The Collegiate Quandary

i was running errands today listening to WTUL and i noticed something. oh…wait, i should explain. WTUL is tulane uni’s radio station, the DJ’s change every 2 hours. so as i listened throughout the day i realized-

all the DJ’s were either women or VERY gay men.

i kid you not, i MIGHT have caught one regular guy DJ’ing in the last few days of sporadic listening. i know this might be “so…..AND?” type of issue for most of you. but what i want to point out is if there’s an obvious lack of straight men in college, then college is a great deal-


now i admit that it could simply be that guys don’t want to be DJ’s on the station. well i’ve been listening to TUL since i was in 7th grade where i’d record their punk shows at 2am on saturday. but one thing i’ve noticed more and more gay men are Dj’ing. just this afternoon one Dj announced that his show was “gender neutral”. i immediately turned the channel.

now, i don’t give a shit about anyones sexual orientation, but when you feel the urge to announce something like this on air, then it shows you really care less about the music you play then announcing to the listeners your sexual orientation agenda. one guy came on air to give the PSA’s only to speak to “mike” about what he was doing at the moment, and if he was “drawing one of his sketches” and how much he adored the sketches.


you know who i feel bad for….wait scratch that. you know who i’m laughing my ass off at? the fucking women attending tulane. i’d LOVE to know the make up of male/females on campus. look, i work in health care which is largely a female oriented workplace. watching the women bicker amongst themselves is hilarious. but none of those women appear to have any issue with the guys they work with. hell, most of them go out of their way to be nice and accommodating.

i walked away from academia a looong time ago. but i think i know where i’d be scoping for hunting grounds if i lived in a college town and i was a student of the college of red-pill. especially knowing these young ladies are in their days of kesha and abandon. where their choices have very few consequences. where they can proudly wear their slut cape and…..

they have less men to choose from.

i should feel bad for them, but i don’t.

stay up.

6 Comments on “The Collegiate Quandary”

  1. lordsomber says:

    Nowadays so many younger straight dudes talk like women anyway, it’s hard to tell the difference.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      No, these guys had ball breath.

      • theshadowedknight says:

        Danny was in the Navy. They can tell these things. I never asked how… just saying. Right, doc?

        Seriously, though, I went to visit a friend in Utah, and he took me and his fiancé to a Mormon singles event. Most of the guys were acting like fags. Lispy, high pitched voices, effeminate body language. It was creepy, because unless half the guys there sucked the dick, something was very wrong. I see it all the time. Guys raised by mom, taught by women, surrounded by girls, and the only men are on television shows–and who wants to be a chump or a bastard, anyway–so they have no idea how men act. Plenty of women giving me the eye while I was there, though.

        The Shadowed Knight

  2. I’ve always had a thought experiment for going to college and not racking up the debt. Move to a college town, get a regular job, go to lecture classes where they don’t take attendance and enjoy most of the perks of being a college student (the girls) without spending 30k a year.

  3. Jesse James says:

    You are not kidding. I’m 35, and gone back to school for engineering. IC’mn here.

    I can tell you that even though I am married, the hot twenty something ass all around me is so easy it is not even funny. They warm up to me like you would not believe. A little red pill into the mix, and boom, I am checking their histrionic oil pan level.

    The facts are in, college women have no choice. Also, you are right about gay men. Sailors like us with red pill game, and a back bone are hard to come by. You could be a serial polygamist without wedding rings, and no one would care.

    • Jesse James says:

      I don’t cheat on the wife. Just saying that with a little swagger, red pill charm, and some rhythm, it is not hard to imagine the distance from hello to panties over the ankles is zero to one or two phone calls.

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