“I’ve Always Been Open With my Sexuality”

i decided to go to the strip club after class to have a beer and celebrate valentine’s day. there were 3 girls working and my boy was working security. one girl came up to me, a brunette. cute face, great tits, but a little bit overweight. she was a pleasant enough girl who was bubbly and laughed easily.

eventually, she realized she knew me. “you’re Lynn’s son.” yup, she knows me. i knew she looked familiar. she went on stage and once her second song was almost over i sat at the stage. she danced for me a little and gave her $2. after she left the stage she walked over to my table and hugged me. “thanks Danny.” and she kissed my cheek.

she turned her back to me and i put an arm around her letting my hand rest right above her place. i asked her how big her tits were and told her i wanted to see them. she readily lifted her bikini and said, “36D.” i felt them and they were in fact quite wonderful. then i asked her if she shaved. “oh of course, totally bare.”

i knew i could fuck her.

i ended up sending her away once i saw she was going to smoke and ended up sitting at another table when i went to tip my friend that was dancing. now this girl, she’s a fucking shark. this bitch hustles and knows the game WELL. and she’s fucking beautiful, i actually LIKE watching her dance. it’s very feminine and very seductive. i know what you’re thinking.

well Danny, why are you running game on her?

well, simply put. it would take work. besides, it’s always best to be “friends” with one of the thoroughbreds in a strip club. you get major validation from the other girls. and, she wings for me. she know’s i’ve banged a few of the girls there. game recognizes game. she spends 98% of her time at work buttering up some 50-60 year old dude. i’ve watched her VIP the same guy 3-4 times in 2 hours.

the first time i met her, i knew she was a total dork, i was always able to make her laugh and “break character”. then i helped her hustle when i saw a group of 3 guys eyeing her hard. i puller her aside, told her about it, she kissed my cheek and thanked me. she then walked over and she ended VIP’ing 2 of the guys. i think she made $50 from them over an hour.

this is why i like going to strip clubs. i LOVE watching the girls work betas that are over-eager to win a little attention from a cute girl. and like i said, you can learn a LOT by watching other guys fuck up.

back to the first girl. i had her sitting on my lap while i was talking to my boy that bounces there. my boy got the hint and dipped to sit at the bar. i noticed her tongue ring and asked her how much she liked giving head. her eyes widened and she admitted, “OMG, love it.” i told her i’d never gotten a blow job from a chick with a pierced tongue and she didn’t believe me. but the fact is. it’s true.

i asked her what she was doing for valentine’s day and she told me she had a date. then she admitted it was her third date with this guy. i gave her props for “getting some” and she said she wasn’t ready to give it up yet. i asked her why she’d rob herself of the pleasure of some vitamin D and she made the “yeah, you’re right” face.

this is where i’d like you pay attention.

after she left the stage she sat on my lap. i asked her if she’d ever squirted before and she admitted that she had. i showed her the female ejaculation post. as she was reading it, i had one hand under her bikini top and the other was just underneath her bikini bottom making small, gentle circles.

as she read i kept seeing her smile and nod. then i mentioned AGAIN that we needed to hang out. she replied, “you have the number.” oh…..yeah, forgot to mention i had gotten her number 15-20 minutes earlier when i first mentioned our “hanging out”. i her i’d make her “s’more pancakes” and she looked at me like i offered a cold beer to a vagrant.

i was VERY clear to mention that, “yeah, it’ll be be great. you can watch me cook for us and then i can fuck you into oblivion after we’ve eaten.” she nodded, “oh totally.” i mention that i’d even be nice and hold her hair while she blew me. “THANK YOU!!! GOD, guys usually have no clue.” then i pulled her hair and told her i was gonna do that while i smash her vagina in doggy style. she purred and told me she LOVED having her hair pulled. then i mention, “as a matter of fact, you can suck my dick while i’m cooking. never had a girl do that before.” you know what she said-

“that’d be a first for me too.”

