Dog Game: Part 2- Training a Dog

yesterday we discussed choosing the appropriate breed of dog. today we’ll discuss something even more important: training your dog. the extent to which you train your dog is completely subjective, but i will go into the basic commands: sit, down, come, stay, and house breaking.

however there are a few other things that are just as vital that i’ll discuss first.

when i got Brody home he slept with me for 3-4 nights. after that it was time for crate training. crate training is simply teaching a dog to be comfortable sleeping in an enclosure. this a natural thing for dogs as feral dogs always have a den. the crate becomes their den. the first night he whined most of the night. his crate was beside my bed so i’d place my hand by the cage and he’d quiet.

after 3 nights, he slept through the night.

after that, the crate was placed downstairs. and once again, he whined some of the first night. well, my mom sleeps downstairs so she assumed the comforting duty. the second night- not a peep. crate training complete. from then on, when i went to bed i placed him in his crate. you must NEVER punish a dog by placing him in his crate. the crate must be his place of comfort and relaxation.

once he got around 4-5 months it was time to begin for his formal training. sit became the first. i’d take a small bite sized treat in hand, place it under his chin, firmly and calmly say, “stay” and gently push on his rear end. once in the “sit” position, i’d say, “good boy” and offer him the treat. sessions lasted about 5 minutes and i’d just do them when a commercial would come on.

after less than a week of this, he had it down. then i incorporated “sit” while taking him for his dily walk. if i ever stopped walking i’d give him the sit command. soon enough, i’d stop walking, look at him and he’d sit. eventually after doing this multiple times, i’d stop walking and he’d sit.

while this was going on i was working on the “down” command. i’d start with him standing, place my hand under his chin and give the “sit” command. he’d sit, i praise him (ALWAYS praise when the get it right), then give the “down” command and gently push on his shoulders. once “down”, i’d praise him and give him a treat. again, around 5 minutes sessions during a commercial.

less than a week later, he had it down.

nect was the “come” command. this one i think is the most important. if you have a dog, you have a responsibility to ensure it will come to you off leash outside. i sould also point out that by this point if i got up, Brody was right beside me, walking to my left side everytime. i took out for his daily, always walking to my left. to this day he still does this. so, i’d place Brody in the down position about 10-15 feet away, walk away, sit down and give the “Brody come” command while motioning my hand towards me. after about the third command, he finally walked over to me. once he got to me, i’d praise him and give him his treat. soo enough if he was EVER not by me and i gave the “come” command, he’d come jogging over to me, tailing shaking excitedly.

come command done.

stay was easy. i actually started “stay” while teaching “come”. once in the down position i’d place my hand on his head and say “stay”, walk away and do the “come” command. it was 2 birds with one stone.

but the big one his this little trick

i started with him getting used to fetching the ball, that was easy. eventually i started incorporating placing him in the sit command then throwing the ball. at first he’d tear ass to fetch it and i’d loudly give his “disapproval” call whicg is me going, “AAAAHP” he’d stop, come back to me and i’d go grab the ball and we’d begin again. eventually he caught on. soon, i’d throw it, he’d stay in the sit position, and i’d give say, “good boy” and he’d tear ass to grab the ball. it took about a week for him to get it down. but i’d ALWAYS have people compliment me and him when they’d watch it.

i can’t stress this enough: CONSISTENCY. once you choose a word for a command, never deviate from it. dogs thrive with consitent leadership from their alpha hman. an aggressive, uncontrolably dog is simply a dog assuming the alpha role that their owner is not providing. Brody is ALWAYS calm and confident.

i ran a post about how a man that’s good withg training dog is also usually good with women. the same qualities to train a dog are the same to attract women. it’s a fact. a women that isn’t submissive towards her man is typically all around unpleasnat to be around.

i know, i’m an evil misogynist to say so but whatever. i know i’m right.

housebreaking is different. staffies are difficult to potty train but mother nature can lend you a hnad. bitches train their pups to defecate immediately after eating. so when you feed your puppy, take him outside and use whatever word you want his pee-pee poo-poo word to be. Brody’s is “go potty”. keep satying it and be patient. when he goes, praise him.

now, if the dog is inside and start to notice him sniffing the ground and moving in small circles, that’s a sign he needs to go. pick him up and take him outside and use the word. if you catching him peeing on the floor, pick him up and take him outside. putting a dogs nose in it’s own pee will simply make the dog say, “yup, that’s my piss.”

it will also help you immensly to keep the dog in it’s crate at night and take him out and take him out to go handle business. a dog WILL NOT defecate or urinate in it’s den- keep that in mind.

you might also want to read this and this.

i think i covered everything that’s most important. i hope it helps. if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

me and muh Boy

me and muh Boy

stay up.

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