning.

i was dead asleep. you know, that “i took 50mg of benadryl and i’m toast” kinda sleep. my head wasn’t there and my feet weren’t quite touching the ground. i had been asleep maybe 2-3 hours. when i rack out i only hear my phone, Brody, and the alarm. i’m working the 3pm-11pm shift this week.

suddenly, Brody was barking like mad and he made a bee-line out the room. WTF? then i heard my door being messed with. next thing i knew i had drawn my ruger P95 (the same ruger i pointed at Jack in a skype convo, he ducked quickly btw) and moved to the bedroom door. i cleared the living room and saw Brody moving by the front door. i chambered the gun and moved forward slowly. as i slowly side stepped the foyer, i was staring at and tagerting So-So, my old room-mate. she came to get some of her things.

she saw me, he eyes widedned and her Asian ass turned the palest i’d ever seen it.

i IMMEDIATELY pointed the gun upward, yelled “FUUUUCK!!!!!”, dropped the mag and cleared the chambered round. i stomped back to my room as i heard So say, “oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Danny, i’m soooo sorry, i thought you were at work.”

i sat in my room for about 5 minutes so i could decompress. i apoligized to her and told her i wasn’t yelling at her, but i was still in “fight” mode and you kind of don’t just down-shift from it too easily. and guys that fight know EXACTLY how true that statement is. hell, i was in my fucking boxer-briefs when i stepped outside my bedroom.

when i came back (dressed), she looked at me and said, “dude, i’ve never seen you look like that before. you were gonna kill me.” i told her no, i was gonna kill the individual i don’t know that comes into my home without permission. then said, “girl, you just saw 100% louisiana male.”

back in NO, i was asleep with miss oneitis when she woke me and told me someone was at the door. long story short, i ended up letting him take 3 steps into my apartment before i chambered a round. come to find out, he was a maintenance dude that wanted to tell me the unit 2 floors down burst a water main and i wouldn’t have water until that afternoon.

when i told her to get on the ground she JUMPED over me. in that moment, she was an insect. and freaked girl out, she had no clue i had steel in the house. but i will say her attitude did a 180 after that night. she no longer told me what she wanted or needed, she ASKED. and if she got it, she thanked my like there was no tomorrow. shit tests went out the window, and she jumped to get shit if i got up to do it myself.

and she was your typical western, empowered, “independent woman”. funny how the fear of God can wash away a lifetime of feminism. very few people ever see that side of alphas. and it’s being marganilized into near-extinction. funny how most women only learn how vauable it is when it’s too late. most people only get to see the laughing, witty, silly Danny. later in the afternoon i got a text from So-So-

“yeah dude, i don’t ever want to be on the business end of that look again.” lol.


the ruger P95 9mm. holds 15+1. i added the laser point.


stay up