Back to the Kitchen

girl sent me text at work wanting to come over tuesday. it was slow at work and she was bored. i got home and about 20 minutes later she showed up. i was watching a DVR’d episode of “pioneer woman” where she was making a roasted tenderloin with cracked peppercorns. i tried to youtube it but there’s nothing i found that was worth linking.

just so happenes i found out about the #backtothekitchen that Roosh was hosting on twitter.

when girl got to the house pioneer woman was making garlic mashed potatos. girl was watching and she was blissfully clueless. i on the other hand was commenting on the ingeredients and showed surprise when she added creal cheese. girl looked at me and said, “you really get into cooking, don’t you?” i looked at her, paused the show and took her into my kitchen. i started showing her obects: mortar and pestal, hand mixer, flour sifter, cheese grater, immersion blender, etc. nothing. and she had NO CLUE what the spices on my spice rack were used for regionally.

girl was visibly ashamed. we went back to watching the show and i stared teasing girl as the meal was being prepped. again, she reacted to the ribbing with shame. i commented how sad it is that todays american girl knows SHIT about cooking and how it’s such a sexy quality to have in a woman. then i told her how i’ve NEVER had a woman not related to me cook for me.

the show ended and i pointed out to K how feminine, sweet, demure, and nurturing pioneer lady is (which is seriously true, woman’s a CHAMP). well, K repiled with, “then why don’t you just fuck her instead?”

well well well. the shit test has been launced.

i looked at her and told her, “you know what, i’m not gonna fuck you again until you actually cook for ME for once.” she looked at me puzzled and said, “well then you won’t be getting pussy, so how’s that gonna work out?” i looked at her for a few seconds and said, “do you REALLY think i won’t be getting any pussy?”

now, i have to point out, that for the most part girl is really cool. but for the love of God she (like most women in america) cannot cook for shit. see, i dropped the hammer because: 1- in a week i head to NO for 20 days and when i come back i’m pretty much done with jax. 2- because i have 2-3 other girls i can fuck.

patrice maxim #21- when a woman know’s you’ll righteously leave, she’s righteously STAY.

if she wants to walk, cool. i NEVER try and talk a woman out of leaving. mostly because that’s just what she wants you to do. well, Danny never plays on her field: she has to play on mine. but in the long run, whatever she does doesn’t matter; i’m transitioning from one life to another and she’s not going to be a part of that. she left my house about 20 minutes later with not even a kiss.

always remember: a woman can NEVER best a man with a strong adundance mentality mindset, and it doesn’t matter if she does…

there will always be another woman. and if you have a twitter account, you need to be following me and participating in #backtothekitchen.

stay up.

What I told K