Advice to Guys Considering the Military: Barrack Rats

when i arrived in charleston i ended up gaining a reputation for the attractive college girls i was bringing back to my room (don’t trip, i had 3 over a 2 month period). i really wasn’t into the girls in the barracks- BEQ (Bachelor Enlisted Quarters). i saw all the hooking up going on and frankly the girls were ok. wait- i should explain.

most women that come into the military are the hard 6’s soft 7’s of the town they lived in. many didn’t really have much attention from guys in high school. if they were they were typically sluts. but that’s another subject. but basically, most of them were the plain jane’s of the city/town they came from.

then they join the military.

suddenly they have a LEGION of guys white-kniting them and telling them how “hot” they are. it’s a recipe for complete princess basic training. matter of fact, i’d wager that most women that come into the military go from relatively humble and lacking in experience with guys to thinking they could model for victoria’s secret within 3 months of joining the military.

and it’s fucking sad.

well, i caught feelings for this indian chick and then got sent to cuba. she broke up with me a week before i came back to charleston (i took her virginity). turns out she got her first dose and caught cock fever. i was in a bit of a funk and one of the guys known for fucking many of the girls in BEQ made mention of me looking “like shit”.

now, you guys need to know. i had a rep for banging some pretty serious women by that point. and the fact those women were NOT military was bragging rights. guys that are successful with women form an unofficial fraternity. well, dude mentioned to me fucking one of the girls in the “Q” to get over girl. i told him i wasn’t into them. he laughed and said-

“DUDE, none of us are.”

then he told me the secret. the only thing you need to say to get a woman into bed in the BEQ. “dude, you just talk to her for about 2-3 minutes, mention you have to go then tell her-‘come stop by my room some time.’ she shows up, she’s down.”

no. that can’t be right. well there was one sunday i was chatting with this chick jessica. she mentioned going to the main base to go to the exchange and i mentioned i needed to go. she invited me to go with her. we got back to the BEQ and i asked her what she had planned for the rest of the day. she was doing laundry.

“oh, ok. well look; when you’re done you should stop my room.”

i was sitting in my quad with 4 of my quad-mates and what do you know- in walked jessica. the room went from rowdy male bonding tom-foolery to dead silence. i walked her to my room, shut the door and locked it.

i walked right up and started kissing her. she had a sucker in her mouth which i removed before i went in. we started tearing clothes off and she pushed me onto my bed and went after my pants. she took out a starburst and chewed a small piece. then she started blowing me.


this was my first time with something like this and it felt fantastic. she said later she did it because she like having the flavor involved. well i liked it because if made the sensation VERY slippery and it felt amazing. win sauce on both sides. i bricked in less than 2 minutes. i told her i was about to pop and she buried her head into my nether regions. then it was time for the big show. nothing exceptional- it lasted maybe 30 minutes or so. it was pretty “meh”.

this was my first experience with a “barracks rat”, and this little tale was the tamest. the more i did, the more raw and perverse it got. “i wonder if she’ll let me…….OH FUCK SHE WILL. DAMN. SHE’S NASTY!!!!!”

but, then i was i was hooked. i became part of the 20% that was fucking 80% of the girls in the hospital and BEQ. once you bang more than 3 women in a small community, they talk about you. i know this because my girl katie told me. katie was a good friend. she wasn’t a really an attractive woman, as she was a little over weight. BUT she was a very cool, nurturing, friendly woman.

she told me how the girls talked about us-

“he’s can go forever.”

“he’s got a big dick.”

“he’s a total freak.”

i asked her what they said about me and she said, “they say you’re pretty adventurous and if you want him to do something to you, he probably will. OH, and you’re fun in bed.” i looked at her oddly and asked what that was about. she looked at me and said, “when you were with (don’t remember her name) did you slap your own ass?” i thought for a second, i BARELY remembered the girl but finally said blankly, “i don’t know, but probably.”

she chuckled and said, “well she looked in the mirror and were slapping your own ass and making a funny face. she almost started laughing so she buried her head in the pillow. but she said she’d never forget it.” well ok. i didn’t tell her us guys in the little club discuss the girls.

“dude, she like to be choked.”

“her favorite position is doggy and she likes her hair pulled hard.”

“she’ll probably ask you to spit in her mouth.”

“you’ll know she came ‘cuz she starts giggling and laughing.”

“make her pop via oral before you fuck. if you don’t she probably won’t cum.”

“great tits. you almost get her off by licking and sucking on them.

yeah. but i didn’t tell katie that. by the time i moved out the barracks i had a pretty high partner count. i was soon coupled up with a girlfriend and what i learned in the barracks didn’t really apply. i had to learn not just how to fuck a girl, but how to KEEP a girl. a much harder skill to master. yeah, i know- story’s been told a thousand times.

but i lived it. i think it’s the crucible of all “players”.

if you think the situation in the barracks has changed- it hasn’t. it’s worse. the BEQ is one big fuckfest. so guys, if you go into the military and you live in the barracks, keep this phrase in mind- “stop by my room sometime.”

it’s actually more of a risk now, so i’d highly recommend NO alcohol be involved. if she rejects the advances you can just back on, “oh, i though you were into me.” but most girls aren’t just coming to your room to play xbox. you’re talking about people aged 18-22 that are probably off on their own for the first time and this is their “college rebellion” time.

it’s a military dorm. sex is on everyone’s mind. especially the girls.

ok, this post may be a bit harsh, so let’s have a palate cleanser. here’s a dog chasing something in his sleep. Brody’s done this a few times and it always makes me giggle.

if you didn’t get a good natured laugh out of that- you have no soul.

stay up.

9 Comments on “Advice to Guys Considering the Military: Barrack Rats”

  1. javaloco says:

    I thought you were gonna go off on some sub culture of democrat soldiers. Barack Rats.

  2. Same thing my brother told me when he was stationed in Fayetteville….
    funny video too…..gotta love that!

  3. dave1941 says:

    Too bad the Nazis didn’t allow women or homos in the barracks. Mein Furher, we were having so much fun, we forgot to invade Poland!

  4. Hey there was this Afganistan or Bahrain ??

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