Today You’d be Charged for This

i was visiting a friends office and she has her screen saver set to this iconic image.

try pulling this off in todays military

try pulling this off in todays military

a classic. everyone adores this pic. how romantic. what a fine display of the masculine and feminine. the sailor just learned we’d won the great war, the woman was swooing at a man in uniform. makes your heart sing.

yeah, try doing this shit today. some female would make a comment about the sailor harassing a young woman walking in the street. some military female would object to this and despite the woman being kissed having ZERO objection to the kiss- this guy would be facing NJP (non-judical punishment).

the girl with the screensaver is 24 years old. a sweet girl by most means. she’s not slutty, she’s going to college part-time to be a nurse, she doesn’t party and doesn’t even have a boyfriend (“i’m too busy with school”). i can’t say a bad thing about the girl.

i asked her if she thought the picture was romantic. she gushed that it was and how iconic it was. i asked her what she liked about it and i got: “spontaneous and romantic.”

then i asked, “what do you would happen to a sailor if he did that today?”

her face dropped. she knew. i asked her what would happen to that sailor if that picture were taken 2 months ago. she really couldn’t answer because she knew. i told her, “thank your sisterhood for making moments like that history.”

stay up.

6 Comments on “Today You’d be Charged for This”

  1. BOOM goes the Dannymite.
    Damned effin’ straight, sailor.

  2. Put another point on the board for “Progress”.

  3. Actually, supposedly that guy should have been charged.

    He didn’t even know her and was just so excited he grabbed some random girl in the street.

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