The Evolution of Slutdom

so, i’m in a stupid class this week that teaches retiring military folks how to become a civilian. i bet i’m drawing a blank. i’ll break it down. this is basically what they’re teaching me- “lower your pants. now, grab your dick. congratulations, now you know where your dick is.” i wish that were a joke.

i can’t complain though, it get’s me out of work for a week and i took the valuable time to read Matt’s “3 Years of Hate” update. i’m actually gonna use the time to read ebook a a few bloggers asked reviews for- Halfbreed is up first. well, i got to the part where Matt recalls an experience with an Ohio 5 that lied about being a ho.

it got me thinking? what’s the worst, filthiest thing i’d ever done with a woman. you’ve all read the post where i face fucked a chick back in san deezy. well that was nothing. i’ve had FAR worse.

it’s well documented how i was an asshole when i was a kid. i was also a good looking little bastard. i never showed up on parents radars because i was polite and well mannered.

then i got their daughters alone.

i was at lollapalooza in 95-96ish. this was a LOOOOONG time ago. the 2 openers were rage against the machine and tool. yeah. they opened. while front 242 started their set, i noticed a VERY smoking brunette standing close-by. we’d make eye contact occasionally and smile. anyone that’s ever ran pick-up at a concert knows how this works.

it starts with comments about the set. then some light escalation, then some kino. next thing you know, she’s leaning into you. well thats the point i was at with this honey limbed lovely. i’d gotten her name and i asked where she was from. she replied, “chalmette.”

winner winner chicken dinner.

this is a regional thing so i’ll explain. EVERY guy in the NO area knows about chalmatians. females from chalmette are know to be some of the filthiest girls in the city. most of them won’t even deny it. she was chewing gum and i told her i wanted some. she told me she didn’t have any. i finally told her, “i KNOW you have gum for me.” she asked where and i pulled her in slowly and started making out with her.

i stopped and showed her her gum.

she laughed and i turned her around an placed my arms around her waist, my hands resting just above her place. she was wearing a small skirt, and her tits were smashed up into her chin. she was pushing her ass into my mule and i had a blue vein throbber that looked like a Chihuahua with parkinson’s. you’ve never….FINE. at the :30 mark.

finally i had had enough and told her we need to find a place to be alone. she looked at me blankly, “uuuuuh, where?” i took her hand and bade her to follow me. i ended up taking her into an empty port-o-let….

fuck you. don’t judge me; i was 21.

i get her inside, she bent over and lifted her skirt. i pulled her panties aside and went to work. honestly, i probably lasted all of about 2 minutes and i blasted deep inside her. i swear i stayed inside her for a good 5 minutes. she was giggling and squealing softly. and she kept pushing herself into me. finally, i got out and told her i was taking her panties. she complained and i told her she didn’t need them.

“that pussy’s mine for the rest of the day.” she smiled and shook her head.

when we walked out there was a smattering of applause. girl just covered her mouth and smiled. i did the “clasp both hand and shake to the left, then shake to the right” and took a bow. we went back to the show and after about 10 minutes her eyes got wide and she said, “SHIT!!!!” and she slammed her legs closed tightly. i asked what was wrong and she told me i was spilling out of her. lol. she walked quickly and awkwardly to the port-o-potty area close by and went in. she came back and about 20 minutes later i told her i needed to find my sister.

didn’t see her again.

the song that forced my hand to kiss her. i was kinda reluctant to do it, but my dick told me, “be a fucking a headhunter Danny”. can anyone in the class tell me how this song got my testosterone boiling?

the group was watching alice in chains closing the show and everyone but me was with a gf/SO. one dude that i didn’t know made a comment about me being the odd man out. i smiled, “yeah, poor me.” my sister boyfriend chimed in with, “WHAT???!!! dude do you have any idea who you’re talking to? J’s brother gets mad pussy.” he looked awe struck. then my sister chimed in, “yeah i guess you didn’t see him leaving a port-o-potty 5 hours ago.

apparently, my sister bf saw me and girl leaving and he told my sister.

i tried not to laugh and dude’s girl gave me a smirk.

the he went on to tell the story how my sister cock blocked me when i was about to hook up with her hottie friend that was about to move to tennessee. he watched in shock how out of no-where after talking for 10 minutes, she leaning against me, then went to making out within 5 minutes. soon, i took her hand and led her to the living room.

i was lying on top of her her shirt and bra were completely off, i was working on her jeans. then my sister yelled at her and made her BF drive her home. in retrospect i should have taken her upstairs, but….AH YOUTH. lol.

now to the point. this happened almost 20 years ago. as you can see in the post, these girls…well ok miss chalmette were sluts. girl that was moving had her hamster tell her it was ok to sleep with me because she was moving, i was on leave and she caught alpha tingles over her BBF’s sailor brother. and my sister ALWAYS had a picture of me in my dress blues on her.

and remember i was a good looking son-uv-a-bitch.

but 20 years ago i was pulling girls that WEREN’T sluts. they were relatively selective, but they did good for a alpha-ish guy. now think of todays hypersexulaized, kesha, katy perry parteeee girl. if feminism has only gotten more ardent, the effect it’s had on young women is all the more obvious in your typical “i can have it all slut” that’s cozying up to bad-boys at the drop of their panties.

i think it’s interesting to note that the more hardcore feminist a mother is, the sluttier their daughters usually turn out to be. hell even in the military it’s a well know fact that the daughters of high ranking person on a base are typically VERY easy. i’ve experienced directly.

i’m not really into the whole slut shaming thing. everyone makes their own choices in life and if a girl wants to fuck 3o guys before she’s 24, that’s on her. but, as Matt succinctly point out in his book-

“choices have consequences.”

do yourself a favor and head over to Jack’s place, hit up his amazon associate link and get a copy. it’s well worth the money. and besides, i happen to know for a fact that Jack’s a delicate flower and if you DON’T help him make the rent for his studio rat hole he’ll be lying in the fetal position in the showering, sobbing mercilessly.

i’d hate to see my boy like that. lol. OH, sorry about the comments. i fixed it.

stay up.

6 Comments on “The Evolution of Slutdom”

  1. Ha! I WISH I was still in my studio rat hole – I had to downgrade to sharing a rat hole flat with 4 other people…

  2. Faust says:

    Oh, the comments being off was an accident?
    Thought you’d turned into a shrinking flower on us.

  3. Marshallaw says:

    Ha ha…..u bastid…..put a smile on my face for rest of day. Banged a hot blonde in a Burger King toilets, concert venue toilets, bushes out side a library…. under a statue in Hamburg…. etc….

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