The Ancient One

As I stepped into his den, I knew he’d never remember me.

He’s old, ancient, even the elders can’t tell you.

He doesn’t smile, doesn’t greet you. He disregards you.

He’s always been this way.

Since I was a boy he’s been like this.

He takes nothing, asks for nothing, but he gives everything you have.

The very aorta of a world.

But he seeks no praise or approval. He just wants to be left alone.

We defiled him. Made him a dirty old man.

Two centuries ago, was a prince.

We made him a pauper, a vagrant. Still he bears no ill will.

His dank cloak laps at the levee and his children pass through his arms.

And those of us kind enough to remember him take a moment from our empty lives to briefly remember and pay homage to him.

To watch his majestic cloak, to admire his children, to let him know we’ve not forgotten him.

I’m here old man, and I’ve missed you.


don’t worry, regular posts will resume shortly.


2 Comments on “The Ancient One”

  1. This is as poetic as anything I’ve read recently.
    It can’t be your grandfather. He passed some time ago.

    It also can’t be the Mississippi.

    Good work, man.

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