“So, Do You Have a Girlfriend?”

i’d been living in san diego and i’d been there for about 2 weeks. i was in a nice area known as university heights. i lived on texas and meade. i was less than 10 minutes from mission valley (a VERY nice area) and a quick drive to downtown. hell, i had balboa dog park to take Brody to help me pick up women for walks.

i was still getting my apartment settled so i decided to hit up el cajon for some grub. don’t ask me why (probably because it was a few block away from my house) but i ended up pulling into a burger king. there was a young girl about to cross the entrance so i stopped and let her cross. she smiled and waved.

i parked my car and as i got out i could tell someone was approaching me from behind. it was girl. she was dressed in a mini skirt and a rather revealing shirt where her tithes were smashed into her face. i figured it was typical for mid spring in san deezy. she smiled and told me hello. i made an odd smile and greeted her back. she asked me what i was doing.

what.the.fuck. :/

i confusedly told her i was getting something to eat and she confidently asked me if i was going to be in there long. again, i confusedly told her long enough to eat and she quickly asked me if i had a girlfriend.

ok. now my WTF flags were flying like crazy. i told her no and she asked me if i WANTED a girlfriend.

ooooooooooooook. now i knew the deal. she was a prostitute and she was propositioning me. i exhaled, shook my head and asked her how much a girlfriend costed these days and she say replied it depended on what a gf were doing. i looked at her for a moment and said-

“dinner and laundry.”

she looked at me confused for a second then i told her i didn’t need a gf, but i was very flattered that she’d ask. then she smiled, said ok, gave me her name, and told me she was always “in the area.” i smiled and told her i would keep that in mind.

i’d NEVER had anything like that happen before. granted, most of the women i’ve slept with have basically been whores so it was interesting being pursued rather than pursuing. i was telling the story to my classmates the next day and my boy Gellada laughed and said, “dude, el cajon is prostitute central.” i shrugged my shoulders and replied, “live and learn.”

then came the tranny jokes. “were her arms veiny?”, “did she have a wide back?”

you gotta love a bunch salty assholes as classmates.

but the funny thing was, it really made me feel awkward when girl stepped to me. i asked myself, “is that how women feel when guys cold approach?” ew. from that moment on i always made sure i had some definite IOI’s before approaching.

and it’s rarely failed me.

tomorrow is the official beginning of the MMGMOMD. follow me on twitter as i’ll be live posting the revelry.

stay up.