A Ho by Any Other Name…

i found this little gem the other day and it gave the biggest laugh as it’s such a great example at hamsterbation that i don’t think i could ever provide a better snippet worthy of this young lady.

“lauren” is a freshman at duke, and a self proclaimed feminist. of course you know she has her supporters clamoring the bell of “you go girl”. but watching the video completely invalidates every point she tries to make.

the guy interviewing her SLAMS her; subtley of course.

but the fact is, this girl is a living, breathing, satire of feminism. it’s delusional self rationalizing horse shit.

the link below is the same you’ll see on WWTDD.


[ed- in the interest of “research” i looked the young lady up “bella knox” and got to review one of her scenes. and all i can say is if lawyers as well as she bangs on film, she’ll make a great public defender in compton. seriously, my dick looked up at me asked, “we are you subjecting me to this?”

miss bella, you are certainly no amid moretti.]

2 Comments on “A Ho by Any Other Name…”

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i was watching this and laughing. every time he completely refutes her points, all she can do is respond with vagary and lofty words that sidestep anything that could be construed as making a valid point.

      textbook liberal response.

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