Daily Game: What Would Danny Do?

Watch this video. First and foremost: what do you notice in this brief video? and the old lady at the start has ZERO to add in the application of “day game”, so quit bringing it up. lol.

Secondly, the 2 girls to my right were trying to take a picture. They took 2 pictures and weren’t satisfied with it.

What would Danny do? What’s your day game play?

I’ll fill you tomorrow morning what i did.

the girls took a pic, didn’t like it, retook it, and didn’t like it. when they were about to attempt a third, i stepped in, said, “give me the camera, you suck at this.” (neg). i took the pic, handed girl in pink the phone and let her look over the pic. she like it and thanked me. i asked where they were from and found out they hailed from biloxi, miss. i asked them if it were their first time in NO and they said no, but i was their first mardi gras trip. i asked why they didn’t come with their boyfriends and found out they were single.

they asked if i were local (i was wearing a fucking LSU shirt- fucking dumb girl), and replied that i was born and raised there but i was only in the city to see friends that work on bourbon. girl in pink made a joke about “showing them around.” i chuckled and mentioned they wouldn’t see many parades if they did.

now i had ZERO interest in getting a number from her. she was with a friend and i knew the cock-block factor would be high. i simply told them it was nice talking to them but i had to run.

girl in pink mentions “maybe hanging out some time.” *sigh* i said sure and handed her my phone, i punched in her name and called it. “now you have mine. see you soon.”, i replied. the reason i did the video was because i saw SEVERAL really cute girls in jackson’s square.

i have no intentions of calling her. game everyone.

stay up.

2 Comments on “Daily Game: What Would Danny Do?”

  1. OffTheCuff says:

    First notice? Rude lady blocking your view.

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