the look on her face told me she even imaging it. i asked her when she’s off again and she told me sat and sun she didn’t have plans. i told her, “good, that means you can come over so we can eat and be naughty.” again, she said, “you have the number, just call me. i don’t have plans.” then i saw her texting and the name “Adam F” i read, “i’m on my way.” i asked her-

“is that the boyfriend?”

she nodded and said, “he’s picking me up, then bringing me home so i can get ready for our date.”

i want you to reread that line again. and again. she mentioned earlier that she wasn’t ready to fuck a guy she’s been on 2 dates with that was taking her out for valentines day. yet here there she was, talking about fucking a guy she JUST.MET. hell, he was even picking her up from work. remember something i’ve always said.

betas ask, alphas DO.

i KNEW this guy wasn’t going to get far with girl. hell, while i was talking about fucking her she mentioned, “i’ve always been open about my sexuality.” this is simply hamsterbation for “i’m on the carousel.” she doesn’t mind making the supplicating beta that she described as “a really great looking guy.” wait. i side stepped all her bullshit and escalated straight into the frame of telling her we were going to “hang out” and made sure i was clear that there would be sex involved.

i didn’t ASK for her number, i gave her my phone and told her, “you and i are gonna have a GOOD time.” after telling her we were gonna fuck. while her hamster told her she was a “good girl” dating a guy that she was making “work for it.” she was talking about sucking my dick and fucking me after less than 20 minutes of talking to me.

oh, she’s 21 by the way. when i commented on how young she was, she said innocently (i swear to God), “i’m a baaaaabeeeeee.”

i swear on my mother’s eternal soul this happened not even 2 hours ago. this girl was texting her “boyfriend”, who was picking her up from work, while i was playing with her tit, rubbing her pussy, and making plans for her to come over and fuck me. i WISH i were creative enough to make this up.

could she flake? sure. will i care if she does? nope. but the simple fact is with game and solid red-pill knowledge you can side-step the bullshit and get past the velvet rope to the velvet box she ACTS like is an “off limits” area.

only off limits if you treat her like a “princess” and supplicate. game everyone. this is why i recommend you get comfortable talking to every woman you come in contact with. eventually, you have a girl in the cross hairs and you’ll go into “hunt mode” naturally.

guys think strippers are difficult to bang. they AREN’T. you take a woman that is surrounded by the whitest of white knights for 8-10 hours that are supplication machines and let her come across a pedestal crusher that escalates and plays down her looks, you have tingles on a nuclear scale. especially if said man helps her hustle the betas kissing her ass, you’re in there like swim wear.

[ed- forgot to mention how the thing ended. an older guy walked in and she said excitedly, “OOOOOOH, he’s a regular and i want to try and get a VIP before adam shows up. i know you understand.” i laughed, and told her to go get him. she kissed me (on the lips), and told me to call her.]

stay up.

3 Comments on ““I’ve Always Been Open With my Sexuality””

  1. cunty nigga says:

    Your an amazing fiction writer. Sometimes I wonder if this entire blog is a troll to give ugly dudes hope.

    I mean common… badly out of shape, 40 y/o, bald, dorky looking pale dude that sleeps on the floor and is broke as fuck bangs above average girls on the reg. Not only that but he tells them there are other babes in the mix and they better just deal with it or bounce. Then you make it even better by saying you show them your blog. A game blog. A blog about how you use game to fuck women. And they say “Oh cool!!!!”.

    If you were an approach machine and opened 100s of women per week I’d let it slide and figure the rule of big numbers is one your side. Open enough women and your sure to find crazy ones who are down for poor bald dudes that run a game blog. But no… its “I was just chilling out at X and HB10 wants to fuck after I talked for 10 min”.

  2. This is totally foreign to me. In California, even touching (in any way) a stripper is a crime along the lines of kicking a policeman in the junk. Escalating is near impossible unless you look like an ink-covered heavy-lifting Harley growler who can start her engines with a BAMF glance.

    Further reasons to shift states.

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