The Truth Hurts

so today in class we learned the next three days will be “how to find employment post military”. and GUESS who’s coming in to teach us? quite possibly the best agency for finding employment EVER. is it a marketing agency? is a private professional instructor? NOOOOOOOO!!! that would make too much sense. they brought in the big guns.

the US Dept of Labor.

i swear to God i’m not lying. the first thing i said to the guy next me was, “uuuuuh, THEY’RE going to teach me how to find employment? have they checked their track record over the last 5 years?” but it’s cool. i banged out “Men on Strike” by Dr. Helen Smith and “3 Years of Hate” by Matthew instead.

after class i went to my local and 2 guys from my street were having dinner. they saw me and asked me to take a seat with them. they’re both cool guys; around mid-late 30’s, married, kids. you know the deal. my neighborhood is primarily upper middle class folk. and i’m the only non-married, childless dude.

i sat down and the first thing they want to know about is the white camry they’ve seen in my driveway a few times. i told them it was a friend of mine and they asked why they were there after 10pm. i told them it’s a free country and i can have friends over whenever i want.

“BULLSHIT DUDE!!!!!” who is she, a girlfriend?”

*SIGH* i told them i’m leaving soon and didn’t really need a gf. one looked at me and said, “i swear to God, you’ve got it made. i love my wife and kids, but if i could do it over i’d have never gotten married.” they gush over my being able to sleep in late, just get up and go do something, and over all, the complete control i have over my own life. the variation i have from women.

hell, most of the guys on my block will ask me directly, “please tell me about all the pussy you’re getting.” which is actually awkward for me. they have this idea that my house is strewn with pillows and scantily clad women. do i have variety- yes. but i explain to them the fact is i MIGHT see a girl once every month or two. as i wrote yesterday, most you women are pretty easy. most will readily have unprotected sex, but have their iPhone in a case.


this isn’t the first time i’ve heard this though. the minute a married guy, and by that i mean MOST guys find out i’ve never been married and have no kids they go on and on about how lucky i am. do you think they’d EVER make this admission to anyone other than another guy? do you think these guys would admit this to women that work with? i think you know the answer.

it was interesting having this conversation after reading Dr. Smith’s book. i was able to bang through it in over the course of 8 hours. the strength in the book isn’t really in the message, anyone that’s red-pill KNOWS what’s being stated. but it is good for specifics if you ever want to justify MGTOW.

i’m not so much on strike as i’m keenly aware of the risks. why get married when i can get the sex relatively easy. the truth is, you can never win or lose if you simply don’t play. you don’t NEED to warn me about the dangers of marriage when i hear from married guys that keep telling me how lucky am to not have ever gotten married.

and these guys are “happily married”. how much more validation do you need. it’s not so much about “hating women” as it is about self preservation. men traditionally are survivors, red-pill guys even more so. young guys…..please take what i just told you very seriously before you pop the question.

and i’d SERIOUSLY consider reading the book “Men on Strike” as it tells you in depth the vitriol you can look forward to on a college campus, the really of marriage today, and a honest look at the mentality of the modern “empowered” woman.

and i think you guys know where i’m going to send you to cop the book.

it’s been awhile so….


TOTES DRAMZ with the scented candle shit today. i was torn between woodwicks trade wind and dew drops candle. it’s getting warmer and i was feeling like something kind of citrusy. the outdoorsy type stuff is SO last season. *ugh* i ended having to enlist my bestie Stacy to help. Stacy, oh, she like…sniffs things. but bitch comes through in the clutch.

i ran to her counter and presented her with the 2 candles. i was feeling the dew drops, so i gave her trade winds first. she smelled it, made a odd face then sniffed the dew drops and lit up. “i like this one Danny” as she handed me the dew drops and said, “this one’s stupid.” as she pointed to the trade winds.


you hear that trade winds, you just got fucking owned. Stacy brought it like she always does. yer stupid. like seriously. who do you even think you are trade winds? like, what governing entity made you ALL THAT!!! you can take your stupid smell, and shuffle your bunk ass over to loser central. like why did you even get made, why are you even on the shelf? *stares at trade winds, rolls eyes*

whatever. over it.



and now a word from our sponsor.

stay up.

4 Comments on “The Truth Hurts”

  1. This is true. And painful.

    Maybe they aren’t accurately remembering their single days. The thing to do is not to compare their sex lives with yours, but a now-vs-then comparison in their own life.

    You know what? I did far, far better when I was single. Fucking painful truth? I gots it.

  2. Gordon Huey says:

    I don’t know. I have been married almost 23 years now. Two teenagers. I could not be happier. And I would not trade it for your life at all. I read here for a few reasons. 1. I gotta send these kids out into this kind of world and it is good to know what is brewing. 2. I like the way you write. 3 – and maybe most important – I need to stay on top of the nutjob women in my life, from job to church to grocery store to home, and watching the crazies in your life helps.

    Oh, and you always remind me to stay up…otherwise I would not.

  3. Even way before my red pill awakening I dealt with this. I was a machinist for quite a few years and made some decent coin and I didn’t have a mortgage/wife/kids so I could afford stuff like sports cars, vacations and nice guitars.

    Of course the guys I worked with would go “gee that must be nice I wish I could do that.” I said well what’s stopping you? Then of course the “the wife won’t let me, I have kids and a mortgage etc.” comments would start and I would just shrug and say “hey no one made you get married and have kids you chose to put your neck in the noose all on your own. Sometimes choices have consequences. Have fun at the scout meeting I’ll be in Vegas.”

    Edit: damn need to login to something to comment now this is Richard Cranium aka Mark the Bassist

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