Han Solo Game

saw star wars on the hood of an oldsmobile at a drive-in. i soon had every line memorized. i’m a huge fucking star wars nerd. han solo was a total alpha bad boy lady killer. i was watching a re-run where i saw this clip and my red pill mind was able to deconstruct it immediately.

in the clip presented here you see textbook game.

1- he starts with a neg.

2- he remains aloof when she tells him he’s difficult.

3- he nukes her shit test with “agree and amplify” at her “scoundrel” comment.

4- perfect escalation as he rubs her hand and side-steps her shit test about her hands being dirty.

5- from there, it’s all frame. he KNOWS she’ll kiss him and notice how slow and deliberate his actions are.

as I’ve said before, you can break down a girl in 2 minutes once the red-pill takes over. this clip is just over 1. hollywood-yes, factual- absolutely. short post, concise lesson. enjoy your weekend.

stay up.