Male Sluts, Strip Clubs, Players, and Playing it Safe

last night i posted about talking a stripper into coming over to bang me even though she admits to having a BF she wasn’t ready to sleep with.

guys like to give me shit about going to strip clubs, and that’s fine. but lets face it: unless you have decent day game (and most guys won’t take the time to internalize it. clubs and bars are cock-block central, and restaurants are a serious investment in time.

enter the strip club.

first and foremost, the girls open you. that takes away 90% of the work. second, the girls are already in a sexual mood. they being paid to be sexy. therefor sexual escalation is less likely to be frowned upon. NEVER VIP, but tip a girl on stage. most guys take a “i’m not paying to see a girls tits” cool, then don’t fucking go. if you go, tip the girls, don’t be a dick- they WILL blacklist you. you wanna sip a beer for free, fucking stay at home.

if you help the girls hustle they WILL see you in a different light. read up on the basics, and apply. i readily admit, this is NOT the place to go if you’re looking for a LTR. duh. hell, even another blogger watched me run air-tight stripper game.

well, the other day Sis and Donal dropped a bomb on the sphere. considering the community is partly about teaching guys how to have success in the SMP. both Mary and Donal run christian sites.

i respect the shit out of their post. if i were a dad, i’d be teaching my daughter(s) the same thing. i know Mary reads a lot of the sites. i know she’s actually quite fond of cads like me, Laid and others of the same ilk. in fact she’s the first to admit (heartily) that she knows game works.

but she also has a responsibility to keep her girls off the carousel.

when i post something that i know she doesn’t want to read (lol), i’ll warn her to stay away from my site. LOVE Mary. had a few great conversations with her and she’s a really genuine, sweet, caring woman. i’m proud to call her “Big Sister”, especially since i’ve never had one.

yesterday’s post was something i KNOW she’d rather not read, but i told her she should. and i told her that for a reason. very few parents are involved with their daughters the way Mary and HHG are. which means a majority of the women out there are EXACTLY like the young woman i wrote about last night.

my mother wants nothing more than me to start a family and have little Danny’s. i KNOW Mary thinks the same as well. but, both Mom and Sis KNOW that being a “player” is the safest thing for me. as much as i’d love a LTR, marriage is just too risky. as much as they dislike knowing i’m bedding down women and just “getting laid”, it’s much better than me working 80 hours a week and trying to live off of $2000 a month living in a studio apartment in the hood, hoping i can make alimony.

is my life the ideal? no. is it the best option for men and most men. i can’t speak for other men, but it’s the best option for me.

I love women, I love femininity, and I love having a woman’s touch. Thusly, what I’m doing is in my best interest.

stay up.

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