You Get to Weigh In

the book will be based off of what’s in the blog, but a more concise read. it will be in 3 basic parts.

intro- about me, and self improvement

red-pill philosophy

red-pill and it’s application to success with woman, and life in general.

i’m not even considering tackling this until i’m retired. i’ve had a few inquiries about it, so i thought i’d ask you guys outright. i’ve even spoken to one VERY prominent blogger who’s given me permission to use some of his work since….well, he’s written the best articles i’ve ever read on a certain subject.

so, what do you think?

stay up.

4 Comments on “You Get to Weigh In”

  1. I’d pre-order. Count me in for a review copy.

  2. mrthehermit says:

    I would definitely read it, although it probably goes without saying that it’d be best if it had a more of a personal touch touch rather than reading like a manual. Your work on the blog stands out to me for the reason that it’s informal and down to earth. The last thing anyone needs is another game bullet list or step program.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      It would be as personal as the blog, I assure you. I know that’s what you guys like most about the site.

      I have no intention on putting out a technical “how to, dry as fuck” manual.

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