woke up late to a series of texts with a woman. fun fun fun. I’m packing for NO and my internet is shit ATM so short post on depeche mode. saw them in 1989 for the “music for the masses” tour. there was a bit of a DM discussion on twitter. my favorite Dm mode song has always been “somebody”. a lot of people started fucking during “i want you now” (yes, i did. she was wearing pink leg warmers). i think the lutes speak for the merit of the song. never met anyone that coudln’t relate to it. it’s a very realistic, human, soul wrenching song.

the bang song during the concert.

See you in the N-O. OH!!!!!, if you plan on coming down, quick question? AK or AR?

and I ended making carne ranchera for din din tonight. dee-lish.


stay up.

One Comment on “Somebody”

  1. Do you want tack-driving accuracy? Get an AR.

    Do you want a gun that’ll work through the zombie apocalypse with minimal care & will be accurate enough at realistic engagement ranges? Get an AK. Specifically, get a Centurion 39 because it’s 100% American made. It’s built better than cheap foreign AKs & finding parts will be easier since it’s a domestic rifle.

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