Dog Game: Part One- Selecting a Breed

i realized this was going to be a LOOOOONG post so i decided to break it up into 2 parts. i get quite a few question from people (blog and RL) in regards to getting and training a dog. so let’s start with the first part: selecting a dog.

the first thing to ask is: rescue or purebreed?

personally, i prefer a purebreed. i want to know exactly what characteristics i’m dealing with- how trainable are they, are they good watchdogs, energy level. do a little research. determine what size dog you want. this should be base on where you your life is heading and your living conditions. i knew i had a few more years in the navy so i wanted a smaller dog, but not a TOY dog. i had already dog sat a staffy so i knew thats the breed i was going to get.

with a rescue, you might not know what breed/s you’re dealing with. and you won’t be sure of the dog’s history. that can significantly affect how your dog behaves. i prefer to start with a clean slate and train the dog to be MY dog.

next, decide what you want in a dog: companionship, guardian/protection, lap dog, exersize pal, etc. again, this should be based largely on your living conditions. if you have a dog that runs alot, you’re probably going to need a yard. if you live in an apartment, i really wouldn’t suggest a rottie.

next, realize if you’re a single dude this dog should recieve a good amount of attention. i consider brody to be my son. everything i do leads to me asking myself, “what am i gonna do with Brody?” i’m talking daily walks, feeding, watering, attentioning it, and most of all: loving the damn thing. i dropped $250 bucks to get his teeth cleaned (as i do yearly) without blinking an eye.

now, if you ask me you simply can’t go wrong with an english staffy. just remember, most corporate apartment buildings have a “breed restriction” on all bull breeds: pitbulls, american bull dogs, and staffordshire breeds. now they’re getting PC and i’ve seen a few “no breeds over 40 lbs”. just put that in your “got it” file. k.

tomorrow, we’ll talk training.

the day i got him home.

the day i got him home.

cuteness. adorability. Brody has it. this is what i get to have curl up next to me on the daily.

cuteness. adorability. Brody has it. this is what i get to have curl up next to me on the daily.

stay up.

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