Keep on Truckin’

first one foremost, i LOVE staying in hotels. now that that’s out the way….

i like to be as honest and open as i can regarding my life in the SMP. i don’t want the blog to be a steamy pile of shit patting myself on the back in regards to women. i LOVE posting about when things DON’T go my way as well. i think it’s important to share that with you also.

recently, out of absolutely nowhere a woman i know sent me a text (hadn’t heard from her in months) regarding a subject have a lot of experience in. i knew it’d be a long talk so i told her to call me. 5 minutes later my phone rang.

i can’t recall the exact amount of time the conversation transpired, but it wasn’t a brief, idle chit chat. over the next couple days we’d text some light, flirty texts. nothing big. now, let me say, she’s a very cool girl with qualities i find to be lacking in so many women.

so i mention that her and i should try and put something down. granted, this was a HUUUUUGE hail Mary. i even mentioned, i could help her with school, which i would. i’m sure as hell not going back to school other than trade school, and that’s only about a year.

the first red flag was the question, “why would you offer that?” i still pushed forward by telling her i thought she was worth it. i can’t recall verbatim but she turned me down and mentioned that she couldn’t commit to a guy who “bangs strippers on the reg.” again, this is along the lines of the text but the part in quotes is real.

what a fucking asshole.

look, this is a comment from someone i supposedly KNOW. someone who considers herself to be a “good person”, which to an extent she is. so her personality in general isn’t a topic for attack. but i think the fact that this girl would/could say something like this is fucking appalling .

not just a polite, “i don’t think that’s a good idea.” but she responses with passive aggression in regards to someone she’s never met. who the fuck is this girl to pass judgment on a girl just because she strips. she certainly didn’t feel obliged to comment about the 2 college students (maybe b/c she too is a college student) or the waitress.

what a transparent passive aggressive shit test. but it get’s better.

i replied to her commet (i have no clue exactly what i said back), but told her to quit texting me (hard to delete/block a number when texts keep coming in), you know what she said back, “quit replying”. THAT was when the “yeah, block her” popped into my head.

again, this isn’t about shit talking her. i just wanted to share what happened to me. oh, she’s a very attractive woman in her early 20’s.

saturday night around 10:30 i headed to my local for a pint. i found a spot next to a woman and dude, mid 20’s. i couldn’t help but overhearing somethings about her. 25-6, recently divorced mother of one. i know she was divorced because she mentioned “S****” every 2 minutes. i tried my best to concentrate on the olympics, but i was literally sitting right next to her.

i was SECONDS from asking her age and telling her she’s her biggest obstacle in the SMP even though i knew it was better to remain silent. but what made me audibly laugh was NOT the fact that she NEVER mentioned her kid, but she kept referring to “all the guys that want to fuck” her, and why her ex was gonna be sorry they had gotten divorced.

i’m glad i didn’t talk to her because i later learned she waits tables at a restaurant one of the girls i mess with works. i immediately sent her a text and asked her about a woman who recently divorced a dude named “S***”. i got a text back about 15 minutes later, “ugh. she’s a nut job.” this girl was a 6, slightly over weight and her arm was riddled with “sailor jerry-esque” tats.

now let’s look at my boy back in NO. he right around my age. i was VERY surprised to learn that he allowed his girlfriend to move in. this is VERY uncharacteristic for him. they had been together about 5-6 years (they met when came down to volunteer after Katrina). well, last time i went home i called him and ask him about him and the old lady. well, apparently shortly after moving in she applied to and accepted a scholarship, in new york city).

needless to say he was a a tad upset. he has since gotten another place and he sounds genuinely happy. we’re gonna have a nice little chat when i get back home. i’ll have to remind him he’s in his prime years for men in the SMP, he’s got a great job, he’s VERY close to his family, he’s VERY protective (i watched him fight and beat 3 guys), he’s got so many qualities to equate him high value in the SMP. he’ll be fine. but i ask you guys (rhetorically), how much success do you think she’s going to find when she get’s all the career crap down. ESPECIALLY if she stays in NYC.

3 women. none of whom have ever met, and all at different stages of womanhood. all with a sense of SMP entitlement that is stunning yet at the same time, quite common. guys, a woman is judging me b/c i bang a stripper, but she doesn’t same to care about the other women. what you read above is precisely why guys either GTOW or become players. the younger women don’t seem to care, but as the wall comes screaming at them, it becomes the fault of MEN for not committing to her.

they then complain and lament, “where have all the good men gone?” when they should be asking, “where have all the commitment worthy women gone?” no point in me getting hung up on girl, especially when i’m very fortunate to have an abundance mentality. no point in whining, that’s for women.

i’ll just keep on trucking’.

on a lighter note- Happy Birthday to Big Sis. i think she’s turning 74. lol. love you darlin’.

stay up.

4 Comments on “Keep on Truckin’”

  1. With these women, I usually come down in one of three stances:

    1. Complete amusement at the self-entitlement

    2. Rage. (but to be fair, I think that comes from a sense of *entitlement* that I’m don’t deserve)

    3. Being despondent on the state of the women in our country.


  2. greginaurora says:

    I’ve come to this conclusion in my own life: this chick is hot. Thanks to Game, I could fuck her. All I need to make is a little effort. Not even a lot of effort. Just a little effort. She isn’t worth the effort.

    It’s funny, but since I learned Game I stopped judging women by how sexy they look and started judging them by their character, and what positive benefit they could bring into my life.

    Finding sex is easy. Finding a good woman was very hard.

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